Shadow Fight 3 1.15.0 Full Apk + Mod + Data for Android

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  • Current Version: 1.15.0
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Shadow Fight 3 1.15.0 Full Apk + Mod + Data for Android


Shadow Fight 3 Mod

Shadow fight 3 – next game in a series of meg popular fighting games by Nekki. As before you fight in spectacular battles to defeat your opponent. Choose a character, each with own combat style, advantages and disadvantages. You can fight real time battles or do missions and receive bonuses. New thing is that you can switch into shadow fight mode that gives your new abilities.

Step into the world of shadows at the time of changes. Reveal all its dark secrets and become the greatest warrior this land has ever seen. In this RPG-fighting game you will take on a role of a hero whose destiny isn’t determined yet. How do you see the future? It’s your call! Choose from three different fighting styles, experiment, combine your gear, learn some fresh new moves and explore a massive world full of adventures! Enjoy the beauty of a real fight which has been made possible due to modern technologies and smooth animations.


Shadow Fight 3 offers you 3 unique fighting styles to choose from. Collect new moves, perks, weapons, gear and combine them in the way YOU like it. Be fast and graceful, strong and shattering, enigmatic and deadly. Raise a character that will represent your distinctive playing technique and personality.


Shadow Fight 3 brings the fighting genre to a whole new technological level. Colorful graphics, smooth animations, realistic physics and effects create a picture of a living and breathing world you’ve never seen before!


Community is everything. That is why we emphasize the importance of cooperative gaming. Shadow Fight 3 offers you a variety of online modes to compete with other players. Make a name for yourself among your friends. Prove yourself worthy to head a clan and lead it to glory!


Shadow Fight 3 is a story-driven game. You’ll find yourself in a dangerous world that is on the threshold of a great war with you in the middle. Three powerful factions are tearing these lands apart and plotting against each other. Which side would you choose? You decide!


There’s large amount of weapons and armor in Shadow Fight 3. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a rare collection of war goods, now’s your time! The world of shadows has got splendid rewards for the most adventurous ones! Collect epic gear, combine and upgrade it, equip it with new lethal moves and perks. Fight your enemy with style! It is all limited by your imagination only.

Shadow Fight 3 in a nutshell:

– Smooth animations and lifelike physics
– Spectacular SHADOW-based fighting mechanics
– Lots of gear and weapons to collect
– Various online modes
– Gorgeous visuals
– Three unique factions and fighting styles
– Hundreds of perks and supermoves
– Character creation tool
– Diverse fighting modes


Version 1.14.0 is a jackpot of new features! Let’s see what we have in store for you.

● Chapter 6 brings us into the very heart of the Legion where we restore law and order. New chapter includes both new story and new content!
● Creepy Party event is an in-game Halloween celebration! Unique Lord Vampire set awaits for those worthy who aren’t afraid of vampires… or even vampire hunters.
● Meet brand new Daily Reward feature and also the one you’ve been waiting for: Archive Booster Packs!


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. com.nekki.shadowfight3” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.

Shadow Fight 3 Apk

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133 Responses

  1. Kesho says:

    The mod is still coming soon

  2. Charliezavala says:

    The game can be played offline or only with Internet

  3. Bla Bla Car says:

    Hey —-modded apk is not online???
    Please fix it…thank you.

  4. Bince says:

    What’s the mod??pls reply fasttt

  5. Michael says:

    What are the mod features??

  6. Sheikh Sakib says:

    Please upload the amazing Spider-Man 2.i believe you rexdl.

  7. Zaid says:

    This is updated

  8. Saif says:

    Bro please update the game…new version available

  9. SADGUY says:

    Admin can you change to ofline please

  10. Vince says:

    Online or Offline???

  11. Herbert says:

    Whats the mod for 1.9.2?

  12. Aditya Singh says:

    Please update the game.1.9.2

  13. Sahil Ansari says:

    Nice Work

  14. zanky says:

    v 1.9.0 ?

  15. Ritheesh says:

    Update the game

  16. Arwan521 says:

    That Google play must update the last version, 08 March 2018

  17. guesswho says:

    The damn thing is.. The one who freeze is mine & give the enemy a chance to win

  18. jishnu says:

    What is the hack in 1.8.1

  19. Ravaldo says:

    Can u hurry with 1.8.1 mod apk please

  20. Jaka says:

    This mod is attacking enemy causing enemy freeze when rolling up or down.

    Only this mod or another else?

  21. Fariq says:

    Mod money not working. Already on latest mod.

  22. Triop says:

    What the mod is?

  23. Don don says:

    What’s the mod just tell us that

  24. Ameer says:

    What is the mod in this game

  25. SALAH says:

    My friend what will happen if i delete the game i have and then i put your game will i start again or will i complete what i have already played

  26. Sunday Owolabi says:

    How can I use this mod version features

  27. Walter Jr. says:

    Freezing mod is useless. Money and diamond mod would be awesome but nevertheless good work!

  28. AJ says:

    What is the mod about unlimited money?

  29. Don don says:

    Can you fix it now working when clicking on link and can you add the mod on the latest version thanks please reply

  30. Lalal says:

    Update please! V1.7.1

  31. Arjun says:

    Bhai mod version lao ayarrr shadow fight 3 1.7.1 ka yarr jaldi plzzzz

  32. sana amjad says:

    Can you pls mod this game with unlimited energy, and money
    Thank you in advance.

  33. Can says:

    Please update 1.7.1

  34. Amaan says:

    Hey can you update to 1.7.1

  35. topepicgames says:

    good game

  36. elies123654 says:

    Hi Rexl please add 1.7.1 mod pleaaase

  37. WRAKLER says:

    Mod apk pls

  38. Daniele says:

    Please update the mod

  39. Shashank says:

    Does this version contains unlimited resources??

  40. mosamana payyan says:

    Just a copy of original game no mod available….

  41. nanamama says:

    Hey rexdi can you pls update mod apk 1.7.1

  42. A.k says:

    What is mod?

  43. ItzDaBossIDB says:

    Hey rexdi can you pls update mod file 1.7.0

  44. Gamer says:

    Please make mod of v1.7.1 please please Please Rexdl that gems also with offline

  45. Mangal Dass says:

    Please upload new mod apk sir

  46. meet says:

    Please upload 1.7.0 mod

  47. Sst says:

    What is meaning of mod

  48. kang says:

    what ia the mod?

  49. Roger Zhao says:

    Please update to 1.6.1 with mod version ☺. Thanks

  50. bhondava santosh says:

    Then coming

  51. T. says:

    Please update to v 1.6.1

  52. supunda says:

    Please update to v 1.5.1

  53. mirwais says:

    Update Please

  54. Esa says:

    I cant play this game would you fight with me hah?!!

  55. Manoj das says:

    Grat thing

  56. Jembut says:

    Chapter 2 please

  57. himanshu says:

    After some time ot shows waiting for server…
    What code do I need to enter?

  58. Sandrino says:

    Please update to the latest version with MOD. Thanks 🙂

  59. Lalith says:

    Wasts the code? I cant play Game. Please tell me code.

  60. André Figueiredo says:

    The game works, but …
    1) The MOD of money, is not working.
    2) After going through all the instructions and tips on how to play, it starts a screen telling you that it is waiting for the server to respond, and that, I have to update the game, and it shows me a button that directs me to the PlayStore.
    3) When it arrives in this step, it does not go forward, nor behind, only stays in this and the game does not continue normally.

  61. fufufu says:

    It doesnt ask for update but i cant play mission? Always on training

  62. BoSsen says:

    Why cannot enter game?
    Waiting for server?

  63. Nurul Haq says:

    Mod Please

  64. Hendrix says:

    Rexdl why cnt i still get chapter 2 reply and keep up da gud work

  65. Rahul says:

    Reply me pls wt to do about chapter 2 … ???

  66. Rahul says:

    Wt tha **** dude I love yor team work of shadow fight 3 but where is chapter 2 huh….??? pls fix that fastly
    I wanna play pls…

  67. wankuy says:

    Why mod doesn’t work on me? Still need fight to get some coin

  68. Nagato says:

    What is the mod sir?

  69. Malkoi says:

    Open the game with Canada Vpn

  70. Dr. Morph says:

    Works Fine!
    You have to use an canadian vpn to Play without errors !

  71. Mansoor says:

    Update please..

  72. shiva says:

    PLEASE respond

  73. shiva says:

    What is beta test e-mail …..
    I have asked so many times….
    PLEASE respond
    It’s coming again an a again

  74. shivang says:

    Beta e-mail??

  75. abhi says:

    The game worked but they are demanding a code provided by developers . ..

  76. TaxIm says:

    Where is chapter act 3 ?

  77. Beel says:

    What is beta test email please

  78. chamara says:

    how to enter user name

  79. Alfe says:


  80. hendrik says:

    Need an email to get the direct into the server ??
    How to fix that ?
    Any answer for this ?

  81. Rohit says:

    What is beta test email

  82. Dante says:

    What is beta test email

  83. Hacklan says:

    i like the game thank u !

  84. MK says:

    it works fine but how do I update it?

  85. p4ndora says:

    work but need update.. and cant update because error playstore problems

  86. Moon says:

    Updated already?

  87. shmarda says:

    this worked amazin

  88. shiva says:

    Beta test email please

  89. Richard says:

    What’s the beta test email?

  90. Cristi says:

    It need update

  91. Vincent says:

    Update the modded apk please.

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