Last Empire-War Z 1.0.130 Apk Mod Android

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  • Current Version: 1.0.130
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Last Empire-War Z 1.0.130 Apk Mod Android


Last Empire-War Z

The world of Last Empire–War Z is a dangerous place filled with hordes of twisted and powerful zombies. Train your soldiers, build an alliance and develop your city to protect your empire. You’ll have to be smart, tough and courageous to survive.

Last Empire–War Z is a zombie-themed Free-to-Play mobile strategy game where players battle zombies and other survivors to build and grow their empire. Join an alliance and team up with your friends and allies from around the world to fight zombies, develop your base and compete in in-game events. Take part in brutal battles and gather the resources to support your troops and grow your city. Unite with allies or play solo, it’s up to you! The life or death of your city is in your hands!

Game Features:

  • Free to play, social strategy game.
  • View battles throughout the game world in real time, and chat with alliance members worldwide.
  • Train your troops and your Commander, develop your city and create a powerful army to fight zombies.
  • Battle zombies and other survivors to expand your city. Win the war for survival with a variety of strategies that are constantly changing.
  • Zombie Troops: Train deadly, terrifying Zombie Troops to fight for you. They are especially powerful attacking or defending cities.
  • Experience the challenge and thrill of defeating endless hordes of zombies and dark creatures.
  • Choose to be a hero, a villain, an ambassador of peace, or someone else’s resource provider. It’s all up to you.
  • Come join us and fight in struggle for survival after the end of the world.


Peace Shield records fully improved
-Improved the explanation for removing the Peace Shield to more clearly record the reasons why the Peace Shield was removed
-Improved the Peace Shield interface text
-Added tips explaining why Peace Shields were removed
Mercenary Adjustments
-Reduce the Load of Bandits and APC’s
-The Marching limit for Bandits has been increased from 10,000 to 20,000.
-Substantially improved the movement speed of Bandits
-Raised the HP of APC’s
Last Empire-War Z Apk

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11 Responses

  1. eagle1 says:

    Really confused on how this is modded? looks like the normal game to me unless there’s something im missing?

  2. Assad Ali Mehrani says:

    Sir Please GTA V Upload Karo
    mujhay Send Karo Link
    Please Sir

  3. kel says:

    Please make a modded version of 1.0.84 please humble request

  4. Lucas says:

    Mod please

  5. Kel says:

    Please make mod for 1.0.78

  6. ayenda says:

    What mod?

  7. yo says:

    offline or online…?

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