Zombie Hospital Tycoon MOD APK 2.6.0 (Coins/Diamond) Android

Zombie Hospital Tycoon MOD Android
  • Current Version: 2.6.0
  • File size: 121 MB | 98 MB
  • Memorize: www.ReXdl.com


The world has changed long ago. Buildings turned into ruins and bloodthirsty zombies walk through the empty streets. The dangerous virus pandemic spread all over the planet in a switch and now it’s your deal to manage with the impact. Everybody wants to kill zombies, but you will bring them mercy in this idle zombie hospital tycoon.

In this hospital simulator a tiny handful of apocalyptic survivors united and built several safe settlements and shelters. By that time scientists made a medical breakthrough and found a treatment for the virus! Finally, we can beat the infection! Thanks to the therapy in special hospitals it is now available to bring zombies back to normal.

Are you ready to become a manager of one of these hospitals for zombies? In our simulator you will start with the small clinic and do your best to turn it into a modern healing complex building for the most dangerous patients in the world. Open new hospitals all over the globe to cure all zombies!

In this clicker game you can hire the personnel, create stuff buildings, cure the infected, and try to avoid bursts of aggression. Supply paramedics with high-quality devices, expand the recreation area and equip the command post. To make your clinic truly best overthink every detail, even the ventilation system set up. Invest your money smart.

Zombie Hospital Tycoon MOD APK

What is so special about our zombie game?

  • Zombies with different levels of infection
  • Various medical procedures
  • Personnel management
  • Different geo locations
  • Possibility of aggression burst and losing staff

Increase the treatment quality

Monitor zombies’ condition to prevent bursts of aggression. Upgrade the laboratory where medicines are created. Keep your clinic’s buildings clean, install quality showers to improve hygiene. The virus impacted the psychology of Infected badly and they need entertainment to be cured. Place new TVs to the wards, benches to the yard, and even buy guitars to play music around the firepit. This will help your patients to defeat the inner beast.

Manage your personnel

To treat your patients effectively you need to hire qualified personnel! Hire and fire various specialists in accordance with your development strategy and equip them with the best medical devices. Paramedics, scientists, therapists, builders, and janitors – all kinds of staff are essential. Each person is responsible for their own part of the difficult job of fighting with infection.

Avoid the aggression outburst

Zombies are the hardest and most dangerous patients. If your doctors will not give them due attention, they can fall into rage and bite the medical personnel. The whole zombie hospital can become at risk of infection. That’s why it’s important to monitor patients’ mood attentively, give them entertainment and improve the level of comfort in the wards.

Invest your money smart

Both Infected and the doctors reckon on you in the clinic’s development. The safety of your staff and effectiveness of treatment are rested on the quality of the utility room, laboratory, procedure and paramedic’s rooms. Upgrade the wards, the recreation area and the psychologist’s office. Keep your close look at water and electricity reserves.

Heal and earn

Governments devote impressive funds and expect the relevant result from your clinics’ work. Zombie rehabilitation is a good business in the post-apocalyptic world. Grow your reputation and start healing zombies worldwide!

If you enjoy playing clicker games, casual tycoons, simulators and idle games, then you’ll love “Idle Zombie Hospital Tycoon: Management game”. Make strategic decisions for business development and increase the profit. Your career starts in the small clinic but soon it can grow up to a true hospital empire and reach extraordinary heights.


Dear players! New patch has brought the following changes:
– Improved stability of the game.
– Improved smoothness of the gameplay.

Zombie Hospital Tycoon MOD APK

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