From Zero to Hero: Cityman Mod APK 1.8.7 (Gold)

From Zero to Hero: Cityman android
  • Current Version: 1.8.7
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Life Simulation.

Begin your career as an unemployed guy without home or money.

Find the first ways to earn money, get a job, study, work your way up the corporate ladder, trade in the stock market and win money at the casino, buys cars, houses and planes, do whatever it takes, but become a president before your character dies of old age.

From Zero to Hero: Cityman

Life Simulation:

  • Begin your life as a poor guy without any money, job or home;
  • Find money for food;
  • Buy yourself clothes and your first room in dormitory;
  • Get enrolled at university and progress to earn more;
  • Trade in the stock market;
  • Climb up the corporate ladder;
  • Find yourself a girlfriend and make a virtual family;
  • Don’t forget to go to the hospital, treat your character and take him to resorts;
  • Go bowling, play pool, attend the concerts to increase happiness;
  • Start your own business and earn your first million;
  • Become a president if you manage to go through all the challenges and not die of old age.


Greetings, Citymen!
Today’s small update brings us a stability upgrade for the app, as well as a lot (and we mean a LOT) of bugfixes following your invaluable feedback. We hope that this update makes your Zero to Hero experience even more smooth and enjoyable — and see you in the city!
From Zero to Hero: Cityman apk

User reviews

Efrain Martinez
Great simulation game. Its more technical and you have more control over your charcter than Bit Life, which I was playing when I came across this game. I like all the choices I can make and how time passes. Hands down the best life simulation game that I have played.

Yeah a real life simulator i m differnt and like this type of differnt game of management. Its looking as i m myself there. Realistic but create more innobations. Intro. New ideas for us. Else good. And i bet it is a game i will never get bored.player actually not understood game.that each day u neet to fight only sitting and wait for job will not do.there are casino and stock one fr money.i call it realistic life sim in data form or version of real world. GOOD WORK GUYS, TEAM.

Sukanya Sarkar
It was wonderful. The games helps you to make money seriously. I recommend this to every individual who thinks they wasting money. You will absolutely love is. I liked it a lot.

Kaitlynn Lorenzo
It’s difficult, so it’s kinda realistic. I’ve figured some things out, but it’s really difficult if you’re trying to get through all forms of college to advance quicker. It’s also very easy to fall back to the bottom and start at the beginning.

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