MX Player Pro 1.18.6 (FULL) Apk + Mod for Android

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  • Current Version: 1.18.6
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 MX Player Pro 1.18.6 Apk + Mod for Android

 MX Player Pro


MX Player Pro – The best way to enjoy your movies.
a) HARDWARE ACCELERATION – Hardware acceleration can be applied to more videos with the help of new HW+ decoder.

b) MULTI-CORE DECODING – MX Player is the first Android video player which supports multi-core decoding. Test result proved that dual-core device’s performance is up to 70% better than single-core devices.

c) PINCH TO ZOOM, ZOOM AND PAN – Easily zoom in and out by pinching and swiping across the screen. Zoom and Pan is also available by option.

d) SUBTITLE GESTURES – Scroll forward/backward to move to next/previous text, Up/down to move text up and down, Zoom in/out to change text size.

e) KIDS LOCK – Keep your kids entertained without having to worry that they can make calls or touch other apps. (plugin required)

Subtitle formats:

  • DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS Subtitle tracks.
  • SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling.
  • SAMI(.smi) with ruby tag support.
  • SubRip(.srt)
  • MicroDVD(.sub)
  • VobSub(.sub/.idx)
  • SubViewer2.0(.sub)
  • MPL2(.mpl)
  • TMPlayer(.txt)
  • Teletext
  • PJS(.pjs)
  • WebVTT(.vtt)


* Introducing MX Share, a P2P based file-sharing. Now share your video without the internet! (Finding the peers and scanning QR codes would require Location and Camera permissions)
* Now features a custom Picture-in-Picture mode, which is compatible with all Android versions. Oh yes, It is also resizable:)

Other noticeable improvements:
* You can now use system brightness controls while using PIP.
* Floating button and last played marking are now properly updated when using Background Play.


– Optimized graphics / Zipalign
– Clean statistics and Google analytics
– Multi Languages


– Removed all languages except Russian and English
– Support for ARM and X86 processors
– Disable Analytics
– Remove unnecessary codes to make the application faster

Mod Color:

Replacing all active icons with colored ones
Preferably used in the dark theme with all active buttons (settings / player / navigation / buttons ✔)
Replacing icons (pictures) in a smart lock when you touch the screen (touch effects)
Renamed to MX Video
Replacement icons
Application optimization

 MX Player Pro Android
 MX Player Pro Apk

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    Latest version

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    Please update to 1.10.25 (x86) ❤

  12. Ryan says:

    Please update , Fly GPS Pro 3.3.4

  13. crunch says:

    need custom codec?!

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    Please update to 10.17 x86 thanks

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    Please update to 1.10.17. Thanks!

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    Please help
    Hi Thank you very much for the software !
    My small Question is I’ve installed on android 7.0 Tv box I can not play my HD files from USB ..
    it siads scan files to play ..??? huh ?
    What can I do ???

  34. Max says:

    New update ? I think 1.9.13 is the latest .

  35. Khan says:

    This game is hack you Death shoitet 3 plezzz

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    There is only mx player pro 1.9.13 .
    The lite and mod version?

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    Unable to change theme to dark theme. V 1.9.8

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    The lite version supports arm and X86 processors?

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    Thanks the number of the APK was fixed.

  51. Blue says:

    There are two versions of MX Player 1.9.7
    X86 and the normal APK
    lite and mod?

  52. qqq333 says:

    when mod for this version 1.9.7 ???

  53. Ryan says:

    New update 😉

  54. Dhanjit Medhi says:

    Update to 1.9.6

  55. ATHANH says:

    And does v1.9.5 is include DTS/AC3 codes ?

  56. ATHANH says:

    Wow, the v1.9.5 is support both ARM and x86 in one, not split to two version ? 😮

  57. Naomi says:

    MX Player Pro 1.9.6

  58. Manish roy says:

    What is diff lite, mode, or 86 virson

  59. Adhoom Ali says:

    Wow! That was Great i swear i really enjoy rexdl thanks very very much

  60. One says:

    Spanish should not be removed in the mod APK .

  61. sugeng says:

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    Thanks a million

  63. Belle says:

    Sorry for noob question, what is the major/advantages difference between Mod and Lite version, Lite version has bigger size than Mod one. thank you for reply

  64. rexdl fan says:

    Plz upload true balance hack APK
    With balance hack and tell in description how to earn unlimited balance

  65. Akash Rathod says:

    Thanks . Works perfectly.

  66. Ryan says:

    What is the difference between MX Player pro 1.9.3 “lite” and MX Player pro 1.9.3 mod ?

    • Rexdl says:

      – Optimized graphics / Zipalign
      – Clean statistics and Google analytics
      – Multi Languages

      – Removed all languages except Russian and English
      – Support for ARM and X86 processors
      – Disable Analytics
      – Remove unnecessary codes to make the application faster

  67. satkartar says:

    Mx player 1.9.3 arrived please update

  68. samuel says:

    confusing list version of downloads and what is x86 files?

  69. dhruv says:

    Please Update to 1.9.2

  70. Faraz says:

    Whenever i try to Install mx player pro it doesn’t install always shows app not installed please give installation information…thnx

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  72. Bilal says:

    Hi rexdl I hope you to download new mod for MX player pro which is called mod lite and it is better than the old mod and thank you

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  74. SRB says:


    Purchase History Not Found

  75. JuanGB says:

    Same problem in version 1.9.1 Purchase history not found….

  76. Lenovo A369i says:

    How to fix purchase history not found.. when internet connection is available, can’t play any video..

  77. oipty says:

    Patch please

  78. oipty says:

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  79. Demon says:

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    1.4.6) Android app price 2dollar Playstore.

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    Hiii Bro… 🙂 Please update fix ‘MX Player Pro V1.8.13 for x86 (Intel) + Patch….’ 🙂

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    Thanks u so much

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    This is the only website I trust for 3rd party apk ^^

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