Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors 2.5 Apk + Mod (Money) Android

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  • Current Version: 2.5
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Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors: Super Hero Legend 2.5 Apk + Mod (Money) Android


Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors

Dragon Shadow Warriors Battle: Super Hero Of Legends 2 – The popular VS fighting game on Google Play and Android device.
Become a Ultimate Superheroes and fight again other shadow warriors and superman in Manga, comics and film. Enjoy an epic battle where you can collect and choose many famous heroes totally FREE! Unlock them and select a warrior for yourself, upgrade your hero ability and strengthen him.
Here, you can perform various amazing and powerful skills. You will combat in famous battlefield, battle camp, battle city. If you love both martial arts and non-scifi skill you would love this game! Cause each hero has both melee skill system and missile skill system.
– Incredible 2D graphics with smooth animations, impression effects , HD sound.
– Collect, upgrade, elvove many superheroes.
– Various skill systems for each hero.
– Enemies and bosses with great AI ( Artificial intelligence)
– 2 Mode to choose : History Mode, Challenge Mode.
– Combat in 10 differrent scenarios.
*** CHARATER SYSTEM: They are dragon warriors: Full skill a to z ***
– Son-kuh: goku vs skill kamehameha
+ Normal skill : Little with kung fu “Kai” Energyball.
+ Intermediate skill: Great “Kai” Energy ball from sky.
+ Ultimate skill: amazing Kame – blow enemy with “KAI” energy.
+ Melee skill : Perform spectacular martial arts – Combine shadow punch and shadow kick.
– Vegetable: vegeta super saiyan
+ Normal skill : One Finger Energy
+ Intermediate skill: Final blast.
+ Ultimate skill: hundred of Energyball will destroy enemy !
+ Melee skill : kungfu fighter of saiyan.
– Summoner :
+ Normal Skill : Summon 6 shadow ball and shoot enemy
+ Intermediate skill: Summon a nine-tail Fox.
+ Ultimate skill: Summon a Great nine-tail Fox with amazing power.
+ Melee skill : Throw Shuriken and perform continues kick of ninja shadow.
– Power Man:
+ Normal Skill : emit solar energy from his eyes.
+ Intermediate skill: Summon Energy column from sky to burn enemy
+ Ultimate skill: Teleport and Attack from the sky.
+ Melee Skill : Shadow Punch.
– Wade:
+ Normal Skill : Fire rocket
+ Intermediate skill: Fire many rockets.
+ Ultimate skill: Fire many and many rockets.
+ Melee Skill : combine Kick, punch, blade !
– Luciffy :
+ Normal Skill : lengthen hand and punch enemy
+ Intermediate skill: shoot water
+ Ultimate skill: Scale hand and punch enemy
+ Melee Skill : combine Kick , punch with long hands, long legs.
– Angry Monkey :
+ Normal Skill : Shoot ice skill
+ Intermediate skill: Shoot meteor.
+ Ultimate skill: Shoot purple air skill
+ Melee Skill : combine Kick , punch, and great blade.
– Wayne:
+ Normal Skill : Shoot ice skill
+ Intermediate skill: Shoot meteor.
+ Ultimate skill: Shoot purple air skill
+ Melee Skill : combine Kick , punch.
– Ororo:
+ Normal Skill : Shoot Energy line.
+ Intermediate skill: Shoot 3 Energy Ball.
+ Ultimate skill: Shoot 5 Energy Ball.
+ Melee Skill : punch
– Wayne:
+ Normal Skill : throw Hidden weapon.
+ Intermediate skill: shoot 2 fire missiles from sky.
+ Ultimate skill: Bat Dark Cloud.
+ Melee Skill : Perform 2 hands kick.
– The man of justice:
+ Normal Skill : throw spider web
+ Intermediate skill: summon a great spider
+ Ultimate skill: summon a greater spider
+ Melee Skill : shoot spider web and kick
* Featured in future:
– Create your our league of legend to beat other heroes group and save the world.
* This game is so amazing so you shouldn’t play game 2 or 3 hours / day to keep your health.

* In game , have a blood scenes and violence. You may want to keep away it from your kids , younger boys and girls. Even anger men shouldn’t also play it .
Let choose the strongest hero and beat all enemy with your talent!
Let’s download game and start combat, join the battle with Shadow Warriors Battle: Super Hero Legend NOW!
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– Add many ways to earn coins and gems.
– Fix graphics.
– Fix bugs.
Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors Apk
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