That Level Again 4 MOD APK 1.165 (Awards) Android

That Level Again 4 MOD Android
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That Level Again 4 MOD APK 1.165 (Awards) Android


That Level Again 4 MOD APK

Puzzle-platformer with unique and surprising challenges!


Let me present you the next part of, dare I say it, cult TLA series that has more than 10 millions downloads (+-give or take one billion), from an indie developer that has created That Level Again, That level again 2, That Level Again 3, Looper, Some Ball Level and many more! Years of hard work and dedication have resulted in a product that is kind of ok.

In this next chapter you’re gonna experience the story that just isn’t there but really want to be. Although the developer has left some clues, he himself isn’t sure what could be made out of it. You will some locations from previous parts that kinda shows that the developer has run out of ideas but if we dig a little deeper we see that life makes no sense, the space is infinite, and 42.

In the tradition of TLA, all puzzles have simple and logical (not always) solutions that you need to figure out. This time it’s a big level that will surprise you with unexpected solutions and challenge your brain.

The game features:

  • the first point
  • long winded description that is top games standard;
  • unique gameplay and such;
    — long dash;
  • at least 3 control buttons for the character and some more;
  • linear gameplay;
  • kind and beautiful character but that’s not guaranteed;
  • an opportunity to be a beta tester by constantly experiencing bugs;
  • ???
  • profit!

Prove that you are an exceptional person and test your brain (by beating this game)!
Hope I won’t feel embarrassed about this.
Are you still reading? You can be already playing or, I don’t know, sleeping.


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That Level Again 4 MOD APK
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