Asphalt 8 Airborne 7.7.1b Apk + Mod Android

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  • Current Version: 7.7.1b
  • File size: 424 MB
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Offline Game

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a 2013 racing video game, developed and published by Gameloft as part of the Asphalt series. It was released on August 22, 2013 for iOS and Android, November 13 for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, and January 15, 2014 for BlackBerry 10

In Asphalt 8, you’ll race in some of the hottest, most high-performance dream machines ever created, from cars to bikes, as you take them on a global tour of speed. From the blazing Nevada Desert to the tight turns of Tokyo, you’ll find a world of challenge, excitement and arcade fun on your road to the top!

• Over 220 high-performance cars and bikes for you to drive and push beyond their limits.
• Top licensed manufacturers and models, such as the Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Ducati Monster 1200 and more, including a selection of racing motorbikes!
• Newly recorded high-fidelity motor sounds for realistic audio immersion.
• Customize & upgrade your rides with over 2,300 decals to take down your opponents with style!

• Hit the ramps and take the race beyond the limits of physics as you break free from gravity and into the sky with your car or bike!
• Perform barrel rolls and wild 360º jumps as you soar past your opponents.
• Maneuver through the air while pulling off insane stunts in your car or motorcycle to maximize your speed and find a fast route to the goal.

• Over 40 high-speed tracks in 16 different settings, such as Venice, French Guiana, Iceland, the Nevada Desert & other exciting locations to ride your car or bike across!
• Race any track you want in original mode or its mirror variation to ensure a fresh challenge in Career mode that’s sure to keep you on your toes.
• Discover plenty of shortcuts hidden throughout every location. Mastering them is sure to raise your game to the top of the competition!

• 9 seasons & over 400 events in Career mode, with plenty of challenges for even the most experienced car and motorcycle riders.
• Stunning visuals thanks to next-gen shaders, real-time geometry reflection & other amazing HD effects.
• Check out the Infected and Gate Drift modes for a fresh twist on racing.
• Win top prizes in the Limited-Time Cups, including early access to some of the latest cars in the game!
• A detailed damage system.

• Gear up for simultaneous multiplayer action for up to 8 real players!
• Multiplayer Seasons & Leagues! Race your best against other players to score points and unlock prizes in limited-time Racing Seasons.
• Dare friends to asynchronous races as you chase your rivals’ ghost cars and bikes across the track.
• Compare scores on the new leaderboards with friends and rival riders around the world.
• Share your racing achievements and prove that you’re the ultimate speed machine.

• A heart-thumping mix of amazing music licensed for Asphalt 8 to drive your need for fast arcade racing.

• Rearrange your on-screen icons and controls however you like to customize and optimize your style of play.

So, are you ready for a real HD stunt-racing experience? Can you handle the Ferrari, Mercedes, or Audi of your dreams, among dozens of high-octane motorcycles? Do you have an insatiable need for groundbreaking speed? Well, consider this your green light to go and download Asphalt 8, fast!

Asphalt 8 Airborne Android


Shift into high gear with our latest game update!
– Upgrade Improvements
Convert Wild Cards quickly and easily — some cars don’t even require Wild Cards anymore! And if you’re in a real rush, you can now spend a Voucher to upgrade a car, too. *wink-wink*
– The New Lineup
Get ready to hit the road with exciting new rides! Check out our latest additions and dominate the track with style.
– Formula E Is Calling
Embark on your next journey at the Munich track this time!


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. Enter the game.
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519 Responses

  1. Nimsh says:

    Please fix the bug, when we download additional files, update to latest vereion message comes and cannot skip that.

  2. Jun says:

    Why do not open get boxprokit

  3. Keval Singh says:

    Asphalt 8

  4. Android apk says:

    It worked thanks

  5. hasan Rifat says:

    it’s working

  6. tgp says:

    please update to latest version

  7. Asphalt master says:

    Pls update in 3.8.1c mod pls…

  8. MATE says:

    Please update mod version

  9. Eduardo says:

    La versión 3.8.1c está con mod?

  10. Jeff's says:

    Revel Please update to airborne

  11. Ashkar says:

    Where is the data???

  12. sumanta says:

    3.8.0m mega mod please

  13. Ravi says:

    Waste hack mod app
    Beacause after 2 are banned notifications why

  14. Rajkumar says:

    I need mc3 working game

  15. Neel says:

    I have asphalt game APK hack

  16. zeen says:

    where should i download for mod or all is get mooded ?

  17. Pravin pal says:

    Update to 3.7.0m version

  18. Oreofy says:

    Working for me. Thanks

  19. Shofiin says:


  20. Yosep ari says:

    When apk mod 3.6.0 ?

  21. Prk says:

    Game works but starts with 0 money and nothing just from the begining.

  22. sumanta says:

    3.6.0k mod apk please

  23. FreeDapur says:

    This game still want to update :< please what will i do iam already download a Fixed edition but still want to update

  24. NT says:

    Township mod version please

  25. Ajay says:

    Excellent brother

  26. Farhan says:

    Where is the obb file

  27. Ibtid says:

    Doesn’t work. Still looks for new update.

  28. zzz says:

    it keeps on saying that i need to update the app 🙁

  29. Tarun Rathore says:

    Please update this game
    Not raining this game update showing.

  30. Taha says:


  31. Taha says:

    It is very nice to hack

  32. stark says:

    finally, I found the latest version of asphalt 8 airborne

  33. spectator says:

    감사합니다 ^^ I’m Korean
    very thank you.

    I love you!!

    You are genius!!

  34. Xenom97 says:

    Add asphalt 8 mod v3.5.0j plz

  35. fady says:

    any updates about Asphalt 8 Airborne 3.5.0j !!

  36. Dipu Dahal says:

    please update to the latest version

  37. LoverGamer says:

    please upadate now game the asphalt 8

  38. nigel says:

    Please update mod for v.3.4.0k!!!

  39. John says:

    Please add 3.4.0k mod.. Thisone posted is not mod. just normalapk

  40. Asphalt error says:

    Please update to 3.4.0k and add mega mod for 3.4.0k.

  41. IdrisIbrahim581 says:

    Please add asphalt 8 3.3.1 apk mod fixed.

  42. Idris Ibrahim says:

    Please fix that rexdl i can’t download fished this game mod apk 3.3.1a. Thank you

  43. Zaini says:

    Rexdl help me send link download data 3.3.1

  44. Hazim says:

    Where is the data file ?

  45. Vula says:

    I m using 5.1 android version support this mod 3.1.1a tell me plz

  46. Kevin Valencia says:

    Hola como funciona me descarge los 3 archivos de Download Link’s
    Download APK File – All Devices v3.3.1a
    Download APK File [Mod] v3.3.1a [Free-Shopping]
    Download APK File [Mod] v3.2.2a Fixed
    * Que sigue de hay Rexdl???
    Instale la apk de v.3.3.1a (Free-Shopping)
    y me manda a la descarga de los datos por wifi,
    Tengo que descargarme los 1330mb de los DATOS para que sirva ??
    (Celular recién formateado)

  47. gouveur says:

    money 999999999

  48. labib says:

    Most importantly, how can I download the other tracks on asphalt 8? I have nevada,yokyo,iceland. Please give me a solution

  49. cal kaye says:

    Please update mod 3.3. 1a

  50. fel says:

    Asphalt 8
    Update 3.3.1a mod

  51. Beatking says:

    I Need 3.3.1a data how will i download. there is no data for 3.3.1a only apk

  52. Pavan Kumar says:

    Please give data also for new updates.Update v3.3.1a mod apk.

  53. Destro says:

    Please upload the latest mod version.

  54. KHEMS91 says:

    They’re not gonna mod 3.3.1a, we have to wait for next update.

  55. labib says:

    Where is the 3.3.1 mod version?

  56. aaomiine says:

    The lastest version 3.1.1a is not moded :'(

  57. Kelana says:

    plz update asphalt 8 3.3.1a…3.3.ok verificasi file .my name kelana from indonesia

  58. Kelana zutek says:

    plz update verson 3.3.1.a.

  59. sakib says:

    Plz mod 3.3.1a mod apk (asphalt 8)

  60. DAVE says:

    Please, we need LOLSUMO PRO.

  61. Diego Ribeiro says:

    Update to 3.3.1a plz

  62. showel says:

    updated plz….

  63. Asking says:

    How to update pls help

  64. Aljamar says:

    Please update the 3.2.2a Mega mod

  65. Kishore says:

    The game is asking for an update

  66. labib says:

    Which one I should download

  67. kelana says:

    3.2.2a onlein verificasion….update mod .cant you plise update mod 3.2.2a thanks you

  68. Arnaz khan says:

    Please update asphalt 8 mod apk)

  69. Arnaz khan says:

    Please update asphalt 8 mod apk

  70. Kelana says:

    Thanks verry much rexdl…3.2.2a mod works…..thanks you

  71. Kelana says:

    Thanks verry much rexdl…3.2.2a mod works

  72. Kelana says:

    Please update asphalt 8 mod.3.2.2a

  73. sakib says:

    Plz asphalt 8
    mod v 3.2.2a apk

  74. Diego Ribeiro says:

    Where is the latest mega mod APK version (3.2.2a)?

  75. Akshay pp says:

    update mod version

  76. kelana says:

    Cant you pless update 3.2.2a mod

  77. Kelana says:

    Thaks very much Rexdl.Asphalt 8 mod name is kelana from indonesia….thanks you

  78. Raheel says:

    Where is the link of obb data? There is the link of apk but not the link of obb data.

  79. 12345nanananana says:

    no data?

  80. kelana says:

    Thanks very much 3.2.1b.mod works I like it your is blog

  81. kelana says:

    Can you plse update versi mod 3.2.1b

  82. kelana says:

    3.2.1b not respont mod

  83. Android says:

    wow awesome thanks

  84. Ana says:

    Only one problem connect to internet connection failed all clear token cars cions unlimited but only internet car not download

  85. alfiyanita says:

    Data obb?

  86. Tanveer says:

    Can you please update latest apk mod

  87. heera says:

    all car unlocked asphalt 8 apk

  88. heera says:

    asphalt 8 blueprint car unlocked aph plzzzzzzzzz give

  89. Miloboy says:

    My OpenGL is OpenGL ES 3.1

  90. Hamza says:

    When I installing this mod so than it’s showing,
    App not installed.
    App package conflict and same name ther.
    What can I do.

  91. Vg0074 says:

    New version 3.2.0q is only 32 mbs and free shopping version….and when i am installing it , it is showing failed.. plz reply fast

  92. JinRo says:

    Thank you Very much

  93. Tayyab says:


  94. Nox says:

    A new update has been released with motorbikes and new cars. Can you upload a mega mod apk when it’s available? Thanks!

  95. Sushant says:

    Upload mod for updated version of asphalt 8 v3.2.0

  96. Nick says:

    My device is Open-GL 3. I have downloaded the links, but I do not know how to copy that data into a folder. Can someone help me?

  97. AM says:

    I have open gl 3 ,will the normal version without mode work?
    Can u please give me a link to download its data, downloading the data from the apk sucks

  98. sameer awasthi says:

    How does it works? Please let me know ..on my email

  99. malith yoshie says:

    how can i download data file????

  100. Malik Saad says:

    after installing the game and data it requires the data for all maps except Tokyo,Nevada and Iceland but I am having problems and cannot download that data what can I do please tell me REXDL

  101. Karan Rajput says:

    Please give the link my device is openGL 3

  102. Murtuza says:

    My system is openGL ES 3,can i download the file

  103. freak says:

    best site to download modded games. good job rexdl

  104. Gigi says:

    Asphalt 9 mega mod release?

  105. ismawardi says:

    Please make mod for x86 device

  106. John says:

    offline installer??

  107. umair says:

    Money&Gold Unlimited Mod Please Upload.

  108. Tatai says:

    please upload new version v3.1.1c mod…
    please fast….. your website is awesome

  109. Khalid Akram says:

    Sir please send me the Link to download asphalt 8 mod data file.

  110. Varsha says:

    I LOVE this website

  111. Ace says:

    I don’t know why when ever i installed this mod apk asphalt 8 it always say app not installed please help…with other it work but only with this asphalt 8…

  112. Yasin says:

    I have infinix hot 4 Mali 440 I want real racing 3 in my phone plz help

  113. Hunny says:

    Dear admin
    i am new user from this site kindly guide me what is apk and apk mod and data file and how to install in my andriod phone i have open gl 3.0 kindly step by step guide me its easy for me for the first time. thanks for your work how to install first apk then apk mod then data i am little confused about apk and apk mod file both install same time or just one install

  114. Jeevan says:

    I have download your mega mod app of asphalt 8 v. 3.0.0l but It is not installing on my smartphone . It is having OpenGl version 3 , can you please give me download link through email. please.☺ By the thanks for making such a mega mod app. Using almost all of them .

  115. Nico says:

    Hi! can you please send me the download links?

  116. Diego Ribeiro says:

    There’s no way to buy the blueprint cars? Lamborghini Egoista it’s a example.

  117. musah says: only your link that can download perfectly, so please make the 3.0 DATA file to be direct link please.thanks

  118. Karlok says:

    Where is 3.0.0l mega mod and obb ?

  119. Ibrahim says:

    thanks we really appreciate your deeds

  120. Ibrahim says:

    thank you. please upload the direct link for v3.0 data file,the mirror is annoying sometimes. thanks

  121. Nischal says:

    I did everything as said..When I open game it checks for files… Verifies and says 1119 mb data to download what to do? Please reply. I have redownloaded the data like more than 3 times. Please give a solution.

  122. ibrahim says:

    please upload the direct link for v3.0

  123. swagata says:

    Plz give me download link…. Mod apk plz rxdl in my email



  125. akash says:

    whenever i install mod version it says package conflicts cant install. i allready uninstall previous version hlp me i m on android 7.0

  126. Sohail says:

    Why wont it read the data file

  127. Jenny says:

    404 Not Found. Can you please send the download link. Thanks

  128. Nithin says:

    404 error ……pls email me the modded version link …….I already sent 3 msgs and you guys didn’t reply….pls do not ignore this

  129. Jackson says:

    I can’t download v2.9.0. It said 404 Not Found. Please send me link to download. Tks!

  130. Mhs says:

    404errors plz pix,

  131. Dhruv says:

    Is the facbook login working

  132. ajaysamaroo says:

    Start up good but it force close when u try to play is it the phone device problem

  133. Itzme says:

    Hey guys thanks for the link ! I really appreciate your work and what are you doing only for entertaining us, someone is rude with you and is not fair, but I hope you’ll keep up the excellent work ! An advise: I reccomended this site at all my friends, pls try to bring the mods sooner ’cause you didn’t release the Asphalt 8 2.8.0. Thanks again you are the best !

  134. Enemy says:

    404 not found, plz send downlink 🙂

  135. Anwar says:

    It said 404 not found what can I do

  136. Jason says:

    404 not found..

  137. Diego Ribeiro says:

    Where is the latest apk mod?

  138. priyanshu says:

    When will the latest mod apk will come…

  139. Michael says:

    There’s a new update (2.9.0 I think), try to upload the mega mod for it as soon as possible. Thanks.

  140. Zlam Zyu Park says:

    I can’t download mod apk. Asphalt 8 v2.8

  141. Rohit g says:

    Plse rexdl creat mod of asphalt 8(2.8.on) we are waiting for you much time.

  142. NightmareGameZ says:

    Let me ask you a favor?

  143. Sush says:

    This mod apk can’t install on my xolo era 4k.please help

  144. Eril says:

    Mod is work ?

  145. zakir says:

    Not downloading plz fix it

  146. vivek says:

    bhai àsphalt 8 ki mod file kb dalige
    or ye lenovo k5 plus me chl jayega kya

  147. A says:

    How can download data? (Via)

  148. vinay says:

    Can you hack Asphalt 8 quickly i am wating this game

  149. Irfan van persib says:

    Pliss Update Mod Latest version Rexdl and No Force close 🙂

  150. emmje says:

    Update plis 🙁

  151. vikas says:

    Asphalt 8 plese hack this game

  152. Senphai says:

    It’s that already latest version ? Please info

  153. Senphai says:

    It’s that already latest version ?

  154. Cucumber chips says:

    Why does the mod apk download link have “coming soon”? I cant download it.

  155. septyan says:

    What’s openGl

  156. kisan brahma says:


  157. emmje says:

    Update plis :'(

  158. Devansh says:

    When will new version of hack asphalt 8 will arrive?

  159. Amal says:

    When Will U Release The Mod Version Of 2.8.0n

  160. bijay says:

    Please add Asphalt 8 mod 2.8.0

  161. RASHID says:

    Kya boss 2.8.0 ???????????????????

  162. Ashiq says:

    Please release the latest version of asphalt 8 airborne

  163. Ashiq says:

    Please release the latest version of asphalt 8 airborne please…..

  164. Drax_Qr says:

    please hack the new version soon as possible

  165. HACK says:

    Plz full data tracks plz

  166. emmje says:

    Update plis bro 🙁

  167. Shuvo says:

    Please hack the new version of asphalt 8 2.8.0n

  168. Rio says:

    Please hack asphalt 8 v2.8.0 🙂

  169. emmanuel says:

    Please update =}

  170. Akshay says:

    Please hack the new version of asphalt 8 2.8.0n

  171. vikas says:

    Plese new asphalt 8 2.8 hack this game

  172. hyper says:

    Can u make the tracks data available
    I am fed up downloading it 1 by 1

  173. xxm says:

    how to download graphics data for all stages!!! … its shows update the game…..

  174. Bobby says:

    Plz quickly update new version mod apk

  175. ady says:

    How to download arena?

  176. amanda lux says:

    how can i use all race tracks? its only 3 race track can use. if i try to download it its ask to update the game then i already try to use the data of original asphalt 8 with full dowloaded all tracks but whem i installed the MOD apk again it still need to download all tracks please help. please

    • hyper says:

      Keep ur Wi-Fi off before opening the game After opening the game when u reach to the track u wanna play start Wi-Fi and click the track in an instant after downloading close the Wi-Fi and restart the game and u can race the track u downloaded

  177. amanda lux says:

    how can i use all race tracks? its only 3 race track can use. if i try to download it its

  178. SNIPER says:

    I have Gionee M5 lite smartFone. Then I installed the app asphalt 8 …
    And I’m download this game Data (1109 MB)
    Okay ….
    But the game is not running… Plg reply and help me ….the site owner..

  179. Jafet says:

    Hi, so… When u launch the “online” version thank u 🙂

  180. safaro says:

    please help, when i enter the game my app always ask to update even i had download all mod apk 2.7.1a and the data.
    i confuse i had off my internet but when i try to choose single game any type exmpl D class beginner.. it alwas ask to connect the internet to download data.. but when i activate my internet it showed of verifying then asked to update.. how to solve this? thx u..

  181. Ranjan gandotra says:

    Please tell me cant we login and play multiplayer online.
    It verifies everytime i connect the internet.

  182. tawfeeq alum says:

    I downloaded 2 links apart from the via and it downloaded and I have the app but I don’t have the infinite coins and tokens.

  183. asiszzzzs says:

    Thanks man good work…..

  184. David says:

    Hola buenas noches Rexdl descargo el apk mod y lo instalo y del apk mod descargo los datos vía wifi ? Y me funcionara x favor espero tu respuesta saludos cordiales desde Argentina

  185. Brian says:

    How can i download new maps
    without internet connection ???

  186. Gus Tain says:

    need update bro

  187. Satria Wiguna says:

    Please add the 2.7.0 original apk version….

  188. ryan says:

    I’ve downloaded and own credit amounts to 8888999999. but when buying a car can not be used. What is wrong? my decvice: samsung j5 lollipop 5.1.1

  189. phyo says:

    My device is mail. How to download…?

  190. abdiaz says:

    which file to download for android 4.4.4 adreno gpu please reply?

  191. Dennis says:

    I need help downloading

  192. Jk mosaveer says:

    Hello rexdl icant buy any thing every thing is worling but cant bye any thing please reple

  193. Vaisaj says:

    Hi rexdl…
    I download the second apk….2.6.1a mega mod…
    Where will i get the data from …??
    Do I have to download it….??

  194. Fauzan Akmal says:

    where the v2.6.1a data file?
    please add the 2.6.1a data file

    • Rexdl says:

      To avoid trouble
      The of December 15, 2015 game Loft No data are available in the Google Play store and manufacturer users to download data through the game (in the initial implementation of data downloaded)

      • Fauzan Akmal says:

        in v2.6.1a , why i can’t buy a car? the money is more than enough, so why i can’t buy a car?
        sorry for bad english

  195. Majd says:

    i ve downloaded asphalt 8 from another website but after downloading data i surprised that it snot an obb file but its like files
    plz tell me how i can fix this i don t want to download it twice and i will use ur website next time
    thnx a lot

    • Rexdl says:

      just Apk Download now from my site
      Install, like Training
      The of December 15, 2015 game Loft No data are available in the Google Play store and manufacturer users to download data through the game (in the initial implementation of data downloaded)

  196. nick says:

    Why when I start the game update pop’s up and I have to download a different version and it is the same thing?

  197. Serikaya says:

    if you disconnect the internet while playing, the buy button’s grey (loading animation keep spinning). if you don’t disconnect the internet while playing, the money becomes 0 (zero) and you can’t buy anything.. the point is what is this mod do, sir? you can’t buy anything.. what is the point of the mod?

  198. Debraj says:

    I mean the latest 2.6.1a mod… is the mod really working?

  199. Debraj says:

    Hello RexDL.. Can you please confirm that the mod is working?

  200. sidik says:

    How to download it?..

  201. Serikaya says:

    sir, i can’t buy anything.. inc. cars.. what should i do? i turn off the internet the buy button greeyed. therefore no matter what i do, can’t buy anything. please help?

  202. Sukesh says:

    Why it’s not installing in my samsung galaxy j7 2016 it is sayin apk not installed

  203. Serikaya says:

    2.6.1a is a mod or not?
    i only saw mod on 2.6.0m

  204. Aman says:

    Please add the data file for opengl 3.0 for 2.6.0m

  205. mahakal says:

    Open GL 3 work perfectly for me, using reshmi note 3, Thanks rexdl you r reallllllyyyyyy realy sir…..

  206. Colin says:

    I don’t have all the country and multiplayer. help me

  207. LeVanBa says:

    Open GL 3 work perfectly for me, using Galaxy S7 edge, Thanks rexdl

  208. Shidiq Tamvan says:

    This is online ?

  209. Faraz says:

    Hello Sir
    This game is very Awesome.. N ur website Is Very great…Thanks for sharing!!
    I have ask u one quest, Will it Work On Jelly Bean 4.3…?
    i have Asphalt 8 v2.1.0L
    And it works fine widout Any prblm 🙂
    so I want to know that The Version 2.5.0k Will work on my 4.3 jelly bean??

  210. althof says:

    Its really offline?

  211. muhammad says:

    My phone samsung galaxy j5 ms software 5.0 wich one should i download?

  212. Ujj says:

    Rexdl sir , I am using OpenGL 3 device and on the attachments for my device I can see apk , mod apk all device , mega mod all devices , apk mod for Open GL 3 and the data

    I am confused which needs to be downloaded and how to install . Can you confirm if the mega mod is working fine . If yes how to Install , please can you provide us the steps in detail .

    I am a big fan of urs and ur help will be much appreciated

  213. Magestic says:

    Hey if I have OpenGL 2 I can install version OpenGL 3 ?

  214. A.L says:

    where is the Obb file ?

  215. VK says:

    will it happen anything , if internet is connected while playing????????? plz reply………………..

  216. VK says:

    thanks buddy rexdl it finally came on my asus laser2

  217. Stalkyard007 says:

    What is different about mod and mega mod??

  218. VK says:

    there r no files in android/obb folder all the main files r in android/data

  219. VK says:

    my asus zenfone laser2 has opengl3 and and i have already downloaded megamod nd downloaded data in game its self and it is not opening n keep on exiting the game………………….pllz help me out of this????????????????????????

  220. AnonPH says:

    Create an obb folder under SDCARD > ANDROID using any file manager app on your device. After creating the folder paste it. I hope that helps.

  221. FEBIAN says:

    Thx Rexdl, It Work on Asus Zenfone 6 With OpenGL 2.0

  222. apk says:

    I have downloaded the mega mod for all devices

  223. apk says:

    Reply please

  224. apk says:

    If i go to the game the game stop

  225. ahoura says:

    I can not make obb folder please help me

  226. XueKirby says:

    Can I download data via game?

  227. Bonki says:

    Ich kann die Daten-Datei nicht herunterladen, warum ?

  228. Arslan says:

    I have hauawei honor 4c. Installed mega mod. Having Open GL2. Data also downloaded. But game not working. Stopped. And shut down. Please any solution suggest.

  229. Ant says:

    Essa parada só roda em Android 4.4

  230. Nicky says:

    I’ve download newest version 2.5.0k mega mod, but i cant play the game, when i play the game it’s directly crash,, how to fix it??

  231. Xray says:

    I install the mod apk for 2.5.0k and i also download the data from apk then game crashes and i have OpenGL 3 and my LG G4 is on Android 6.0

  232. Xray says:

    I install the mod apk for 2.5.0k and i also download the data from apk then game crashes

  233. rio says:

    Mega Mod v2.5.0k
    App porce Stop
    App can not be opened

  234. Mihir says:

    When i extract d file it dont give me that com. folder is shows me folders name is files wht should i do now chane d name of d folder.?

  235. buddy says:

    What opengl do i use (lg leon)

  236. Md Fahim says:

    Is this really work

  237. Anonymous says:

    Cant use tokens too 🙁

  238. Anonymous says:

    How to take off the infinity nitro and knockdown enemies..

  239. Arnav Bose says:

    I am not able to buy cars and other things by using tokens please help me

  240. Ankit Shakya says:

    i download the apk ,and i downloaded the data from the apk iys about 780 mb

    after that game was running but i have to download all the race track separately

    1st track 56 mb
    2nd track …… and so on

    is there any way to download all the track at once

  241. bks says:

    why game says it needs to download 792 mb data

  242. Jon snow says:

    How to put data in obb ….. Do i need to rename any extracted file ….. I put it but its not working … Please guide in detail.

  243. yatin says:

    Rexdl ( i have micromax unite 2 ) but which one i have open gl ( open gl 2 /open gl 3

  244. yatin says:

    Plz help how to install asphalt 8 ( plz give me video how to install ( rexdl plz give me

  245. Naeem says:

    Can I use tokens ?

  246. Legolas says:

    cannot download data… pls help

  247. Noman says:

    My phone is open gl 2 this game support my phone

  248. Another bad player says:

    Does tokens work on this one ? Plz Rxdl answer me plz ?

  249. Arif says:

    Where is APK mod download link ?

  250. entot says:

    I got banned, offline mode only.

  251. Rajat says:

    Yes Boss it supports Lollipop 5.0

  252. BOSS says:

    PLZ reply

  253. Rajat says:

    Guys if you all want to know if your asphalt 8 data is complete… Check the details of (com.asphalt….) it should be 1.67 GB.

  254. Rajat says:

    Admin your asphalt apk is original but your cache ( data) is not original or is incomplete… I placed your data (1.44 GB) Android/data /com.gameloft….. And when i opened the app it showes to download 257.37 mb more … Other than that it worked perfectly fine …

  255. BOSS says:

    Please reply please

  256. BOSS says:

    Is this version support on Android lollipop 5.0 ? V 2.3.0i ?

  257. BOSS says:

    Hay rexdi my phone model is asus ZenFone 2 laser ze550kl Android v 5.0
    I want to download mega mod
    So whice data file will works on it open gl 2 or 3 Please reply

  258. adam says:

    it worked but i cant purchase token cars

  259. adam says:

    is it game version 2.3.0i

  260. Pedro says:

    Hola el juego tiene tokens negativos no me deja comprar nada con ellos android 5.1.1 galaxy gand prime sm-g531h por todo lo demas exelente me puedes ayudar con los tokens

  261. man says:

    Hi Rex this game need rooted devise?

  262. Kylekrosis says:

    Why i cant use the mega mod?it say app not it problem open gl or the mega mod?

  263. Gago Ka says:

    You only created a Asphalt 8 moded apk on ARM android device how about for ARM-64bit because your asphalt 8 is not for all gpu it’s only a OPENGL. Not for all gpu

  264. jack says:

    When i select star race the game the download data format comes in front….how to start race

  265. asaf says:

    Doesnt work, neither the mega nor the mod. LG G4 android 6

  266. Ahmed says:

    i dont need apk mod

  267. wongndai says:

    work fine, but icant buy with token, why?

  268. M.bilal tahir says:

    mod n mega mod does not work n orgional apk doest not have unlimited

  269. m.bilal tahir says:

    mod n mega mod does not work n orgional apk doest not have unlimited money

  270. m.bilal tahir says:

    i were downloaded ur apk v2.2.2a and download the data through the game but the game cannot run it shows me a message that “unfortunately asphalt 8 has stopped” help me i were downloaded ur app hudreds of time and data as same as apk help me please as soon as possible

  271. wongndai says:

    force closed bro

  272. Johny says:

    It works in galaxy s3 mini ? Pls pls tell me

  273. Gamer says:

    Hey ,
    I downloaded the apk patched,install it on my phone, and put the data on Android/data/ and it keep saying needs to download 764mb, I tried putting it in Android/obb/ still d same thing, am having dis same issue, please what can I do.. … rexdl only u can help please

  274. Lorenzo says:

    Please update versi 2.2.2a versi 2.2.1a not can open

  275. Lorenzo says:

    Hi update asphalt8 versi 2.2.1a versi 2.2.2a [ patched ] ready Go

  276. Loai says:

    I want an apk with only hacked money and stars infinite nitro isn’t cool

  277. jh2312 says:

    Token purchases not working. Can’t buy cars or pro boxes with tokens. Mod needs to be fixed please.

  278. Ziad says:

    Rexdl please reply i have android version 4.4.4
    which version i download of asphalt 8 ?

  279. Johnrayz12 says:

    The token is broken i cant buy token cars or pro boxes

  280. Tushar says:


  281. GAmer says:

    I downloaded the apk patched,install it on my phone, and put the data on Android/data/ and it keep saying needs to download 764mb, I tried putting it in Android/obb/ still d same thing, am having dis same issue, please what can I do..

  282. CrazyDrags says:

    Hi Rex, I have tried both apk as well mod apk. In none of them I can use the credits. It just goes round and round.

  283. Soto says:

    this game working on 2012 device like Xperia P U SP like a charm

  284. Ego89 says:

    Hi guys, could u help me I have already downloaded and installed apk + data files. But the game freeze just after the Gameloft launching logo. Data files are on SD card/Android/.. When I have put them into internal storage, game is asking bout download another 801 MB data file. I don’t know what to do, same situation with black gameloft logo is with normal Google play version. My phone is Huawei P8 and open gl3.1. THX

  285. roy says:

    2.2.1@ taken not working.. plzz update mod nd deta file.

  286. Emmanuel says:

    I downloaded the apk patched,install it on my phone, and put the data on Android/data/ and it keep saying needs to download 764mb, I tried putting it in Android/obb/ still d same thing, am having dis same issue, please what can I do, ASAP!

  287. DarkStar says:

    please help me for my problem. my comment is posted above

  288. fatih senocak says:

    hi i have an old h7s i already installed mega mod and data but i can buy cars parts etc.
    although i cannot get to racing whenever i choose a map tries to download some data
    need help thx lot

  289. ALBasMohnds says:

    can the mod game be played online ?

  290. Angel says:

    Hello the mod and the patch not run install apk in my samsung SM-J500M, help please

  291. Tonu says:

    Token Is Not Working it just Showing. So i can get any pro parts & Some Cars

  292. User says:

    Hey the data is not working for OPENGL2.0 Devices…Mega MOD APK is fine, Provide the data for opengl2.0 devices

    Best Regards

  293. FrostyKen says:

    I downloaded the apk patched,install it on my phone, and put the data on Android/data/ and it keep saying needs to download 764mb

  294. saurabh says:

    i can’t purchase cars which can purchase by token. Please tell me how can i purchase those cars.

  295. yohanes says:

    why this mod not install in lollipop 5.1 ,please sollution

  296. partha says:

    This mod apk not buying best car or 15th others car not showing in mod apk..

  297. LegendOfPixels says:

    The data is for all OpenGL versions?

  298. partha says:

    Thanks bro run in moto g2.

  299. anonymous says:

    What is patched asphalt?

  300. partha says:

    No just asking..2.1.2f obb data not run in 2.0.0k version.. in g2..this version suitable for me I download it.

  301. partha says:

    This version required obb file..??I am using android 5.0.2

  302. partha says:

    Plz reply

  303. partha says:

    Bro this version run in moto g2

  304. Damien says:

    #rexdl help me i love this game and i want get asphalt
    i have a problem
    this version need obb file and data file or just only obb file? 🙁

  305. rio Lorenzo says:

    Hi please version update asphalt8 2.2.1a apk [ PATCHED ]

  306. Rudram Sharma says:

    Hey Rexdl, my problem is that my game is not playing
    I downloaded apks, data yu provided
    I downloaded Extra 764 mb data
    But when i click on any race it says to Download data
    Garage and cars are appearing normally

    And one more thing
    I can’t see lamborghini egoista in the garage
    Whats the problem

  307. Zohaib says:

    Does the mod version need root or it work on a non rooted phone plz tell me

  308. edvard says:

    What difference is patched version?

  309. Xclusive says:

    Download cpu z to knw your open Gl

  310. rez@ says:

    do i need to download both apk and apk[mod]..?
    how do i use both of them..??

  311. Lobby mod fr says:

    Aider moi svp car j’ai installer le mod 2.1.0 2.0 et sa marque que j’ai Besion d’une mise à jour aidiez moi svp

  312. Kenneth Montañez says:


  313. Bruh says:

    Can I play online

  314. Shubham says:

    I have download gl 2 on my device having Android version 5.0.2 an when I can installing it dozen install why? Please reply

  315. Abhijit says:

    will it connect to Google account and facebook???

  316. Shubham says:

    I have YU yuphoria with android 5.0 and I want modified version of asphalt so which one Ivan download

  317. vivek says:

    I have downloaded 2.1.1f data and mega mod….but it shows invalid license on lolipop….plzz help..

  318. ahmad says:

    Hei, i’m using lenovo a7000 with lollipop 5.0 and i can’t install asphalt8 v2.1.1f on my device. Plz hlp me

  319. mic says:

    I’ve got the HTC One m9 with Android 5.1 and I want only unlimited credits if possible, which download from the list would you recommend? Cheers

  320. Stereo 7.7 says:

    I have a galaxy tab s ¿I can use the OpenGL 3.0?

  321. Mokhtar says:

    Hi i amis on galaxie s3 Android 5.1.1 Apexperia rom opengl 2.0 and the 2.1.0l original version dont want tout installer please help me asap

  322. Mitul says:

    I have galaxy note 2
    its open gl 2
    its not working everything is black
    Now help me

  323. Mitul says:

    I have galaxy note 2
    Open gl 2
    I downloaded mega mod but its not working everything is black.

  324. waahi says:

    It shows invalid license on my canvas xpress 2 E313 kindly help I’ve downloaded this game on 2g for 4days so u can understand how eager I’m to play this game

  325. mirza (indonesia) says:

    Thanks open GL 2 mega mod its work for my device, thank u so much!!

  326. mokhtar says:

    Please i extract all files to obb i am using the original apk it shows me additional data needs to be downloaded (-87mb) help please

    • Rexdl says:

      1. “APK” install it on your device.
      2. “” folder “android / obb” copy into.
      3. Enter the game.

    • sameer says:

      Well unfortunately u will hv to download each and every location once … u have to download a new file for a new location…

  327. roki says:

    how to install?

  328. Siddhant says:

    In my Android One it shows app not installed and I get 500kbps download speed according to your question.

  329. vivek says:

    Does the latest version supports android l 5.0 & M 6.0 both??? PLZ reply fast…!!!

  330. Rounak says:

    Is the data file necessary to download..?? I mean…will the original dara file work with modded apk

    • Rexdl says:

      need to be downloaded

      • Emmanuel says:

        Please and please, I really need your reply on this, I downloaded d data and apk, I put it in the right place, but its not working, so I downloaded only d apk and download d data online through d apk, it opened but whenever I select a race, it shows INTERNET CONNECTION FAILED, CONNECT THROUGH YOUR WIFI TO DOWNLOAD DATA,I on my mobile network, still d same thing, its just showing downloading data but not connecting, please what can I do, to play this game, really need your answer ASAP! thanks

        • sameer says:

          Budyy,i think u downloaded tge latest version i.e, v2.3.0i which will be 830 mb but in this version u will have to download each and every location for a memory size of 40mb or 60 mb or so …at forst i too had the same problem but i tried many times and it worked have patience when it is loading to download ….good luck with ur game

        • ahmer says:

          Hello my friend asphalt 8 data move on storageinternal andriod obb paste second install apk and enjoy your game without installing internet files only need internet about 1 mb for verification of files ok enjoy

  331. Semsem says:

    Download the app CPU-Z to learn all the details about your device including your OpenGL version

  332. Adhi says:

    APK + OBB for open GL 2.0 or Open GL 3.0?

  333. oki says:

    why the apk file mega mod isn’t mod apk ?

  334. Yelin says:

    what diffrent betwen opengl 2 and 3?

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