Gangstar Vegas 2.8.1b Apk + Mod VIP + Data Unlimited Money

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  • Current Version: 2.8.1b
  • File size: 38 MB | 20 MB + 1.09 GB
  • Memorize:

GANGSTAR VEGAS 2.8.1b Apk + Mod VIP + Data

Unlimited Money , Diamond , Key , SP + Anti Ban

Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the City of Sin in the latest episode of the acclaimed open-world action game!
Get ready for fun, immersive, and wild gun wars!

Gangstar Vegas APK + MOD + DATA

* Because of the high-quality graphics used in this game, once it’s installed on your device, this title will use 2.5 GB of space. *


  • Play as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in a BLOCKBUSTER STORY MODE
  • Make your way through 80 MISSIONS filled with action
  • Build up a gangster squad to take over Vegas and win mafia wars


  • Explore a BIGGER CITY, 9x the size of the previous Gangstar game
  • Perform amazing stunts with ragdoll effects making use of HAVOK PHYSICS
  • Climb the leaderboards in tough CHALLENGES including air, water and street racing, MMA fighting & more!
  • Become Vegas’s finest shooter in Carnage & Heist modes
  • Break the bank in addictive CASINO GAMES


  • Access INSANE WEAPONS like Molotov cocktails, flamethrowers & an electric guitar!
  • Drive CRAZY VEHICLES including monster trucks, muscle cars & fighter jets
  • UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS & GEAR and customize their appearance
  • Enjoy an amazing soundtrack featuring Skrillex, Kavinsky, Chromatics and more

Game storyline:
In this third-person shooter action game, you will play as a rising MMA champion. Framed by the mafia, you are supposed to throw your bout at the fighting event of the year. But when your opponent beats you to the punch and goes down first, famous crime lord Frank Veliano’s perfect plan goes down too. You have just become the most wanted man in the city. In a place where crime is everywhere, you will have to hold your gun tightly and take part in the wildest mafia wars ever!

Welcome to Las Vegas, where fortunes are made and lives are lost with a roll of the dice!

This game supports smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3 and up.

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Follow us on Twitter at or like us on Facebook at to get more info about all our upcoming titles.
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Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site.

Privacy Policy :
Terms of Use :
End User License Agreement :


Update 18 is beaming down a global Gangstar event! Nobody’s safe as aliens descend to vaporize Vegas. Its fate is in your hands!
ALIEN INVASION: The City faces death from above! Show these little punks what an Earth beatdown feels like in 5 waves of battle! Then spend your war spoils on some real far-out gear.
FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY: And sting like a badass with the Cyber Stinger jetpack!
KEEP YOUR COOL: Mounted guns can now overheat, so be careful how much you fire them off at once.


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2.” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.

Got License Error problem? Try these steps:

  1. Go to play store and search for Gangstar Vegas
  2. Start Downloading the game when download starts cancel it
  3. It’s Done you have the license for the game. (This process binds license for the particular game with your google id) it may work on all the free games.
  4. Now use our Uploaded files, Game will work fine.

Attention: when you run this game , please offline internet


To install the game without problems
If your phone Android 5.0
Remove all games from the phone company Gameloft


Unlimited Money
Unlimited Diamonds
Unlimited Keys
Unlimited SP
Anti-Ban : Do not participate in Events

Download Now

301 Responses

  1. TaraCloth says:

    Iworking or not ?

  2. Will says:

    The game is force closing after the file verification, Moto g 2nd gen.

  3. J says:

    i downloaded the file and when installing it always fail help please.
    note : same version

  4. Dhiz says:

    file verification failed..
    whats wrong??

  5. MS says:

    Is this working in my sony Xperia c 5 ultra ???

  6. Yuv raj says:

    Network error has occurred??? While openin!

  7. leo says:

    Install from Google Playstore and Cancel when the download start for a while, then install the apk. This worked for me on failed verification.

  8. Andreas Damanik says:

    it works for me thanks a lot man

  9. Savio says:

    This is so cool I like it

  10. Savio says:

    I like it so much u are so cool good luck

  11. saurabh says:

    Network error has occurred??? Plz help me

  12. Railgun says:


  13. Gamer1112 says:

    Can you make vip gold with antiban? Please

  14. Gamer1112 says:

    when I try to install it I get the message failed installation!!!

  15. saswat says:

    It doesn’t install on android 5.0.2 i download from 2 sites but doesn’t install

  16. Ryan says:

    Does it have VIP?

  17. Matthew says:

    This really works?

  18. sipahifaicelk says:

    The best game is gangstar Vegas my favourite game is gangstar Vegas my good luck is my favourite game

  19. Jake_Sage says:

    I need money and more gems and cars and a gang

  20. Abdo mahmoud says:

    I got nerwork trouble occured, reply as soon as possible pls, i’am in hurry.

    • Rexdl says:

      Got License Error problem? Try these steps:

      Go to play store and search for Gangstar Vegas
      Start Downloading the game when download starts cancel it
      It’s Done you have the license for the game. (This process binds license for the particular game with your google id) it may work on all the free games.
      Now use our Uploaded files, Game will work fine.

  21. Agentx44 says:


    • Rexdl says:

      Got License Error problem? Try these steps:

      Go to play store and search for Gangstar Vegas
      Start Downloading the game when download starts cancel it
      It’s Done you have the license for the game. (This process binds license for the particular game with your google id) it may work on all the free games.
      Now use our Uploaded files, Game will work fine.

  22. sal says:

    i got error while extract the data zip

  23. sal says:

    plz help me

  24. hafizh says:

    When i want to get licensed from google play store it still not can worked

  25. abcdcba says:

    Press a button to download the Google Play Store APK files or coming down OBB files annaohn…

  26. abcdcba says:

    Press a button to download the Google Play Store APK files or coming down OBB files annaohne …

  27. md says:

    sir is it work

  28. het parekh says:

    How to download this game on yoyr website.

  29. Kel says:

    The mod for 2.4.2c is not working. When I play the game its just like a normal nothing special.

  30. suhil says:

    No mod in 2.4.2c
    its normal apk
    plz fix it

  31. KG says:

    Mod apk closes after first start
    Pls fix as soon as possible

  32. ak says:

    in this mod does it have gold vip

  33. ak says:

    plz tell me fast friends does this mod have gold vip unlocked

  34. RockStar says:

    Guys follow my steps 100% work i do this steps also worked don’t do like that guy steps

    1. Hold any license problem app
    2. Drag to app info
    3. Then Click force stop
    4. Launch that app
    5. Enjoy

  35. hanzou48 says:

    Please this really work or no i need fast comment

  36. Kel says:

    Hi, the mod is working now in sp, cash, diamonds and keys are unlimited but it doesn’t have any VIP enabled. Where did you get this mod.?

    Works on my tablet 4.4.2

  37. Gangestar is a very nice game.

  38. RockStar says:

    guys dont do his steps follow my steps 100% worked for me

    1. Any licence problem app hold and drag to app info
    2. click Force stop
    3.Launch And Enjoy.

  39. fareezha says:

    Work 100%
    But i still online internet
    Problem?(bad english because i from indonesia)

  40. Emmanuel says:

    It’s just a normal apk!
    Does it work on Asus memo pad 7?

  41. fareezha says:

    Please mod vip

  42. Jhon says:

    Password for the rar of the obb file?

  43. Emmanuel says:

    It keeps closing

  44. Zack says:

    Ads dude -.-

  45. HappyHadot says:

    Whitout VIP ?

  46. LEON says:

    How to download mod

  47. Kamal says:

    Thanks buddy its working. Thanks a lot.

  48. Gamer says:

    Give VIP status please i won`t unlock all

  49. Razer says:

    What will i download Apk file ( mod)or Apk file

  50. Xwire says:

    Pls Return The 2.4.2c its working not this new update.

  51. Kamal says:

    Mod apk doesn’t work thir isn’t any money and crystals. Please reply what can I do

  52. king balot says:

    in 2.5.0q is this realy mod game ?

  53. AshRex says:

    Do I have to download your obb file or can I use the obb file from the real gangster Vegas please respond

  54. Raj says:

    Hello admin this is not mod how to solve it
    Plz help ?? It has no any money

  55. cyberton says:

    it is a normal apk not modded pls fix rexdl

  56. Gorav says:

    Gangstar vegas v2.5.0q mod1 is not modded its just a normal apk (i have samsung galaxy s4)

  57. raj says:

    Mod working or not?

  58. Me says:

    mod2 doesnt work plz help me.the version is 2.5.0q

  59. Brons says:

    it gives me error when i start mod2 plz help

  60. jbang says:

    thx to this sir !! d’best 🙂 it works good 😀

  61. draken says:

    I get network error when i start the game.
    If i turn the internet on, there is no hack… just the normal game

  62. AlexBoss96 says:

    Please help me!!! In 2.5.0q is no mod !!! Is normal ! Please help

  63. Vansh says:

    Just add VIP mode

  64. justine says:

    why i cant download the mod? The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

  65. ezekiel says:

    why i can’t download the mod? 404 – File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

  66. Aazmeer says:

    Says server not available

  67. LolPlayer says:

    Thx! Works fine!

  68. dex says:

    The mods work fantastic! So many diamonds.
    but, wait, just ONE small things……..

    Where the fuck are some models like i don’t know…… the characters, the wheels on cars. They as i say in an oxymoron, appear invisible

  69. I'm student says:

    V2.5.2c no mod. Fix please.

  70. zoro says:

    Hey downloaded it installed it no money mod please upload the proper one.

  71. Sakib says:

    when i go to new game says receiving remote save file…what to do??

  72. Youo says:

    So where is the dl link. Clicked everything and ot just refreshes page

  73. CHiko says:

    Thanks very much!!! its perfectly working! (galaxy s5)
    i just have a small question….
    can i play the game connected to the internet?
    or i need to disable internet conection like other mods?

    Thanks! 🙂

  74. bruh says:

    I need help i don’t know what file’s to get All or 3 wtf you need to be more information contained within your set up really do not help

  75. christian says:

    It did not work I’m 5.0 and it normal and I don’t have any other gameloft games but this one

  76. Anthony says:

    Thank yu

  77. Anthony says:

    Thank u so much

  78. fffffffffffg says:

    want need update

  79. Saim says:

    Please Make a Video of Installaion Mathod Please

  80. Bobby says:

    Please fix mod 2.6.0k, its just like normal

  81. Anik Biswas says:

    Sir Gangstar Vegas 2.6.0k Apk + Mod + Data Unlimited Money is not working what to do that is not have money

  82. jumanju says:

    Mod apk not give me unlmtd money and others…

  83. canda kramat says:

    selalu keluar harus download tambahan fiel sebesar 1790mb.dan ketika di download apk berjalan biasa tanpa mod

  84. Po123 says:

    Works in Android 6.0.1

  85. Abe says:

    Why the mod v 2.0.6 k(new mod), is not mod, is just a normal apk, I follow your instruction but is same, please answer me, fast respond, help me

  86. Robert says:

    Why I have no diamonds/Sp/money ??

  87. inno says:

    New mod is like the normal APK for version 2.6.0k what’s the problem.

  88. inno says:

    The cars can’t turn on there headlamps at night, u just drive in the dark why.

  89. Faraz says:

    mod version is just normal….Plz fix it…also i get banned from game…!

  90. Andyaan says:

    Sir this no apk mod. This is original apk. Please fix it

  91. inno says:

    Why is it that the car headlamps never turn on when it’s in the dark. U keep just driving in the dark at night.

  92. canda kramat says:

    Thanks bekerja dengan baek tp permainan tidak dimulai dari awal langsung vip 4

  93. canda kramat says:

    Yang ingin saya tanyakan disitu ada 3 apk mod ada yg 36mb ada 19,47 mb &ada yang 19,95mb yg saya instal yg 19,47 & 19,95mb itu bekerja d perangkat saya tp langsung ada di tenganh per mainan.terus apk yg 36 mb itu apa? di tunggu jwabannya mind yg baek?

  94. jitu says:

    How to start it offline

  95. jitu says:

    How to start it offline please tell me

  96. skull says:

    Thanks for the mod

  97. Ben says:

    It works thanks

  98. Hunk boy says:

    Its working …thanx…..but can i move apk to sd card….its make any problem….???

  99. hunkboy says:

    They banned my game….oh man i m going to last mission…plz fix suggestions bro…help

  100. Hunk boy says:

    Listen bro……i unistall game..and i download and cancell it and after i downlaod apk mode and i have main file they copy in obb and oh my god 80 persent mission complete and all vip and wepons car bike already owned… to this possible….i m suprized and happy tooo

  101. Lord Siregar says:

    That’s working,thanks

  102. Muneeb Zaman says:

    Perfect….. finally got working mod APK 🙂 just installed and play offline .. no need license verification .. for language change: choose settings then tap 2nd line.. Thanks Admin

  103. (LOL Gamer) says:

    Does it have VIP?

  104. kenzai says:

    after download the all file N apk .. what must i do ?

  105. DANGER DUDE TM says:

    It’s coming parade error my phone android marshmallow wat should I do

  106. rohit says:

    I cant mod apk downlod plzz help me

  107. Jonathan says:

    I cant play theres the chinese thing plz help

  108. mohamed says:

    will it work on my s7 edge marshmellow

  109. Ali says:

    Im in serious trouble guysssss plz help mee plz.. i mistakenly forgot to turn off wi fi before opening the game.. so i got banned.. so can i uninstall and re install the game?? Will it work??

  110. rishav malik says:

    The app is not not installing in my device.
    After I clicked on install icon a message appears on screen that
    ” App not installed”
    Help me as soon as possible.

  111. wesay says:

    There is this Chinese write up I can’t access the game plz help

  112. wesay says:

    There is this Chinese write up I can’t access the game

  113. kyle says:

    Pls reply soon

  114. LEON NADON says:

    Hello this gangstar vegas have vip?

  115. ASEF says:

    Please help me,it’start i a’m have banned

  116. Hi says:


  117. sunny says:

    Thanks rexdl it’s working

  118. Simon says:

    Can someone tell me if we’ll switch off the net then how’ll we play with our friends ?

  119. sunny says:

    Any one want VIP items go to the game and shop and buy mystery boxes I’m try it it’s 100% working for mod apk

  120. ayub ajie says:

    thank you, work samsung galaxy core 2

  121. xProGamer says:

    Don’t work mod

  122. husnain says:

    Mods are Not working on Android 6.0 ?

  123. cozymozy says:

    mod cant work after im download all data and apk

  124. You says:

    Wtf the MOD doesnt work -_-

  125. Gading says:

    VIP please!!!

  126. ALIAS says:

    Hello Sir, I got a problem. Game’s working but mod not. It says not to run the game with internet, but first time it needs it. Mod doesn’t work to me. I was playing normal then when I closed the game and a couple minutes opened up again, I haven’t any PV, Diamonds, etc. Hope you can help me, sir.

    Awesome site 😀

  127. Sadman says:

    Mod version doesn’t give me unlimited money or sp… What to do?

  128. gv player says:

    Hello sir, this mod include VIP?

  129. wahid says:

    the mod apk is not working
    it’s not installing I tried many times.
    I do not have any other games of gameloft
    1st apk (the normal on is working it installed when I tried)

    bt I want the hacked one.
    pls help

  130. Sadık says:

    No vip
    No money

  131. polak says:

    It isn’t mod. I have normal game…

  132. Ali says:

    “Mod VIP” not working

  133. T says:

    Vip bulunamadi hatasi eror 404

  134. himmat says:

    Mod apk not instoling pls help

  135. justinbaker says:

    it keeps saying error request for VIP apk the name won’t pop up

  136. adam says:

    how to update the vip?

  137. ALIAS says:

    Sir, VIP mirror says error 404 when I try to download it.

  138. A says:

    Vip apk Where Page not found fizik please

  139. herlambang says:

    Succes download and install play No mod , help!

  140. Debraj says:

    Hi Rexdl, you are saying “Update VIP”.. What do you mean?? Can you explain please?

  141. Debraj says:

    There is no Updated [VIP] mod.. Please check.. Saying error 400.

  142. Debraj says:

    Thank you Rexdl… You Rock.. \m/

  143. ishuya says:

    Thanks.. Now it’s working fine after updating VIP Mod.

  144. player18 says:

    Its just a normal game when I open it please help thank you

  145. Vetri Selvan says:

    guys I downloaded Mod VIP and when I go inside the game,facelift banned me but when I hacked it yesterday I wasn’t banned.
    can I know how I can play without being banned

  146. Saad says:

    Thank you! REXDL you are Rock…

  147. Kei says:


    More info Step by step, its normally

    i try install license from playstore and cancel what it say
    after that i enter the game and voila! its NORMALLY! need help! please

  148. Abu Ghalib says:

    Game is working fine but no unlimited money.

  149. wahid says:

    mod apk and mod (vip) apk.
    not a single one is working.
    I tried both of it bt non of this is installatinng.
    everytime it says installations fails.
    my phone has Android 5 2gb ram and rooted.
    what should I do!??
    pls help

  150. Bessybels says:

    I’m banned? What should I do?

  151. Zidan says:

    Wow, really cool Mod VIP work on my device (512mb RAM, GPU MALI, 1.2Ghz) without lag & fc… thanks rexdl

  152. Anirudh says:

    Will I get vip

  153. Pachu says:

    Hey rexdl when I open it shows shoes another language help

  154. jack says:

    Mod apk not installed error pls help……..

  155. samiul says:

    having network error problem

  156. samiul says:

    tell me what do I do now??

  157. aaa says:

    2.8.1b vip mod please? ?

  158. onani says:

    Mod VIP is working thanks Rexdl

  159. Hi this is khaja
    Can i use this hacked game on my mob Samsung J7

  160. Aviral says:

    Is it compatible on Android 6.0.1, ( mod ) apk?

  161. brock says:

    my j7 not install mod file please help

  162. brock says:

    app not install on my j7 mod file please help

  163. Nintendo says:

    Man it works !! With VIP 4 unlocked I would rather be a better one if we get the mission incomplete .. but really thanks . Job appreciated

  164. Nintendo says:

    I am using Android m

  165. Michael says:

    I need VIP can you tell me the releases rexdl

  166. brock says:

    but my j7 installing and see screen see app not install mod but unmod install help

  167. Ashwini says:

    This mod is continuously hanging on my honor be please fix it

  168. ajeet singh says:

    2.8.1b mod vip

  169. ali rasul says:

    why not dawnlod gangstsr vegas mod vip 2.8.1

    is paege restart pleas chekeing paege

  170. mohamme says:

    its work in s7 ?

    can i play events ?

  171. Prashik says:

    Will it give me vip 10 all unlocked?

  172. azam says:

    ask permission, thank you

  173. Bro plz vip update kr do kyuki sari cheej vip mangti hi plzzz all vip plzz jldi krdo plzzz

  174. Why not dawload gangstar vegas mod vip 2.8.1

  175. Plz says:

    Can u work on the modded gangster vegas vip and will the vip mod apk have unlimited sp,diamonds,and money?

  176. gamers says:

    Offline or online this game

  177. JD says:

    please i need your response how i installed the mod

  178. Runal says:

    It work guys

  179. Some Nigger says:

    when will the vip version come out btw i keep getting banned but i could still play mod version if i keep redownloading it but if i redownload it it will delete everything i got so can u plz get the vip version asap

  180. Sourav says:

    Its work for me but please give vip mode of the new version fast

  181. Leelasai says:

    Please give 2.8.0 b vip mod

  182. JAMES says:


    thank REXDL

  183. Sreejit Das says:

    It worked. Thank you

  184. Azy says:

    its working Thank you so much i love this website

  185. mark says:

    still cant play offline .. why?

  186. Tahsin says:

    doesn’t install on android Lollipop.
    please fix it…..

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