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The Little Punks Android
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Are you ready for an action-packed multiplayer adventure game? “The Little Punks: Prison Escape” is the perfect game for you! Join one of two teams, the prisoners or the police, and work together with your teammates to achieve your objectives.

As a prisoner, you’ll need to plan your escape carefully and work together with your fellow inmates to avoid detection by the police. With a diverse range of weapons and tools at your disposal, including a bow and beyblade masters, you can shoot your way to victory and emerge as the ultimate winner.
The Little Punks MOD APK
If you’re on the police team, it’s your job to keep the prisoners in check and prevent them from escaping. Work together with your fellow officers to catch any prisoners who are trying to sneak away and use your skills to identify any impostors who may be hiding among your ranks.

They are among us!
“The Little Punks” is the perfect game for fans of online games, multiplayer games, and shooting games alike. With updated and honest gameplay, this game is sure to offer hours of fun and excitement. So what are you waiting for? Install now and join the starz of the online gaming world!

With pass and play options available on tablet and will be released on Steam soon, this game offers a great way to work on your teamwork skills and clash with other players. Seek out the hidden treasures, navigate the empty spaces of the prison, and battle your way to victory. Don’t miss out on this exciting new offer – join the Little Punks today!

Experience the ultimate prison break adventure with The Little Punks, an online game that combines social deduction skills, teamwork, and betrayal. Play as a punk and fight the police to escape the prison with your fellow punks, or play as a police officer and chase the punks to keep them inside and prevent them from escaping.

With stunning animations and visual effects, The Little Punks features a well-designed map that simulates a real prison environment. Players can use a range of weapons to defend themselves and sabotage the other team’s plans. Complete tasks and communicate with other players using chat and voice chat to plan your escape or defense.

The Little Punks also includes optional roles and customization options to enhance the gameplay. Use your social deduction skills to identify impostors and work together with your crew to complete objectives. Voting and sabotage add an element of strategy and betrayal to keep you on your toes.

Cross-platform play allows you to team up with other players online and play with friends. The Little Punks is a must-play for online gaming enthusiasts who enjoy social deduction and space-themed games.

Download The Little Punks now and experience the thrill of breaking out of prison with your crew! By downloading the game, you agree to our terms of service, which can be found at If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at “[email protected]”.

What’s new

With the new mode, new weapons, and many more innovations, players no longer need to wait. Log in and play.
The Little Punks MOD APK
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