KOYAA 0.1 (Full Paid Version) Apk for Android

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KOYAA 0.1 (Full Paid Version) Apk for Android



The KOYAA mobile game, made in stop-motion animation, lets children interact with our hero’s life on the rocky ledge in five different adventures. Naturally, these are packed with action, silly falls, laughter and naughty objects causing trouble left and right. The players are asked to flex their brain and also show some dexterity.

How to prevent a toy car from racing all over the room?
Look, Koyaa’s paper plane is darting away! Can you help?
How to feed a book thirsty for knowledge?
Koyaa loves hide-and-seek, and you?
Up for a daring down-slope ride? Koyaa wants to sled!

As Koyaa likes to say, the naughty objects are no joke but they’re still funny! If you manage to catch them all, Koyaa will be first to congratulate you, sharing enthusiasm over your sticker album of outwitted items.


Koyaa lives on a rocky ledge high above the clouds. His days are interrupted by everyday objects coming to life and misbehaving. Koyaa has to find ever-new creative solutions to fix the trouble they cause.

Since 2009, when Koyaa first appeared we have been working on polishing his world and getting across the message of persistence and creativity’s value to the children and their parents. The mobile game KOYAA, entirely made in stop-motion technique, builds on the already existing Koyaa short stop-motion animated films. We have successfully completed fourteen films and Koyaa is fast becoming a well-known animated character. We are aware of how important it is to expand Koyaa’s world to other media, turning him into a truly three-dimensional animated hero.

Koyaa carries a universal message: that situations that at first glance appear insurmountable can be turned to your advantage with imagination and good humour, and be resolved in an interesting way. He doesn’t lecture kids, but rather portrays the ways keeping an open mind can help us deal with our daily struggles.

Visit www.koyaa.net for more information about the animated hero Koyaa, the mobile game KOYAA and the educational content connected to it or connect with Koyaa on Facebook (www.facebook.com/koyaa.animation) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/koyaa.animation).


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