Sugar Rush – A Quick Adventure MOD APK 4.28 (Gold)

Sugar Rush mod android
  • Current Version: 4.28
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A once peaceful forest has been engulfed by a sinister magic that threatens to trap all of the creatures living in it and transform them into its minions. It is up to you to find out where the magic is coming from and stop it. You have nothing with you but your one and most powerful strength – your speed. Born as one of a kind, the fastest creature in the woods, you seek to make your way through the enchanted forest and save it before it’s too late. But the journey will not be easy, as the magic has turned the inhabitants of the forest against you. You must rush through while avoiding the traps and enemies it has placed to stop you. Will you succeed? Or will you become a long forgotten memory of the past?


Explore: hundreds puzzle challenges in varying difficulty levels
Simple Controls: swipe up / down / left / right and you will dash instantly in that direction.
Discover and master: dozens different exciting secrets of the forest that will help you overcome the evil force of magic
Dangerous: with dozens of new traps and enemies along the way, the journey will not be easy. Will you make it? Or will a simple Hedgehog stop you?
Candy Crush: To keep going, the forest will provide you will all the sweet candy energy you need. Crush all the candies and experience a true Sugar Rush.
Free: 100% free to play so everyone can enjoy everything the game has to offer
Challenging: prove your mastery of speed by collecting all of the stars. Do you have what it takes?
Accessible to all: The game was built for everyone and can be equally enjoyed as a calm creative game experience or as a super challenging puzzle. What are you feelin’ like today?
Beautiful graphics: believe it or not, we’ve built our own environment engine to make sure the gameplay graphics are realistic and fast, allowing for stunning, colorful effects on all devices. Nature is so awe-inspiring in of itself, we decided to go natural, clean, simple, and elegant
Intuitive, friendly user interface: easily and intuitively control everything so you can just enjoy and experience the magical world of nature with fluid, natural UX
Stunning: full HD graphics and special effects built from the ground up
Adaptive system making sure you’re always able to proceed, advance and even skip levels if you’d like
Completely portable and offline friendly: The game does not drain your batteries and does not require Internet connectivity so you can play everywhere – on the bus, subway, or even on a plane flight

You can play and experience the game as you feel: as a calm, exploratory playful meditation, a challenging puzzle game, or anything in between. Collecting all stars in a given level will provide the highest reward, but you don’t have to – the puzzles are built to be flexible and welcoming. Either way, you’ll have a blast – so wait no more – download today and become a true MASTER OF THE FOREST.

Have a suggestion? Feedback? Let us know how we can make the game even better!
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Sugar Rush mod apk
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