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Answer the call of destiny in this Ninja Fighting game, the ultimate platformer adventure game! Step into the shoes of a legendary ninja master as you journey through seven breathtaking landscapes, from dense jungles to scorching deserts, fiery lava pits to serene forests, and icy snow lands to the ultimate ninja battleground to rescue beloved Koyuki.

Master the ancient arts of shadow ninja warrior, agility, and combat as you face off against other formidable devil ninja warriors, including Ronin, Wanyudo, Ghost Samurai, Tengu, Red Ninja, Dorobu, and the fearsome Shogun in this shadow warrior game. Be a Slayer of Shogun and rescue beloved Koyuki. Be like a Ninja Arashi; with precision strikes, devastating combos, and secret ninja techniques, vanquish enemies and collect powerful scrolls to enhance your abilities as a ninja warrior.

As you traverse each level as yin ninja, be sure to collect the sacred scrolls scattered throughout the land. These ancient artifacts hold the key to unlocking hidden powers and abilities, empowering you to face even the deadliest of foes.

How to Play:

  1. Move left, right, jump, dash, and climb walls as ninja assassin.
  2. Navigate through challenging levels, defeating enemies, and collecting scrolls along the way.
  3. Use precision timing and skillful maneuvers to overcome obstacles and traps.
  4. Upgrade your ninja’s abilities and equipment to become stronger and more agile.
  5. Face off against powerful bosses in epic battles to save the land from darkness.


  • Compelling Storyline: Embark on a quest to rescue your beloved princess, Koyuki, from the clutches of darkness.
  • Intuitive controls: Seamlessly navigate through levels with responsive touch controls.
  • Tutorial: Learn the ropes with an interactive tutorial guiding you through gameplay mechanics.
  • Dynamic gameplay: Experience thrilling platformer action with addictive gameplay.
  • Customization options: Upgrade life values, Shuriken, Air Dash time, and more in the shop.
  • Collectibles: Gather scrolls hidden throughout each level to unlock special rewards.
  • Stunning visuals: Immerse yourself in a visually captivating world filled with rich landscapes and vibrant characters.
  • VFX (Visual Effects): Engage in mesmerizing visual effects that enhance the gaming experience.

This is more than a ninja game; it’s a test of courage, skill, and the devotion of a ninja warrior. As you traverse the realms, the story unfolds, weaving a tapestry of loyalty, sacrifice, and undying love.

Download Ninja Fury: Ninja warrior game and unleash your inner shadow warrior in this action-packed platformer adventure!

Ninja Fury MOD APK

What’s new

+40 Levels Added
+New Bosses Added
+New Cutscenes
+Bugs Fixed
+New UI designs
+New Characters
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