Pearl’s Peril Hidden Object 3.09.5008 Apk + Mod for Android

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Pearl’s Peril Hidden Object 3.09.5008 Apk + Mod for Android


Pearl's Peril Hidden Object

If you love Hidden Object Games and epic adventure stories, Pearl’s Peril will be your new favorite!

Pearl’s Peril is a stunningly beautiful hidden object game that sweeps you away to an age of intrigue and romance, where polite appearances give way to inner greed and familial bonds are broken by betrayal. Make friends, fall in love, and seek clues in hundreds of hidden object scenes.

But heed one piece of advice; trust nobody.

Pearl Wallace lives the exciting life of an heiress and socialite in 1920’s New York City. That is, until her father’s sudden suicide plunges her into a world of intrigue and mystery. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Pearl knows in her heart that her father’s death was no suicide. She resolves to stop at nothing as she seeks to unravel the series of events leading to his untimely death, and find the hidden villains who were really responsible. Money, danger and even death, is no object as Pearl works to clear Samuel Wallace’s name.

As an ace pilot and cunning detective, Pearl flies headfirst into a whirlwind adventure which takes her around the world, from the depths of Africa to the heights of the Eiffel Tower. But she’ll need your keen eye if she’s going to find the evidence she needs to confirm her suspicions; that her father didn’t commit suicide at all. He was murdered.

Travel with Pearl to her family home on the Polynesian island of Artemis, and help her find clues and piece together puzzles, revealing the truth about mysterious secret orders locked in a struggle to determine the rise and fall of nations. Join our heroine, as she unveils the hidden story of deception and betrayal that involves nearly everyone she has ever known and loved. Stand beside her as she seeks, and finds, hidden strength. Along the way find the wealth to rebuild Artemis Island to it’s former glory, while discovering loyal friends and ferocious enemies that will test you to your limits.


No other hidden object adventure game can match Pearl’s stunning, hand-drawn scenes. Hundreds of unique locations transport you to an historic era when adventure pilots like pearl were just beginning to open up our world, and exotic and wonderful places where accessible only to those with the resources and will to seek them out.

An epic story-driven game you’ll experience over years of gameplay! It will leaves you with many dramatic moments to cherish, and experience over and over.

Have fun! Find romance! Get swept away! Be shocked! But beware… in a world where power goes unchecked and hidden ambition knows no bounds, nothing is ever as it seems.
As you journey through Pearl’s exciting challenges and hidden object gameplay, always return to Artemis Island to rebuild and expand – creating a paradise all your own.

Join more than 40 million others when you play the most beautiful, deepest, highest-quality, most epic hidden object adventure game on your mobile device. Adventure is waiting for you, get started today!


EEEK! BUGS! – We noticed a technical issue in the game, so we squashed it. Thanks for letting us know about it.
TIME FOR EASTER – Our Easter event is coming soon! Join in the fun, find exciting items, and win great prizes.
DEALS FOR DAYS – New daily deals on offer! Check the store every day for special new 2-for-1 or even 3-for-1 deals.
Pearl's Peril Hidden Object Apk

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2 Responses

  1. Xakmad says:

    I’ve tried a few do of this game and the mood has never worked. Starts with app error, then when buying there is another error, finally if I lucky latch it, the +coins and +cash are both empty (apart from the back button and menu)

  2. Ryan says:

    Hello ReXdl. Can you upload AirBrush 3.1.2 apk ? Please unlock the paid options.
    It is a great app . Rating :4.8

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