Deemo 3.7.2 Apk MOD (Full/Unlocked) + Data for Android

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  • Current Version: 3.7.2
  • File size: 21 MB | 1.63 GB
  • Memorize:

Deemo 3.7.2 Apk Mod + Data Full/Unlocked for Android



From team Cytus, a world acclaimed music rhythm game.

Rayark brings you Deemo, a hybrid of music rhythm game and the story of urban fantasy, with hand-drawn art, story-telling gallery and real instrumental feedback of piano key sound.

Deemo is a mystic character lives in solitude, a castle, all by itself. A little girl falls from the sky, not knowing who she is, where she comes from. To help the little girl back to her world, Deemo comes to realize a tree keeps growing tall on top of the piano whenever it plays. What would Deemo do when it gets comfortable with the companionship it never had before? What if the little girl couldn’t deal with the truth when her seemingly lost memories regained?!

“Never left without saying goodbye”.


  • 40 Free songs in story mode
  • More than 110 songs in various music genres, many of which from famous composers
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay
  • Twitter and Facebook score sharing function

*The Free version has limited story progress, unlock the Full version to enjoy the full experience of Deemo.


Fixed display errors in Samsara collection / Etude collection / Collaboration collection

-Newly added: 3 free songs added in “Shattered Memories 2”
-Newly added: Paid song packs “Spring Selections / Emotional Addict Collection / AD:Piano Collection 3”
-Enhanced gameplay experience and optimized UI


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. com.rayark.pluto” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.
Deemo Apk

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155 Responses

  1. Gluteus Maximus says:

    When is 3.5 mod coming?

  2. Rodzell says:

    Is deemo 3.4.0 can be modded?

  3. Someone says:

    Please update to version 3.3.1

    • Rexdl says:

      update to latest version

      • Nataky Warapong says:

        3.5.0 plz

  4. simon says:

    up to 3.3 plz

  5. simon says:

    deemo 3.3 plz

  6. largo says:

    3.2.1 is not full unlocked

  7. madara says:

    does ver. 3.2 unlocked all songs?

  8. Hasagi says:

    thanks for uploaded, it’s works for me.

    • custom made says:


      • karutsune says:

        used the 2.2 mod apk

  9. A.E says:

    Theres to many Link to download!! What link is recommended???

  10. S0m3b0dy says:

    I uploaded the ver 2.4.5 data file and i put it in the com.rayark.pluto folder but the songs are not unlocked

  11. hayward says:

    is this working hack 2.4.5?

  12. Jair says:

    I Need 2.4.5 please 🙁

  13. Vianaru says:

    so.. already version 2.4.5 but still no full unlocked mod 🙁

  14. Naru says:

    how can get all unlocked in the 2.3?

  15. Erwin says:

    and they revealed the version 2.4 :-[

  16. deemolover says:

    any updates?

  17. Deemo 2.3 ghost says:

    so there will be no more deemo 2.3? i can still wait tho but pls make it fast as soon as possible :>

  18. MAXsp758 says:

    Could you explain to when will the MOD? Since they have been over a month and follows very soon. Or maybe you expect to see a new version comes out, if so, could report it, as many have been waiting every day and tell us nothing.

  19. zrro says:

    Where’s the 2.3 apk mod? I’m still waiting 🙁

  20. Vince says:

    Geez, i thought your the one who cracks the Deemo, i saw other sites who cracked the Deemo 2.3 already 🙁

    • Alexia says:


  21. Reiel says:

    The download says coming soon, soon not yet modded, we have to wait a bit more

  22. R says:

    are there any mod or hack that make all song collections unlocked?

  23. That guy says:

    I downloaded both the 2.3 apk and the data and followed the instructions though the game gives a black screen and crashes right away

  24. Re says:

    Is it work ? (Deemo v2.3)
    Thanks for ur answer.

    • Rexdl says:

      test you.
      Please wait for mod version

  25. R says:

    Is the mod apk work ?? (Deemo v2.3) thanks for ur answer…

  26. hi says:


  27. ohsig says:

    Is it possible within a week? 2.3 full version

  28. Josh says:

    deemo v2.3 full unlocked pls

  29. genitri says:

    please update to v2.3 please i’ll wait

  30. Luna says:

    When will the modded 2.3 apk be ready?

    • William says:

      Cool, i thought deemo couldnt be moded at least use rooted device

  31. ZaraHimega says:

    oh my god, i was waiting for this new version, and it really make me happy because of the gameplay
    still the same but cooler interface
    waiting for 2.3 full unlocked version xD pls do it fast~~

  32. Ferrin Kirby says:

    Does the 2.3 version work for anyone? It’s not working for me

    • o says:

      same for me …everything is like free version

  33. Zen says:

    Hii where apk deemo v2.3 mod full unlocked
    Please upload
    Thank forward

    • Rexdl says:

      coming soon . .

  34. Nhat says:

    where is the 2.3.0 mod apk please :((((

    • Rexdl says:

      coming soon . .

  35. Jason says:

    I cant… it stuck at “Use headphone for the beat experience”. Plz fix the game

  36. Jason says:

    I cant play the game.. it stuck at Use headphone. Plz help

  37. Jason says:

    Is this 2.2.0 version?

    • Rexdl says:


  38. Deemosythe says:

    why the download speed is slow.. I live in Malaysia..

    • Rexdl says:

      speed = max

  39. Deemosythe says:

    hmm..seem to many report a problem..maybe u can make a tutorial video.

  40. Deemosythe says:

    hi,ihave deemo obb file that i download from playstore..if i download deemo apk from here and play it work or no?

  41. Teja says:

    Hi sir i tried to download the mod game in another website it stuck on the use headphone bla bla bla and it says quit when i clickit the game closed can you fix it

    Sory for my bad english 🙂

  42. Pooh...Sea says:


  43. Jessica Grimes says:


  44. dem says:

    I want too download but when I want to download its written “download apk file (uploading)” I press it and it came back to previous page can somebody help me ?

  45. #0FAN says:

    hello, thank you for your time to make this app free but i have two questions: is this REALLY the full/premium version or just the trial version? I don’t want to be disappointed please :(…

    Next, should i go for the mod apk or original? I don’t know the difference between the two,

    i’m so sorry for all the questions but can someone please answer me (/ – \lll)

    • Rexdl says:

      1. Full/Unlocked
      2. Original version
      Best Regards

      • #0FAN says:

        thanks for the answer! i tried the full unlocked version on other sites but it was still the trial version. Hope this is the real deal! 😀

  46. neon says:

    use headphones for the best experiences.. 🙁 cant play it..

  47. Kris says:

    Hey i want to ask. Why do the album Shattered Memories & deemo’s collection 2 not appear here?

    • Milly says:

      I ask the same 🙁

      • Knight says:

        Me too. What’s wrong with them two?

    • dem says:

      Really ? Deemo collection 2 has many good song
      Sorry bad English

  48. Unknown says:

    Hey… I opened, install, put obb into obb file, but when I opened Deemo, it just keeps on “Use headphones for the best experiences. wanna tell me how?

    • Rexdl says:

      Czech your game settings

  49. kevin jampier says:

    is the full version or just the demo?

    • Rexdl says:


  50. Carlos Alberto says:

    Funciono en mi xperia z3 gracias por el aporte
    Working in my xperia z3 thank but this (sorry for my bad english

  51. re says:

    It worked! Thank you so much!
    However, I have a question. If I want to update it, can I update it from Googleplay?
    (I cannot use English well, Sorry!)

    • Anna says:

      No,you can’t

      • re says:

        Well, how to update it? from this site?

        • Anna says:

          you must download new apk and data again. I think it can’t be update ,but you maybe move the score record to new version,
          I’m sorry I don’t know how to do it.

          • re says:

            I see. Thank you! 🙂

  52. horlod says:

    original is working
    but mod apk is not ready?

    • Rexdl says:


  53. NonLOl3 says:

    Hey guys I have a problem I install all mod and I copy in obb with or blah blah blah I just get deemo unfortunately stopped the game

    • Rexdl says:

      Downloaded Apk Original
      “com.rayark.pluto” folder “android / obb” copy into.
      No problem

  54. asdf says:

    always quit in another site apk… i hope this will work…

    • asdf says:

      and something strange is when i download apk, it only downloads 86.11kb and error occur what is problem?

      • Rexdl says:

        Re-download now
        no problem

    • Rexdl says:

      100% Tested!

  55. Mr.G says:

    By bro…. What happend for Apk (MOD) I don’t touch it…

    • Dr.G says:

      I can say hy not by…. Sorry

  56. Blaring says:

    Finally, it works!! Thank you so much!

  57. asker says:

    So we should choose the apk [MOD] one intstead the other? Or should we choose the apk file without [MOD] word?

  58. Marcos says:

    It worked :D!!
    Yei!! Tanks so much!! for your time!!

    • Rexdl says:


  59. Eren says:

    Sr it worked

  60. Eren says:

    the new one still crashed when press touch screen

  61. qwe says:

    What’s the difference between apk and apk[mod]?

  62. aaaaa says:

    updated are same result. when i press deemo it crashes.


    • Rexdl says:

      Re-download the Apk File
      Result announced

      • Marcos says:

        All rigth.
        I ll try…

        • Marlon says:

          sir it doesnt work help me please T_T i downloaded the latest obb file and latest apk it doesnt work. please help me.

          • Rexdl says:

            Copy again obb file

  63. yoshif says:

    fix again please…

    • Rexdl says:

      We’re working

      • Wastelands says:

        good to hear that.

        • Rexdl says:

          Re-download the Apk File
          Result announced

          • Wastelands says:

            thank you so much! i love you guys!

    • Rexdl says:

      Re-download the Apk File
      Result announced

  64. abcde says:

    Oh… updated app also crashed. it quits after ‘TOUCH THE SCREEN’ again…

    please fix again…sorry…

  65. aaaaa says:

    didn’t work. updated are same. just qutting at the title.
    logcat says ‘deadobj exception’. maybe.

    sorry for my eng.

  66. Joey says:

    hi. I downloaded the new apk mod you uploaded, but it just crashes when I touch game start. I have tried solutions you suggested above, but it’s the same…

  67. Amatsu Inori says:

    when i open the apps , it just running to login screen and after that it crashed , i tried to restart but it still crashing , and i try to copy again but isn’t work

  68. Junkyards says:

    So where can i find that NEW apk mod?

  69. Wastelands says:

    I downloaded ‘APK File [MOD]’ and installed it. and when i run it, it crashes right after i watch lonely deemo. so what is that New APK Mod? obb folder is where it have to be. can you help me? whats that new apk? i dont see it

  70. Eren says:

    New apk does not work

  71. alan says:

    Hi, after pressing the Deemo title screen, it just crashes. (2.2.0)

    Any fix for this?

    • Rexdl says:

      Downloaded New APK Mod

      • alan says:

        it doesn’t seem to work still, i’m getting the same problem with the new apk.

        • Rexdl says:

          You copy the Obb data files again?

          • alan says:

            Yes. To make sure, i redownloaded it (both apk and Obb) and tried it again. Crashes after making through title screen.

            I’m sure it isn’t a problem with my phone because i tried the original version from google play and it works no problem. I think it’s a problem with the modded APKs.

          • Rexdl says:

            Download new Apk

          • Marcos says:

            No, It doesnth working. I download the new APK MOD , and didnth work 🙁
            The game close after the movie or the title screen…

          • Rexdl says:

            Download new Apk

  72. Blaring says:

    I can’t enter the game 🙁
    It’s continuing to be quitted

    • Rexdl says:

      Downloaded New APK Mod

      • Blaring says:

        It’s not fixed OTL
        I think it’s not your problem… Users who use formal version are suffering from this promblem, too

        • Rexdl says:

          Download new Apk

          • Blaring says:

            Thanks for reupdating
            but it still doesn’t work 🙁
            Just continues crashing

          • Rexdl says:

            What is your phone?
            Android version ?

          • Blaring says:

            I downloaded Deemo 2.2 from many other sites, but they crashes at the same point too
            It’s so strange… (sorry for my bad English :))

          • Blaring says:

            my phone is Galaxy S4
            and version is 4.4.2

  73. aaaaa says:

    data : 731ec6a83b97f536a049905bcc453f47fecb3daa
    apk : 51e850ba10e1a3bcdd8b591f40a1d2381a78079c

    Is there any wrong hash?(sha-1)
    I have experienced crash when touching “deemo”. after copying obb and install apk. (samsung note 4 5.1.1)
    please hlp me….

    sorry for my eng.

    • Rexdl says:

      Downloaded New APK Mod

  74. Mili says:

    force closed right after i tap start game :/

    • Rexdl says:

      Downloaded New APK Mod

  75. Eren says:

    Sr the game crashed when the opening scene is over

    • Rexdl says:

      Downloaded New APK Mod

  76. Mr.G says:

    Hi, remamber me?! I’m Ahmad Ghifari me request that app …. Thank’s for you responded… (Y) i’m ready for promotion your web thank’s again for app

    • Rexdl says:


  77. Name says:

    Doesn’t let me sync my data.

  78. Hidden leaf says:

    Why when i opened it says ”quit” on the screen? Give me a reason please!

  79. Namajamin says:

    Thank you

  80. jhayem says:

    Ty so much for this free apps.

  81. SBKara says:

    how to install this? thank you

    • AAAAA says:

      just put the APK inside ur internal / external storage and install it then extract the com.rayark.pluto file from the rar and put it into the Android/obb folder depending on where u install it ( external/internal ) if an obb folder doesn’t exist u can create one yourself

    • SBKara says:

      Sir can you please tell me how to install this game? when i opened it says ”quit” on the screen.

      • Rexdl says:

        “APK” install it on your device.
        “com.rayark.pluto” folder “android / obb” copy into.
        Enter the game.

  82. Haruka says:

    tengo un problema,
    recientemente descargue la actualización 2.1.3 en el Deemo’s Collection Vol. 2 , se queda el juego , no avanza y toca salirse de la aplicación y luego entrar de nuevo.
    mi pregunta es : esta nueva actualización tiene solucionado eso?


    I have a problem,
    2.1.3 download the update recently in Deemo ‘s Collection Vol. 2 , the game is not played forward and exit the application and then enter again.
    My question is this new update has solved that?


    • Rexdl says:

      I’ve tested it out on my phone Not 4
      Easily implemented
      There was no problem

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