Apestorm Full Bananas 1.0 Apk Data Android

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  • Current Version: 1.0
  • File size: 27 MB + 75 MB
  • Memorize: www.ReXdl.com

Apestorm Full Bananas 1.0 Apk Data Android

Apestorm: Full Bananas is a side-scrolling zeppelin bombing game set in a steampunk world.

Fugitive apes have taken to the skies in search of revenge after humans have destroyed the planet. Command their stolen zeppelin and save nature from man…one bomb at a time!

Gain points by carefully dropping bombs on factories, warehouses, and other man-made objects. Adjust the zeppelin’s speed and altitude in Apestorm: Full Bananas to alter range, missile trajectory and to ensure pinpoint precision.

Earn bananas for completing challenging in-game objectives to unlock new levels and collect earth-shattering, ship enhancing power-ups and turn your zeppelin into an unstoppable bombing machine!

Free fellow apes from captivity and target your enemies with the upmost exactitude for ultimate high scores in Apestorm: Full Bananas – avoiding trees, birds and everything else considered important to Apekind.

Apestorm: Full Bananas – Key Features:

  • Experience the thrill of destruction
  • Enhance the zeppelin’s abilities with 9 earth-shattering power-ups
  • Unlock and complete 20 levels
  • Test your might against a variety of enemies and obstacles – both in the air and on land
  • Enjoy a beautiful steampunk aesthetic
  • Engage in unique and challenging level objectives

Apestorm Full Bananas Apk

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