WhatsApp Plus (WhatsApp+) JiMODs 9.83 Apk Mod Android

WhatsApp Plus Android
  • Current Version: 9.83
  • File size: 18 MB | 71 MB
  • Memorize: www.ReXdl.com

Reborn Version + Anti Ban

WhatsApp Plus َAnti Ban v3.0
WhatsApp JiMODs 9.83
WhatsApp+ v11.70
WhatsApp Jt JiMODs v9.83 [New]

What if we tell you that our WhatsApp has got even better? Don’t be too amazed, our WhatsApphas come up with brand new and exciting features and is called WHATSAPP PLUS:  THIS TIME ITS BLUE. WhatsApp Plus (unofficial) the brand new WhatsApp version is here to be unveiled today. So let us dwell into – what new WhatsApp Plus has got for us to offer. Here is our take.

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WhatsApp Plus has following wonderful features:

  • We all love our green WhatsApp icon. Don’t we? Yeah we do. But WhatsApp Plus comes with a blue icon. Changes are good and this new icon too looks cute!!
  • Change your colour: We can never change the colours in our WhatsApp but using WhatsAppPlus, we can change the colours of almost every part of the application. Means we can change our background color and Header colour etc. So using WhatsApp Plus you can add more colours to your WhatsApp and enjoy.
  • Extended size of videos: Using WhatsApp we can send videos to our friends with maximum size of 16 MB and we all have die hardly wanted it to extend. And here WhatsApp Plus is with a video size of 50 MB. So get this version for more video size and enjoy bigger videos.
  • The Status Thing: Using WhatsApp we can not only hide our status and reveal them to people we wish to, but we can also look at our friend’s status just below the chat unlike ourWhatsApp in which we had to first click in the contact icon and then see the status. More ease with better WhatsApp!
  • High Quality Images: I hate it when my WhatsApp turns all my HQ images to a complete fuss. But with WhatsApp Plus you have a different Option for high quality images. So your images stay the way they are. Isn’t that great?
  • Exciting New Themes: WhatsApp Plus has included exciting new themes to it. And they are just too many. Alter the entire look of your WhatsApp with WhatsApp Plus. The traditionalWhatsApp doesn’t offer themes so this one is a big reason to look for WhatsApp Plus.
  • Bright Fint Colors: Same old monotony of black font color has come to an end with WhatsAppPlus because with new WhatsApp Plus you change the font color in your WhatsApp. UsingWhatsApp Plus you can also include different font color to unread message, group messages. This is something really new and fascinating.
  • Location: With WhatsApp Plus you can send your location to your friends.  It would be wonderful when everytime you are somewhere, your friends get you know where?? This is really a new feature I am looking forward to use.


WhatsApp is really dear to us all but the fact that WhatsApp Plus is better than it can’t be neglected. We are not trying to find faults with existing WhatsApp, but the following are the differences between official WhatsApp and unofficial WhatsApp Plus that will get you inclined towards WhatsApp Plus.

Better interface: with numerous themes options, font colour options and color settingsWhatsApp Plus stands tall in terms in terms of interface.

Better smileys: One thing why we loved WhatsApp is because of the wonderful smileys and mind you! WhatsApp Plus comes with hell loads of smileys. Now no emotion goes unsaid.

More privacy and ease: WhatsApp Plus offers more ease to the users in terms of privacy and better access.

Video size: WhatsApp Plus is better than WhatsApp in terms of video size. (a whopping 50 MB). You sure are looking for your WhatsApp upgrade, aren’t you?


I have always hated everything that comes between me and my WhatsApp. But WhatsApp Plus felt just too great to me (no offence!!! WhatsApp). WhatsApp Plus is highly recommend to all those looking for exciting features in their WhatsApp to interact with their friends. It has great aesthetic appeal. Trust me. You are going to love it!!

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31 Responses

  1. tony says:

    Thanks nice mod for whatsapp

  2. chargers live says:

    Thanks for great share

  3. kesley says:

    i really like it

  4. Ron says:

    What mods is the best?

  5. Milda says:

    Download whatsapp plus

  6. lintang says:

    is safe?

  7. munda a tendai says:

    this app ls very nice

  8. Sam says:

    not all contacts appear, thanks

  9. Sam says:

    not all contacts appear, how fix it? thanks rexdl

  10. John says:

    Does it work on 4.4 tablet with Mali? Thanks

  11. ahtisham says:


  12. Susan says:

    Can you upload Photo editor 2.3 apk please

  13. nilabh says:

    It always ask adjust your date and time

  14. sarah banks says:

    Check ur setting. If u haven’t accept receiving apps under unknown sources u can’t install this app.
    Accept unknown sources in ur setting then u can now install

  15. sarah banks says:

    Check ur setting. If u haven’t accept receiving apps under unknown sources u can’t install this app.
    Accept unknown sources in ur setting then u can now install

  16. Sammy says:

    Give a fucking instruction about how to install and which file it should be chosen to download.

  17. khethokuhle hopkins says:

    This new version is great! I Love it it gets 5s

  18. Alhaji Fofanah says:

    I was using the Red Coloured WhatsApp. it’s very nice to use and I like it. Now that it has expired how can I update it with no difficulty?

    what’s the difference between this brand of WhatsApp to the other types of WhatsApp.

  19. Juan Orenday says:

    What are the difference between the 4 files to be download?
    Which one is the right one?

  20. NoDonkey says:

    It is important to remember that without uninstalling the app WhatsApp is not possible to install Whatsapp Plus. First uninstall one to install the new application.

  21. manggoulen haokip says:

    I have already installed but I can’t open

  22. URGENT !! says:

    same here , i already install whatsapp plus . but when i want to sign in it says check internet conection or reboot . please help here

    • sarah banks says:

      Just try to install the whatsapp plus again.
      My first time wasn’t successful. Install twice & when login in skip everything and just start ur whatsapp

  23. mahi says:

    i can’t create whats app plus account in my samsung galaxy trend s7562..it always shows that check your internet connection or reboot your phone…

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