Modern Strike Online MOD APK 1.61.4 (Ammo/No Recoil)

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  • Current Version: 1.61.4
  • File size: 80 MB + 1.93 GB
  • Memorize:


Modern Strike Online
Can’t get enough FPS action? Looking for the most fun gameplay around?
Well you’re in luck! Modern Strike Online has your FPS needs covered and then some!
Sink into the realistic graphics and dynamic shooter gameplay. Heavily armed elite forces go toe-to-toe against dangerous terrorists… All on your phone! Play online with your friends for the best FPS action PvP battles you’ve ever seen! The best thing to happen to mobile in the style of everyone’s favorite CS!

Why you’ll love Modern Strike Online:

✪ 7 combat modes for single or multiplayer battles!
✪ Clans!
✪ User games! Create matches with your own rules!
✪ 14 unique maps with different surroundings and their own original style!
✪ 50 unique weapon types: pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns and more!
✪ Weapon skins!
✪ Optimization for weak devices!
✪ Beautiful modern graphics just as detailed as on PCs!
✪ Easy and intuitive controls!
✪ Daily rewards! Play every day to claim your free prizes and complete daily tasks!
✪ You’ll need good tactics, strategic thinking and teamwork to win! Find your enemy’s weak spots and win!

Modern Strike Online

Main game modes:

✪ Team battle!

Two teams go head-to-head. The goal: destroy your opponents! Dominate the battlefield with your friends!

✪ Deathmatch!

It’s every soldier for themselves! A dangerous free for all battle for the most skilled FPS players!

✪ Team bomb battle!

The terrorist team plants a bomb, and the special forces team tries to stop them! Just like in Counter-Strike and CS:GO

✪ Duel!

1-on-1 battle action to find out who’s the best! Just you and your opponent alone on the battlefield!

✪ Special operation!

Two teams battle it out with just one life per round. The winning team is whoever has at least one soldier standing at the end

✪ Hardcore!

Crank the heat and get ready to sweat. With damage multiplied by 2x, there’s no room for mistakes!

✪ Custom game!

Create your own game and select the map/mode however you want it. Invite your friends and create your own shooter game lobby. These games don’t earn you experience or money, guns don’t break and the matches aren’t ranked, but grenades and first-aid kits are used

Reminder: Join competitions and level up your clan! Earn bigger rewards with your friends!

Fight for your place on the leaderboard! Upgrade your armor and weapons, and choose your favorite skins. Get ready for unforgettable shootouts thanks to optimal game balance, realistic sounds and explosion effects, and crisp graphics.
The game is regularly updated with new maps, weapons on game modes.

Don’t miss out on the newest cooperative mobile shooter from Russia’s top developers!
Online FPS combat inspired by Counter-Strike: the best thing to happen to your phone!


New Season 30: Firestorm
– New weapons: SKO 12, Dual FMG9
– New characters: Cox
– New season lottery: hurry up to get SKO 12 shotgun and Cox mercenary
– For VIP owners: increased gold reward by 2 times, additional rewards in the Battle Pass


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. com.gamedevltd.modernstrike” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.


Radar Mod
No Spread
No Recoil

Modern Strike Online Apk
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  1. kamm says:

    where are mod apk 1.25.3 link? still nothing?

  2. Arif says:

    Please apk mod 1.25.3

  3. Anshuman says:

    Plzz make a mod of unlimited gold

  4. Akshay says:

    Pls make unlimited gold and credit mod

  5. Sadik says:

    Mod new version what day did he com

  6. Rishav says:

    Plzz quickly bring mod of new version .

  7. MINER says:

    Is it a mod or original apk. Please answer I really want to download.

  8. burhan says:

    Sir,money mod plzzz

  9. fady says:

    Mod 1 , 2 need fixed

  10. Ajoy says:

    Pllzzz give a mod

  11. Anonymous Coward says:

    So, another friggin update…
    What is this “coming soon”?

  12. APKandPlay says:

    Going to download modern strike online

  13. Dani says:

    Please make high damage mod . I hope

  14. Julián says:

    The Krap mod

  15. Josh says:

    Add money mod for latest version please and fix it

  16. imrankhan says:

    First of all I check comments then going for the game

  17. XstreamcoolYT says:

    Can u guys fix the mod:/ it says this app failed to purchase

  18. dhrubo says:

    Pls can you give a money mod or a gold mod or a shopping mod.. its a really popular game …and i will give donation if you give a mod…we need this or gold mod

  19. nikhil says:

    Where is mod money

  20. Meheraj Miah says:

    The Mod Money Does Not Work! It Always Says, “User Does Not Have Enough” When The Mod Has 84 million Cash And Gold And It Still Doesn’t Work

  21. Sam says:

    My Google login keeps trying to sign in, the goes back to Google sign in or guest, please help did everything correct.

  22. Heavy rain says:

    Visual gold & money; canot use

  23. Shadow says:


  24. ...kdg says:

    What is mod?

  25. Vincnet says:

    Is there a mod this time?

  26. XstreamcoolYT says:

    Does this mod have money

  27. ric says:

    No description about the mod? Please don’t keep us guessing. This site is definitely great. But it lacks info that could satisfy it’s subscribers or even guests to make it one of the best. Add info about the mod is all I’m saying.

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