SimCity BuildIt Apk + MOD (Money/Coins/Key) Android

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SimCity BuildIt APK + MOD for Android

Online Game

Level10/Max Money/Cash/Keys/Fresh Map

SimCity BuildIt apk

WELCOME MAYOR! Build your own beautiful, bustling city where your citizens will thrive. The larger and more intricate your city gets, the more needs your citizens have, and it’s up to you to keep them happy. This is an all-new SimCity game – re-imagined for mobile!

This app offers in app purchases. You may disable in app purchases using your device settings.

With countless buildings and vivid, 3D-quality graphics, this is the most realistic city builder on mobile. Place buildings strategically to keep the taxes flowing and your city growing. Pinch, zoom, and rotate 360 degrees as you manage and expand your city on the go – both online and offline.

Create resources and build up your skyline. Then trade resources with friends and other cities. Complete boat orders and ship cargo from your airport. Build Tokyo-style neighborhoods and unlock exclusive buildings like the Empire State Building and the Arc de Triomphe. Expand along the beach with a marina, waterpark, and more. Even unleash natural and not-so-natural disasters, like UFOs!

Solve real life challenges like traffic, fires, and pollution. Provide services like power plants and police departments to meet your citizens’ needs, and boost your population with parks and education. Keep traffic moving with grand avenues and streetcars. Complete fun challenges to shape your society.

Watch your city come to life – night and day!

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Privacy and Cookie Policy:
Game EULA:
Visit for assistance or inquiries.
Important Consumer Information: The app requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA; contains advertisements for EA and its partners; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13; EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on


Get inspiration from history and build an old town in the heart of your city. Bring new life to ancient homes by restoring them to their former glory. Compete in the new Mayor’s Pass Seasons to unlock buildings that survived since the middle ages, such as Guild Houses, Armory and much more. Fortify your domain with City Walls, Gates, and Towers. War Players can now enjoy Vu Pass, a new way of earning tailor-made rewards. Unlock new unique looks for your city in the war map. Happy building!


Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Money

Mega Mod:

Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Money
Unlimited Golden Keys
Can be played online
Player ID is NOT associated with others player
This will generate your own unique player ID
All Versions Supported
You can update the game after applying this cheat
All Buildings already Constructed
All Constructed Buildings are Omega Buildings
All Buildings fully upgraded
More than 2 million Population
100 Happiness

Setup: Original

  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. Enter the game.

Setup: Mod

  1. Mod version, Before the run, be sure to disconnect the Internet
  2. “APK” install it on your device.
  3. Enter the game.

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84 Responses

  1. Sewahang says:

    SimCity games is good

  2. Tluangtea says:


  3. Arfan says:

    Nice broo

  4. KOLON DEE says:

    Oh my goodness me i think this will work im so excited but will it really work

  5. Ram Gabriel says:

    Cool hack

  6. Ram Gabriel says:

    Rexdl is so cool

  7. Ram Gabriel says:

    This cheat is cool

  8. Minh says:

    I quickly disable the internet, still loading but in game it’s show pop up ” You offline for 3 days, pls…. “. Only 2 option Connect and Quit, Connect w/o internet still have pop up and with internet, corrupted 🙁 pls help me !

    • GoroMajima says:

      Same as here..please help

  9. Bash says:

    It works perfectly. Open the app and on your Internet when it starts loading then quickly disable Internet when it finished loading pool! !! You’ve got it

  10. Budijoi says:

    It worked….thanks rexdl

  11. Cels says:

    Thanks Rexdl

  12. Hammerz says:

    Warning, play only without the Internet!
    Before run game, disable the Internet, when you get window the request enable the Internet, enable the Internet click “Retry” and then fast disable:)

  13. Lion says:

    Link Mega Mod (error 404) please upload again Rexdl. Thank You!

    • Rexdl says:


  14. Mega mod isn’t downloading

    • Rexdl says:


  15. Rj says:

    edi wow

  16. Ray says:

    Mega Mod is Error

    • Rexdl says:


  17. Leogalan174 says:

    Can’t download the mega mod it say 404 Error

    • Rexdl says:


  18. Dv22 says:

    Mega mod can’t download, they said the address not found

    • Rexdl says:


  19. Mosibul says:

    rexdl when I am opening the game they are saying to be online and when I am going online it is saying that it has corrupted data and telling to download from official site.
    please help me
    how can I play the game
    please respond and give me the solution

  20. Apurv says:

    Downloaded all 3 apks and installed one of them but the two mods won’t get installed. Why??? I need help pls????

  21. luciger says:

    Po rexd1 melhora

  22. Harsh says:

    Can I join my old city with my fb account????

  23. Raiyan says:

    Mega mod is online or offline

  24. dan fan says:


  25. Alex926 says:


  26. qq says:

    Mega mod can’t download please fix it

    • Rexdl says:


  27. Figa says:


  28. chris says:

    Unlimited Coins
    Unlimited Money
    Unlimited Golden Keys
    Can be played online
    Player ID is NOT associated with others player
    This will generate your own unique player ID
    All Versions Supported
    You can update the game after applying this cheat
    All Buildings already Constructed
    All Constructed Buildings are Omega Buildings
    All Buildings fully upgraded
    More than 2 million Population
    100 Happiness

    this thing cannot be pLayed onLine.
    when you Let ur data/wifi on, the game wiLL show an error message saying that the fiLe is corrupted.

    so as, this is a mod just for yourseLf aLone. cannot be pLayed with friends.

  29. Rafael says:

    How do I get a fresh map?

  30. Rizky nugraha says:

    Dear rexdl please add the sims mobile new version mod ok pleasr

  31. Rizky nugraha says:

    Please add the sims mobile version

  32. Tony says:

    I will pay someone to do this for me. I can’t figure it out. Is there someone on eBay offering this service

  33. Alex says:


  34. Maryo says:

    kok data nya korup ya

  35. amith says:

    100000000% really it works
    after installing from file manager,
    Turn off internet connection
    Open the app
    After loading ,you can see unlimitted money
    If it asks please connect to your connection,on data and again quickly off

    • Daste says:

      Is your map fresh???

  36. milham says:

    Why this mod online

  37. CKJamil says:

    Hi Dear, i also download it and installed, how can i use some buildings as they says u need to online, and when i online they says game data is corrupt ?? any Idea how to Get them???
    Plz waiting

    • mikki says:

      Same problem

  38. Jesus Cubillan says:

    Ok, I got a question. How am I supposed to login if I’m offline. Do I have to disconnect the WIFI as well? Which one of the both files should I install? In order to play online, should I go back o the google play version and lost all the progress? Thanks for your help.

  39. Denis says:

    Kannst du mir helfen wie interlliert msn sowas

  40. Ahad says:

    Guys its 100% working I downloaded it . Only you can play offline. Only wait for minute when he is saying connecting to server …now I have level 45 town. Very very thanks I always download apps from your site . But I have a little request give us 8 pool ball cash and coins hack

  41. Lalocraft says:

    Rexdl Is offline of online the game

  42. preswara says:

    Ini game nya tu bisa mode online bisa juga offline , soalnya saya juga pernah punya

  43. Phu says:

    Can you hack platinum key pls

    • Mano Billy says:

      É mó fácil cara..

  44. Excel says:

    Is this gonna working

  45. Melon says:

    How come I don’t have unlimited money? or do I have to be level 10 to get it. I also don’t have unlimited resources.

  46. Khatib says:

    Not connecting to the server despite the strong Internet connection i have

  47. gak_hitz says:

    irit kuota gak vrohh

  48. huang says:

    How to connect server and fb, coz idnt wnt to lost progres data.

  49. krish says:

    can u say how to play online game in offline in bluestacks? please

  50. Ashu says:

    New version of modded sim city is needed pls upload it

  51. Why says:

    Oh man plz when i install the mod apk they say app not install

    • Rev19 says:

      Delete the original game

      • SOUHAIB says:

        THNX BRO

  52. R3CH3R says:

    Bei mir steht das man Das Spiel updaten muss und diese Version vom spiel nicht unterstützt wird. Bitte macht ein Update.

  53. danny says:

    can you fix apps v. to mod version ? thx

  54. kiel says:

    i cant build omega building how can i create omega building please answer

  55. ilham says:


  56. BangJun says:

    if you play online with data … they say “Your City is Corrupted” … LOL

  57. buy csgo says:

    Many thanks for sharing your amazing website

  58. Samrin says:

    Everthing works fine…just turn your data off. ONLINE IT DOSENT WORK. thank you for mod

  59. lolololol says:

    What is the mod? Its just the same as the non modded game!!!

    • Rexdl says:

      hacked version
      With unlimited resources

  60. lolololol says:

    What is the mod? Its just the same as the original WTH man!!!!

  61. Rev says:

    Also there’s two APKs but no data files

    • Rexdl says:

      The game is no data
      Just apk

      • Hjs says:

        No data = or no Wi-Fi

  62. Rev says:

    Doesn’t work. Says can’t connect to server. How do we get it to work? Some instructions will be great

    • Rexdl says:

      The game is online , only

  63. Indra says:

    how to re-download

  64. ahmed says:

    mod apk corrupted
    please update

    • Rexdl says:


  65. Trex says:

    mod apk corrupted 🙁 please update

  66. Mahdhi says:

    I want to download the modded version, do I need to get the normal version aswell.?
    And how to we put the data in

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