Last Saver: Zombie Hunter Master 12.1.0 Apk + Mod for Android

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Last Saver: Zombie Hunter Master 12.1.0 Apk + Mod for Android



Last Saver: Zombie Hunter Master

🐙As a zombie hunter, you are the last savior of survivors in this city!

This is a zombie shooting game that surpasses all other similar products. Dark colors create a sense of urgency for zombie siege! Go zombie hunting now and be the hunter master!

Destroy zombies, earn coins, buy more powerful machine guns and become a zombie hunter master!

Game features:
◆ A variety of battle materials to help you grow into a zombie hunter:
Pistols, rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, special weapons, a total of 38 models containing AK47, M4, AWP and other world-renowned firearms, groundbreaking use of 3 game currency, different firearms need different game currency to buy, so for you like The firearms, quickly earn the corresponding game currency bar!
In addition to the general weapons, there are also grenades and other throwing weapons to choose from, including even medical kits, ammunition boxes, special bullets and other powerful props. With these equipment to assist your firearms, it will definitely be stronger;
◆Strong weapon upgrade system:
All firearms can be upgraded. By strengthening gun stocks, guns, bullets, guns, sights, magazine clips and other six gun parts, you can make gun damage, rating, stability, accuracy, clips The properties such as capacity and change-in-speed have been improved. Therefore, if you want a low-end gun to hit a high amount of damage, upgrading is essential;
◆ Rich game task levels:
There are various gameplay modes. You can choose to play the mainline scenario or challenge the mission. There are 5 maps in the story mode, and there are 3 maps in the copy mode. Each map has 20 main line tasks and daily challenge tasks and boss tasks. More zombie missions waiting for you to challenge;

🐙The last savior: The zombie hunter master is the pinnacle of the doom zombies shooting game, do not try, you will absolutely regret it!


– Bugs Removed
– Improved Gameplay
Last Saver: Zombie Hunter Master Apk
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