MORTAL KOMBAT X 1.11.0 Apk + Mega Mod + Data All GPU

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  • Current Version: 1.11.0
  • File size: Apk: 27 MB | Data: 1.3~ GB
  • Memorize:

MORTAL KOMBAT X 1.11.0 Apk + Mega Mod + Data All GPU

Tegra , Adreno , Mali , PowerVR 


Mortal Kombat X is a fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is the tenth main installment in the Mortal Kombat video game series and was released on April 14, 2015 forMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. NetherRealm studio’s mobile team developed a version for iOS and Androiddevices. Mortal Kombat X was officially announced in June 2014.

Like previous Mortal Kombat games, Mortal Kombat X‍ ’s gameplay consists of two players, or one player and the CPU, fighting against each other with their selected character, using a large, varied array of attacks. The game contains several modes such as a story mode, which takes place twenty years after the previous Mortal Kombat game, numerous online modes, and the ‘Krypt’, a mode played in a first-person perspective where players explore the areas unlocking useful items.

Mortal Kombat X received mostly positive reviews from critics upon release. Most praise was directed at the game’s controls, graphics, story, and characters, with some reviewers calling it the best game in the Mortal Kombat series. Some critics particularly disliked the tutorials, microtransactions, downloadable content, and online playability. The PC version of the game was especially criticized due to numerous technical issues. On August 28, Warner Bros. announced the cancellation of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Experience the over-the-top, visceral fighting of MORTAL KOMBAT X!
Bring the power of next-gen gaming to your mobile and tablet device with this visually groundbreaking fighting and card collection game.
Assemble an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors and prove yourself in the greatest fighting tournament on Earth.

Create your own team of Mortal Kombat fighters and lead them into battle to earn experience, new special attacks, and powerful artifacts.

Collect Mortal Kombat veterans like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac, and many others.  Discover the newest additions to Mortal Kombat such as the insect-like D’Vorah, fiery Cassie Cage, bloodthirsty Kotal Khan, and the mysterious Kung Jin.

Mortal Kombat X brings its trademark Fatalities and X-Rays to mobile, with stunning graphics, these over the top moves punch you right in the guts.

Compete with other players in Faction Wars, an online competitive mode where players engage other player teams.  Rank up in your own Faction’s leaderboard to earn weekly prizes.

Find other players to be your Ally. Borrow a kombatant and strike a decisive blow against your enemies.

Play the game and unlock exclusive rewards for the console version of Mortal Kombat X, including ultra rare characters like Klassic Kitana and Injustice Scorpion. Playing the console version unlocks rewards in mobile as well.


* Mortal Kombat X features high quality visuals. Performance is not optimized on devices with less than 1GB RAM.
** A minimum of 1.5 GB of free space is required on your device.
Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. Contains intense violence, blood, and gore.


The dead are here, and they are ready for Kombat! In celebration of Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos, we are releasing 2 special characters. Starting in October, Relentless Jason Voorhees will be available through an exclusive Kombat pack, and Day of the Dead Kitana will be available through a special, limited time Challenge Mode event. Get these undead warriors before they’re gone!


Infinite Souls
Infinite Coins
Infinite Ally Credit
Unlocked Characters

Mega Mod:

Infinite Souls
Infinite Coins
Infinite Ally Credit
Enemy has Zero Touchness
Enemy has Zero Recovery
Infinite Energy of Cards
Player has fastest Skill. Enemy has slowest Skill
Infinite Health
Unlocked Characters
Unlocked Backgrounds


  1. Find out your device’s model GPU (Adreno, Mali, Tegra, PowerVR). Learn android on the market “CPU-Z” (com.cpuid.cpu_z) can use the program. –>> Download CPU-Z
  2. “APK” install it on your device.
  3.” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  4. Enter the game.



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179 Responses

  1. eko pro says:

    for poverVR , force close , please fix ..

  2. Fgg says:

    Sao mali k tải đc dữ liệu file

  3. james says:

    WORK 100%, thanks

  4. Gefaro says:

    For Mali force close plz fix it

  5. Menon says:

    Please help. How to hack early access pack. Doesn’t allow with souls.

  6. fuckthisname says:

    Should i download the obb that you post or i can use the normal obb?

  7. Elc25 says:

    Im on an LG G2 can you help me out? I’m kinda confused on how to install this

  8. Crist says:

    Work perfect in Mali (Blu Studio X Plus), but sometimes crash… Thanks for Share!!! 🙂

  9. garu says:

    Tested the adreno version on my shitty motorola g first gen and it actually works, thank you so much rexdl

  10. samer says:

    is it online

  11. Leo says:

    Can it participate in faction war?

  12. Bas says:

    installed adreno apk and obb on my sony z today
    in app says
    “download failed may not have been bought from play store”
    and goes into endless looping green ring.

  13. Andy says:

    is there an update now that the new Johnny Cage is out?

  14. Hanzo says:

    MKX 1.7.0 MOD apk
    Is this a fake or original apk?

  15. Vetrar says:

    Works fine but can’t get access to WB Play login to recover my account. What can I do?

  16. Gaston says:

    Hi… link pls i need mali and adreno

  17. Mat says:

    I already have the OBB file, but please can you upload the apk without mod for mali? I cant download from the playstore, because I have a error … Thanks!

  18. abcd says:

    Nyc work
    but i am not able to cloud save on play games.
    and not able to play multiplayer
    Any solution

  19. abcd says:

    I am to play online but lol …………………………………my online opponents also have this awesomely modded apk….hence they also dont bleed. !

  20. abcd says:

    Fighters Made Immortal through this mod 😉
    Even Xray attacks from opponents cant harm a hair ….lol.

  21. CatalystD says:

    hi thanks for the work! Just one thing, what do u mean exactly with “Star and stop installation in google play before use mod”? :3

    • Franco says:

      It means you need to go to your Play Store, then attempt to install the game and cancel. Then copy the obb file into the right folder, install the apk and it should solve the problem.

  22. Itachii says:

    for ADRENO it’s working fine 100%, and i can play online too this is amazing

  23. Yolo says:

    Is there one for vivante?

  24. jose jimenez says:

    hola tebgo una duda mi gpu es Broadcom VideoCore IV y no se cual de los tebgo que instalar por fa

  25. pavan says:

    My phone’s gpu is videocore 4 which data shoul I download

  26. ibo says:

    Please hacked cross-platform want played tuxedo,cyber,ınjustice,farmer

  27. Itachii says:

    Hey friend, I can only play a normal battle (3 battles) I wish you could enable for more battles like 5 or 7 battles, this is on war Factions ADRENO my email ..

  28. Garu says:

    Tested on Motorola moto g (Adreno) and its working wonders. Is it possible to disable infinite health?

  29. Ed says:

    I don’t understand step 2

  30. John says:

    I don’t get step 3 dude

  31. Webbo says:

    Is PowerVR the same as Vivante?

  32. Kuro says:

    no problem on infinix hot 2, thx very much

  33. NoMercy says:

    It’s possible to have a mod with all the features included in the mod version except the “infinite healt”?? thx for the answer

  34. Sai says:

    Hi rexdl, will you please upload the game with unlimited souls and money and with new characters

  35. ankit says:

    When I first tried it, it didn’t work.It showed resume download w which couldn’t be resumed. What worked for me was to disconnect network s WiFi or mobile and then start the game and when it starts loading reconnect again.It works as u would expect. Though I would have really liked a mod just with infinite koins souls credits and unlocked everything no infinite health or anything.more of a challenge it would have been
    Still thanx a lot

  36. ankit says:

    What if I ,after buying and updating characters, sync profile in WB , uninstall the game, download new from play store and login in there???will it work ,normal gameplay with all the stuff and characters I had bought earlier

  37. Dawson says:

    Where is 1.8 update mega mod?

  38. John says:

    update to 1.80
    nice job u do.

  39. Bumi says:

    Can’t download mali data. redirected to main page. please fix.

  40. Lauriels says:

    Data of mali? When i press the link, return to the homepage 🙁

  41. Yaya says:

    link for data file mali is not working

  42. Jony says:

    Can’t you hack this bloody red rubies? In 1.8.0 update

  43. Fabio says:

    Everything works just fine, except that Mod2 says all characters are unlocked, but the 6 console unlocks are missing from the store. Is it possible to update de mod to add them?

  44. AndrewDZ says:

    WB changed the rules to copy save the game. If you are using version MOD save will be not copy to cloud.

    • AndrewDZ says:

      Save will have permission read-only. When WB upgrade game to 1.8.1 Your progress will be old. Only ways is change IDPlayer in the game.

  45. elias says:

    possso jogar online? e quando vier posso atualizar que continuara ant ban?

  46. elias says:

    posso jogar online? e quando vier uma atualizaçao posso atualizar normal ou vai perder o mod?

  47. Rajon says:

    Hey it worked thanks and I’ll recommend you guys to download the data using the APk it’s very fast

  48. Alxy says:

    Where is the Folder I need to put the APK in? And do I need to erase my Old Mortal Kombat App to use the New one?

    • Ryvan Prabhu says:

      to need to copy the oob file into /data/media/obb of your mobile.

      step 1 : extract the RAR file.

      step 2 : execute command from your terminal:
      $ adb push ./ /data/media/obb/

  49. Krishna chulet says:

    When I installed this and play in faction war my account is automatically suspended

  50. Danny says:

    Acount suspended!!!! No fraction wars = No fun.

  51. Ryvan Prabhu says:

    working great on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium .(andreno) . THanks.

  52. Dawson says:

    Can you guys add the Silver Kitana card for the unlocked characters?

  53. Sheryar says:

    It does work but do not download tegra. Download Mali .

  54. Jjicy says:

    I don’t see picture correctly why?

  55. hisham says:

    Thanks for you

  56. Mhamad says:

    Which is working ?

  57. alif says:

    Somebody help me…i dont understand step no.3…..

  58. addie says:

    after extracting the file and installing it, its still downloading 1.8gb data. am i doing it wrong?

    • Rexdl says:

      Copy the data in the correct directory
      “APK” install it on your device.
      “” folder “android / obb” copy into.
      Enter the game.

  59. Antonio Di Prima says:

    how can I avoid being banned? i’ve already lost 2 account with this trick…

  60. sir collins says:

    After downloading the obb file Can I use the apk I downloaded from my playstory to run the obb file?

  61. Sebastian Rooks says:

    Installed adreno apk and obb (v 1.8.1) on my HTC One M8 today

    In app says
    “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”

    Nothing happens except black screen

  62. Nhan says:

    Online or offline

  63. S says:

    Is this for rooted device?

  64. riswang says:

    Thanks… i’ll try this

  65. Subhajit Pal says:

    thanks bro. works fantastic.

  66. aku81shah says:

    Hackers apk mortal kombal x

  67. aku81shah says:

    Aapk mortal kombat x

  68. andrew says:

    Need rooted ?

  69. andrew says:

    Why always “force close” ? Help me !?

  70. ryan says:

    Power vr crash help!!!

  71. Muhammed says:

    I love you

  72. Jahson says:

    link for data file mali is not working

  73. Bazsiii says:

    Whats The Difference or

    • Rexdl says:

      Mega Mod:

      Infinite Souls
      Infinite Koins
      Infinite Ally Credit
      Enemy has Zero Touchness
      Enemy has Zero Recovery
      Infinite Energy of Cards
      Player has fastest Skill. Enemy has slowest Skill
      Infinite Health
      Unlocked Characters
      Unlocked Backgrounds

  74. ProGamer says:

    Bro.. Need the normal mod.. Mega mod isn’t required.. Can you upload normal mod.. With original health and stuff

  75. The Blue light says:

    hello, Rexdl, my gpu is mali, among the 3 files which must i download and install? its my first time

    – Download APK File [Gpu: Mali]
    – Download APK Mega Mod File [Gpu: Mali]
    – Download DATA File [Gpu: Mali] – 1.88 GB

    Thank you in Return

  76. Michael says:

    The Adreno APK link is a zip with folders and files, how to make it an APK, please?

  77. gaurav sharma says:

    need apk mod not mega mod

  78. Jones says:

    bro help me why Mortal Kombat My Black Screen

  79. Duffman says:

    Rexdl, I have used the files you’ve uploaded many times, however, this time, when I place the com.wb.mkx file in the android/obb directory, and open the megamod apk, it still tries to download the data from the playstore. Any tips?

  80. pay says:

    Hi can you make normal version with antibanned only for adreno,please

  81. Daniel says:

    Hello, is there a normal mod with unlimited souls? Don’t know what GPU I have. My phone is Nexus 6p.

  82. PPAwesome says:

    Mod link for tegra?

  83. iOamlad says:

    I already have version 1.8 … Do I need to download the data for the latest version or just the apk mod?

  84. Dark Goddess says:

    Bro, can you upload normal mod for Mali.. With original health and original power generation?

    This is because, in Mega mod, enemy AI keep using their X-ray attack due to them always starting with full power bar…
    The other modded features such as infinite souls and coins and unlocked characters are good.

  85. sunny says:

    Bro, can you reupload normal mod for Mali.. With original health and original power generation?
    because the link u uploaded says 404 not found

  86. sunny says:

    Bro, can you upload normal mod for Mali.. With original health and original power generation?
    the link says 404 not found

  87. v*w says:

    Gpu oppo neo 7?. Adreno or malli?
    Please respon

  88. Maniac says:

    Quick Question: Can I login into my WB account?

  89. ahmed says:

    bro i have the game already on my moto x play adreno 405 so what i should do should i delete it and resetup from your appk file or i can simply copy the obb file u want when the game still on my android and if so which file i should down then ??

  90. simon says:

    I was so silly, i thought it wasn”t working cause i used the wrong apk.
    Thank you so much. your are a legend!!!

  91. simon says:

    can you play online???

  92. sp says:

    What to do for quallcom snapdragon processor

  93. keeinngz says:

    how can i make the normal obb of mali work? after first tutorial with scorpion and sub zero, it says mortal kombat x has stopped working. fix plzz

  94. kang says:

    plis no mega mod . me mod apk . . please no healt regen or no death . . im mod coin .gold . unclock

  95. Pay says:

    Hi,can you upload original apk for adrdno…thnks

  96. Dkr says:

    Bro, can you upload normal mod 1.10 for Adreno please?

  97. forzawole says:

    The last time I downloaded Mali version, it said “I may not have bought this application”.
    I hope this new 1.10 version works guys. Please please!!!

  98. forzawole says:

    * Mali update 1.9.

    Please guys is the new version you posted working fine? I use a galaxy tab s lollipop

  99. Francisco Rodriguez says:

    The characters arent unlocked on the store.

  100. forzawole says:

    Thanks guys!

  101. slayer says:

    the characters are not unlocked for Tegra just the standard one … Pls fit it

  102. George says:

    You fix the mode for Tegra ? Now it show the characters in store ? Is unlocked ?

  103. CHRISTIAN says:


  104. George says:

    did u resolv the PowerVr mode it show now the characters in the store ?

  105. gvgvm says:

    Work on mali.. but jason has elite pack?

  106. zach tech says:

    its not working for powerVR gpu . please fix this & find another method

  107. Masterbass says:

    I have a processor Arm

  108. Sreejit Das says:

    Should I download mod file or mega mod file for adreno

  109. mikec says:

    New update out today please update links v.1.11

  110. Draaketh says:

    1.11 is out ! Hack that version !

  111. masterbass says:

    Hi I hope soon the new version 1.11.0

  112. Andi says:

    It is new ver. 1.11.0. When will be new mod version?

  113. inferno says:

    Plz release the mkx mod apk for v1.11.0

  114. MKxULTRA says:

    Please release new mkx mod all for v1.11.340384.

  115. The Gamer says:

    I’m on Mali but I only want normal mod not mega mod, which Mali mod should I down load? First or Second?

  116. Jommel yee says:

    Rexdl thank you very much its 100%work

  117. Bazooka says:

    You’r The Best BRO
    Thumb 😀

  118. zen says:

    thanks for sharing this awesome game.

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