Bunker: Escape Room Horror Puzzle Mod Apk 1.1.11 (Unlocked) Android

Bunker: Escape Room Horror Puzzle Mod Android
  • Current Version: 1.1.11
  • File size: 155 MB | 159 MB
  • Memorize: www.ReXdl.com

Bunker: Escape Room Horror Puzzle Mod Apk 1.1.11 (Unlocked) Android


After a terrible accident on the road, for some unknown reason, instead of a hospital, the main character finds himself in an underground bunker, which looks like a mysterious house in which a maniac lives. Playing as the main character, you have to find items that will help you in the passage of difficult puzzles, and your main task is to escape from the prison in which a maniac imprisoned you. Get out of jail puzzle free, quest game in Russian. We all love adventure games, walkthrough games and quest games. This game allows us to fully experience the beauty of this genre. Do you like horror and scary games, this quest is for you!
Escape the room, use all your skills and logic in the puzzle game, go through trials one by one and do not succumb to fears and doubts. Adventure quest will drag you into a long adventure with a very interesting storyline. This is a real survival game! If you love horror and horror, then you will definitely appreciate our efforts.
Help get out of the prison by solving difficult tasks, find hidden objects, use them, and you will have to collect some key items yourself. There are many new puzzles hiding behind each locked door, and all of them will force you to turn on logic and apply non-standard thinking. The horror of what is happening will make the hair on your head move. Escape the room. And remember: the bunker does not forgive mistakes!
If you are at a dead end and you have no options for salvation, use the hint. You may feel dizzy from what is happening, but just don’t panic! There is salvation! And it is somewhere nearby! Get ready to tackle complex and confusing quests. Solve all the secrets, find artifacts, explore them.
The game has items crafting.
Downloading from Google Play is completely free.
You can play offline, without the Internet.


Friends, hello everyone! ✌
In this update, we added level 4, improved performance, improved interfaces, added many languages and paid attention to the little things! 😎

Enjoy your escape from the Bunker! We really hope for your support and appreciation. 🙌

Bunker: Escape Room Horror Puzzle Mod Apk
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