Soul essence MOD APK 3 (Free Shopping) Android

Soul essence MOD Android
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Soul essence MOD APK 3 (Free Shopping) Android


Soul essence MOD APK

Soul essence: adventure platformer is a complete fusion of action RPG and 2D platformer with pixel art.
A classic hardcore dark fantasy platformer.
The main character is a classic warrior with a shield and a sword with countless blocks and rolls.

Soul essence, combines the best of two worlds – classic metroidvania and Soulslike.
A modern 2D action RPG adventure platformer with colorful pixel graphics that won’t make you bored.

2D game created with enthusiasm by pixel platformer lovers for platformer lovers, which can be played offline without internet. The game is included in the TOP hardcore platform games.
If you like adventure platform games with a non-linear storyline and bosses, then you’ve found your game. Pixel graphics and offline mode without the Internet is a nice addition.


Follow the storyline, explore locations or just fight opponents, collect items and upgrade your knight! Travel across twisted locations: castle, dungeon, forest of shadows and wastelands. There are no save points in the levels, after death you will have to start over, the location of all enemies and things will change.

All levels, dialogues with bosses and other storylines in the platform game are fully translated into Russian and English. Also translations into: German, French, Portuguese languages are coming soon.

Game features of a dark fantasy platformer:

  • 2D action-adventure platformer with nostalgic action gameplay.
  • Explore the platforming game levels, defeating enemies and collecting unique items and treasures.
  • Opponents have different fighting styles: magic, crossbows, shields and swords – options for battles for different styles of play.
  • Elements of the RPG genre, will help the hero collect unique items: artifacts, weapons, armor, decorations. And also to pump the game level of the character, in total there are 50 levels in the game.
  • A separate room for epic boss battles every 5 hours, the difficulty is quite worthy of the Souls series.
  • Attractive pixel graphics, elaborate items, NPCs, enemies and hero animations.
  • An exciting adventure across unexplored game locations, a random game store, battles with enemies, epic battles and bosses.
  • More than 60 atmospheric sounds and music, made in the style of retro classic dark fantasy.
  • The most balanced and optimized 2D game, even on weak devices.
  • Free levels with the ability to play without the Internet, the hardness of which increases as you progress.

An exciting adventure platformer with a non-linear game plot that will impress you:
The adventure platformer takes place in a ruined kingdom ruled by a church. The fight for the throne continues. The world was enveloped in chaos, after the penetration of “essence”. A certain demon who wants only death.
The kingdom would have been completely destroyed, but the order of the knights saved everyone. Trapped the demon in his world.

True, evil has a bad habit of returning. A group of cultists, using a terrible ancient ritual, summoned a demon into the world and instilled it in a child.

The child grew up, and at the request of the cultists went in search of three fragments, which, according to them, will help expel the demon from him.

Our hero, or not hero, will have to live in search of truth and justice. After all, even the closest ones can use you for their own purposes.

Meet Oddi, a wandering merchant, he will help in the battle against enemies and bosses. Be sure to visit his store, where you will find all the necessary unique RPG items: weapons, shields, reliable armor and decorations, or you can sell your items found at enemies and bosses. And do not forget about rare training scrolls and artifacts that will help to strengthen your knight.

Don’t wait and play our offline adventure games for free now!

Soul essence MOD APK

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