Guney’s adventure 2 MOD APK 1.10 (Gold) Android

Guney’s adventure 2 MOD Android
  • Current Version: 1.10
  • File size: 86 MB | 87 MB
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Guney’s adventure 2 MOD APK 1.10 (Gold) Android


Guney’s adventure 2 MOD APK

Two treasure hunters named Guney and Darius opened a mysterious door in which there was a portal leading into the world of demons. They are immediately met by a demon named Lord Garamon. After a short dialogue, Garamon attacks Guney and he falls from the bridge to the abyss. Later, Guney comes to, and then you have to find out what happened to Darius and explore the world of demons and learn his secrets.


  • A lot of locations filled with enemies, traps, difficult bosses and secrets.
  • Over 45 different enemies.
  • Character progress: Level system, equipment and abilities for previously inaccessible areas.
  • Huge selection of equipment: swords, axes, staffs, bows, magic books, familiars, shields, armors, helmets, etc.
  • A lot of materials and ingredients for making equipment and potions.
  • Additional quests.
  • Boss Rush Mode.
  • Customizable touch controls.


– Added button position setting
Guney’s adventure 2 MOD APK
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