Brain Test 3 MOD APK 1.73.1 (Unlimited Diamond, Hints)

Brain Test 3 MOD Android
  • Current Version: 1.73.1
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Join Alyx on her quest to find the six power gems in order to save her dying father. While helping Alyx to overcome tricky and brain teasing puzzles, meet with Brain Test franchise characters along the way.

Do you have the puzzle skills to solve the trickiest riddles ever? Are you capable of finding clues and using your mind for logical puzzles? Only the highly intelligent players can complete Brain Test 3’s difficult story and become a brain teaser master. Excercise your brain out with different tricky puzzles. This game is a new game and an offline game. Also one of the best games in the world.

A Long Story Filled with Adventure and Puzzles

Brain Test 3 reshapes the successful formula of Brain Test 1: Tricky Puzzles and Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories to combine tricky riddles with an exciting and epic story. Join Alyx as she embarks on an adventure filled with dangers and troubles. Find the blue, red, green, yellow, light blue and purple gems to achieve infinite power and write your name into the hall of fame. Brain games and iq games are for improving brain. You can play the best games offline.

Inventory System and Interactive Elements

Brain Test has never been as interactive as it is now as you can collect objects into your inventory and use them to solve the tricky puzzles. You can also merge the objects in the inventory to create new items to pass tricky brain teasing obstacles. The inventory becomes a powerful toolset for the high IQ players. No riddles will be left unsolved.

Improved Hint and Help Systems

To help with the more complex riddles and puzzles, we implemented a better hint system to the game. Now players can unlock more hints and understand the objectives clearly. With the new help system, you are not forced to struggle with difficult puzzles and riddles as it points you to the next step in the levels. Instead of skipping the levels, simply use the help system and watch the game play itself.

Dialogue and Chat Levels

Alyx will meet dozens of characters in the course of her long and epic adventure. These characters will require you to convince them with the correct chat responses. Like a true role playing game, you will enter into deep and complex dialogues with NPCs. Their responses will trick you and test your brain power as well as your social skills.

Build a Workshop

Brain Test 3 introduces a complex building system as you will build Alyx’s workshop and gradually develop it. There are idle resource generators which will help you in your tricky adventures. The workshop is filled with epic tools and machines for you to discover.

Bonus Action Levels

Join Agent Smith as he gets himself into a long adventure filled with action levels. In these tricky and mind blowing levels, both of your intelligence and your reflexes will be tested. Shoot your enemies, jump over obstacles and stop the bad guys in these action-packed bonus puzzles.


  • Tricky & Mind-blowing brain teasers.
  • Reverse logic puzzles.
  • Mysterious riddles and puzzles.
  • Intricate dialogue and chat systems.
  • Role playing options.
  • Your choices matter.
  • More than 100 levels.
  • Teaches how to look from different perspectives.
  • Simple and addictive gameplay.
  • Improved graphics and animations.
  • Story-oriented gameplay.
  • Customization options with lots of costumes, pets and workshop improvements.
  • Can be played with one hand.
  • Can be played offline.
  • Completely free to download and free to play.

It is time to ready up your brain for an extremely tricky adventure filled with crazy riddles and puzzles! Download now and help Alyx to save her father!

What’s new

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Brain Test 3 MOD APK

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