Flash on Call and SMS 1.0.2 (Full / Ad-Free) Apk for Android

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  • Current Version: 1.0.2
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Flash on Call and SMS 1.0.2 (Full / Ad-Free) Apk for Android

Flash on Call and SMS apk

Fantastic Free Flash on call and SMS alert application. Pretty useful when you are in a dark place or in a meeting where you don’t want to hear ringtones or vibration. Imagine you are in a heavy music party or at night where you cannot hear ring tones and cannot feel vibration. So this Flash on call and Flash on SMS will notify you clearly.

Flashlight alert is a smart app to alert you when you receive a phone call, text message & any other social notifications with the blink of your flashlight. Flash light call alert will help peoples in the night time when your android phone in the silent mode or mute. This flash light alert is very useful application for any android user.

Very useful to help you not miss Call and caller id, sms in dark night even mobile phone is in Vibrate or silent.Free color flashlight alert on call and sms will blink/alert the camera LED color flashlight and notify with camera ultimate flash alert2 notification for brightest flash on call and SMS message notification alerts fach.

Free Bright Flash on call and SMS alerts application. Very effective flash alerts in dark places in meetings or in silent zone where ringtones or vibrations may causes disruption. Blinking Flash alerts on phone is a smart tool to notify you of incoming call or SMS with camera flashlight. So Free beautiful flash alert on call sms message application will blink/alert the camera LED flashlight and reminds with camera flash alert notification for call and SMS message notification alerts.

Flash on Call and SMS will give you flash notifications which are useful at many times. Flashlight alert helps people at night when your android phone is on vibrate or mute. Fully customizable flashlight ! A cool flashlight alerts or flash alerts application.

Flashing lights flash when receiving a call,,The flash on your phone will flash when a call comes in or SMS

Your mobile is silent and you get Call or Message, No worry. You have Flash alert/Vibrate alert/Tone alert for Call, Message receive, Missed call and Unread Message.
Just Go to application setting screen and set up alert modes and Duration.

Use LED flash on call and sms when:
• You have to keep your phone on silent but still need to know who’s texting (movie theatres, plays, baby sleeping, etc.)
• You need to identify caller but can’t turn your phone on ( in a conference or meeting )
• You’re in a noisy location and can’t hear your ringtone (coffee shops, parties)

Flash on Call and SMS will give you flash light notifications which are useful at many times.Fully customizable flashlight led torch light !

Flash on Call and SMS will give you flash notifications which are very useful at many times. Blinks the flashlight of mobile device.

Enable blinking LED flashlight for incoming calls & sms messages. Color flashlight on call alert when you received income call & sms. Cool thing about super bright Flash on Call and SMS offers you great ways to figure out when someone calls you.

You can turn ON/OFF the feature over the device’s status. (Ring, Vibrate, Silent, In an interactive state) (Pro)

This Flash on call and SMS Automatic Flashlight will notify you via mobile phone’s back light flash alerts , the back side flashlight will blink giving incoming call alerts and sms alerts.

Flash On Call is a smart and Top Rated application available on the Google Play Store. This app gives flash alerts on incoming calls and SMS with the blink of your flash light.

Smart Features:

=> Turn the LED Bright flashlight ON or OFF with a single one tap button inside the application.
=> Brightest Flashlight alert On Incoming Calls.
=> Flashlight blinking alert On Incoming SMS.
=> Flash light Intervals for call adjustment
=> Ultimate Flashlight alert2 Intervals for sms adjustment
=> Ultimate flashlight alert timings adjustment
=> Regulate LED flash blinking frequency
=> SOS flashlight blinking
=> Colorful flashlight on call and sms, Color flashlight blinking on every call and message


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