Musixmatch Music & Lyrics 6.6.0 PREMIUM Unlocked – Final

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  • Current Version: 6.6.0
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Musixmatch Music & Lyrics 6.6.0

PREMIUM Unlocked – Final

Musixmatch is the world’s largest lyrics catalog, that lets you enjoy diverse music with synced lyrics.
It has been featured among the “Best Apps 2014” selection on Google Play Store.

musixmatch music & lyrics PREMIUM Unlocked - Final

It is a must have app for music lovers:

  • Listen to the songs in your music library with synced lyrics.
    Discover the FloatingLyrics™ feature to enjoy synced lyrics while playing your favorite songs with Spotify, Play Music and any other music app.
  • Search lyrics for any song you love:
    Instantly get the lyrics you’re looking for and play the song from Youtube or Spotify
    Can’t remember the song title? Simply type part of the lyrics to find the song.
  • Identify lyrics for music playing around you:
    With a simple tap you can magically identify the song and the lyrics from the Radio, TV or any other audio source.

Your favorite and identified lyrics will be stored in your personal profile, and can also be found on under ‘identified songs’.

musixmatch is also the app providing lyrics to a z lyrics
Additional key features

  • Cast music and lyrics to your TV with Chromecast
  • Advanced features like Sleep timer, Equalizer
  • Automatically fetch song info and coverart for your songs
  • Android Wear and Android TV support

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Problems? Feedback?
The more you tell us, the better Musixmatch will be.


Introducing Musixmatch Premium: access to your favorite synced lyrics offline and with no advertising.

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40 Responses

  1. Mikio says:

    Parsing package error
    I feel bad man
    Pls help

  2. Mhthor says:

    Thanks a lot. It works fine. Just login with Gmail account!

  3. Mhthor says:

    Thanks it works. Just login with Gmail account! Thanks

  4. Ulfi says:

    Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Naman says:

    Very nice work ……working very well on redmi 3s prime

  6. Suhas says:

    Floating Lyrics stops working after sometime. Doesn’t even search on YouTube.
    I am using OnePlus 3, nougat. Is that the reason?

  7. Zull says:

    How to use? My account still free. Pls help me

  8. Vincent says:

    Hi. Thanks for sharing. pls I’d like you to always inform potential subscribers on the steps to follow when installing some of this premium apps. For example, is there need to uninstall old existing versions? is there need to disable some apps? let us always know basic steps to follow before installation

  9. Anonym says:

    Wow!!! It’s Premium, thank you very much…

  10. Anway Aich says:

    Good work bro…pretty appreciative!
    keep working like this…. 🙂

  11. Ayu Pramesti says:

    Love you❤️❤️

  12. Meddi says:

    Can u save offline

  13. Manoj says:

    Thank you very much.

  14. paul says:

    Great premium app Thank you bro !

  15. Faiz says:

    Thanks for the awesome premium music player with lyric and id indentification without ads.Thank you very much.

  16. Suraj Lohar says:

    Thank You So Much

  17. Sam says:

    Thanks for the upload. Love you!!

  18. ArdeeX says:

    This is the original version

  19. Ramon says:

    Thanks for the upload still, nice and quick I follow on G+

  20. jcferpa says:

    Qué tiene esto de premium?

  21. Valdimiro says:


  22. Captainqwe says:

    Thanks for the upload still

  23. Sergio Vargas says:


  24. meistet says:

    completely downloaded it, and started installing and it failed.. please fix it

  25. Shubham says:

    When I click install button doesn’t happen anything. It doesn’t click install button. Pls help me .

  26. Onkar says:

    What do you mean by premium unlocked? What premium features?

  27. Duo Ahmad says:

    Terima kasih atas applikasinya

  28. Jim says:

    Thanks; unfortunately as soon as it detects a new version is available it keeps on asking to update and user is unable to do anything. 🙁

    • Neo says:

      If that happens just uninstall it and reinstall it.. itll work properly at least untill u turn on data connection next time.. try it worked fr me…

  29. Deona says:

    thank you very much ! 😀

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