Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.5.9 Apk + Mod No root Android

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  • Current Version: 1.5.9
  • File size: 84 MB | 68 MB
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Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.5.9 Apk + Mod No root Android


Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth is a zombie survival game, where all survivors are driven by one goal: stay alive as long as you can. There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. When the apocalypse comes you can trust only yourself and your gun.

Instructions for survivors:

Improve your skills and and craft more deadly weapons against zombie walkers and other players. Knock their heads off!

Build a strong base to protect your life and belongings from walking dead attacks and other survivors. Craft and place traps to take captives and make them regret stealing from you.

You are alone against zombies and other players who want to steal your resources. Dominate and control this cruel post-apocalyptic world. Hunt or be hunted.

You can find a lot of useful stuff to create your personal zombie survival vehicle. Don’t miss the chance to ride a Chopper through walking dead hordes and post-apocalyptic landscapes.

Wild animals, hunger, thirst and cold can can kill you faster than a walking dead army. Hunt animals and prepare food over a campfire, collect water with rain catcher and kill other players to get their supplies. Feel the spirit of true survival!

Search abandoned military bunkers and survivors’ bases in order to find and take the most valuable resources. Craft survival vehicles and take a trip to abandoned city ruins. You can travel to distant regions and build a shelter wherever you want.

More powers, more opportunities and more chances that you won’t die today but someone else. Claim territories with your clan and make others work for you.

Use the chat, information is the second most important resource in this world full of walking dead hordes.

In 2027 an outbreak of an unknown zombie infection wiped out most of the world’s population. Life was draining away from people but the pandemic was turning them into hordes of the insatiable walking dead. Stay alone or team up with allies – you’re the one to choose your path in the world full of chaos. Use any ways you can in order to survive.

Welcome to the real zombie apocalypse! In Last Day on Earth every your decision matters, every your mistake can be a fatal one. If you fail, you’ll have to start all over again. The nature will try to finish you off as quick as a zombie or another player. Be careful with choosing allies. Today your partner has saved you from death and tomorrow they can shoot you in the back for a can of bean.

Download and enjoy Last Day on Earth – a new free zombie survival game today!

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✔️ Added bow with special shooting mechanics!
✔️ Added several events to the map especially for Chopper.
✔️ Increased the chances of Chopper parts drop from coupon boxes in Lobby of Bunker Alfa.
✔️ Emotions for a character has been added.

Mod 1 Features:
Unlimited Gold Coins – add coin every time using coin (On Map, Reset Skill, Buy XP boost)
Unlimited Craft and Build Materials – You can craft/build without having the resources (wood/stone etc)
Unlimited Skill Points – increase
Max Durability

Mod 2 Features:
Magic Split
Unlimited Durability
Money Mod(addition only)
Free Crafting
High Weapon Damage(3000)
No level Requirement
Visual Level Up
Zero Energy Use
Anti Cheat Detection

Last Day on Earth: Survival Apk

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560 Responses

  1. broman says:

    mod 2 link please….. 1.5.9

  2. Antonylizheng says:

    Nice bro i like that

  3. Gabriel says:

    Cuando estara el mod 2 del juego Last Day On Earth V 1.5.9

  4. Gbreezie says:

    It wont let me place radio towers 🙁

  5. haxxor says:

    waiting for 1.5.9 mod!

  6. SenioR says:

    Hello Rexdl 🙂
    I want free box mod in the store

  7. djdknow says:

    Rexdl thank you for the mod2


  8. David says:

    I cant install mod 1, they say me the file its broken. I try to download 5 times and is not the problem. Please fix it

  9. Jarard says:

    Thank your for your hard work in releasing this mod. I was just wondering if you could provide a durability only mod since I want to earn everything else myself.

  10. djdknow says:

    why you keep describe this as “no root” ?
    of course you must be rooted to be able to install the mod

    and the older versions needed root

  11. mdjdjjej says:

    Free Craft not working
    When will the mod work?
    At least tell

  12. Vitamin says:

    Help me please
    MOD Free Shopping Ultimate
    -Raider Waipon
    -XP Booster
    And work save online play google

  13. T says:

    I need update :,(

  14. Farooque Adib Rizvi says:

    When will u release mod 2 v. 1.5.8?…

  15. Farooque Adib Rizvi says:

    Where is the link of mod 2 i cant find .. please anyone tell …and also tell me if the durability of weapons are full or not?

  16. RoyM says:

    No root method not working

  17. gusman says:

    Update to latest mod version 1.5.8

  18. Luis says:

    Can not downloadd

  19. Nonsense says:

    Waiting 1.5.8 update

  20. man says:

    Update 1.5.8 pls

  21. James says:

    Hey rexdl please update this to the latest version plz….

  22. Rash says:

    Heyy guys I just download mod 2 on my other Android device which is not rooted either but the hack still won’t work for me. The weapon durability one works but the coins and other stuff don’t. Can anybody tell me why or help please?

  23. Jason says:

    It won’t let me place trip mines or place a radio tower for communications why? Please fix thank you

  24. GG NiCE says:

    Everything works.. except durability is at minimum, if we play the original game our weapon/equip will break after one use or one hit..
    Also magic split is not working :'(

  25. brandon says:

    sigh, wheres mod v3? mod v1 says parsing error when i try to install? phone lg volt is ARM Device. USed your past mod v1 LDOE ZIP an has worked before… wonder whats goin on…

  26. Ratna says:

    Mod 2 works. It also works when you use your saved data. but why can not unlimited materials? when you press the split button on one type material, they are just separate. not multiply

  27. Alex says:

    This is cool!

  28. Tetris says:

    Mod 2 is working, but can’t sync with current my account. So mod2 is working on offline mode ?

    • GG NiCE says:

      Yes and No, Mod 2 is both online and offline, the game needs you to be connected via wifi or data if u want to play however it will not allow you to connect or bind it to your account, therefore the only way to connect it to your account is..
      1.) Make a copy of your savefile of the game from your directory folder name “Zombie.survival.craft.z”
      And rename like “iCheatedonThisSaveFile”
      2.) After you make a copy uninstall the mod.
      3.) Download the original LDOE game from the store.
      4.) Run the game then go to settings and disconnect your old account if you have one connected. Then close all running apps.
      5.) Clear cache / clear data of the game (Not necessary but to be sure just do it)
      6.) Go to your file directory move your copy of savefile to the original folder “zombie.survival.craft.z”
      And play the game again..
      Once you load your Modded Save File then connect it to your account to bind.
      It might sound a lot of work but once you learn how to do it . It only takes seconds to do all of it.. except the installing/uninstalling of the Mod Game and Original Game

  29. Wencee says:

    Hey fix it i can’t connect my save to google game play.

  30. TankerGamer says:

    update please

  31. Leovee says:

    Sir i completed the parts of da atv.but still cannot open it..

  32. Kirakun says:

    mod 1 and stuck on loading. pls help

  33. Sam says:

    the mod 3 version 1.5.6 works like what it says but after some time it stops working and when i craft guns but it does but does not let equip it. and does not work after few mints

  34. Ferry Ari Fandy says:

    is the mod 3 work normally when i load the game or using save game from google play???

  35. wencee says:

    Add full durability!!…

  36. Dedek says:

    Why i cnt mod 2…am i da only cnt play?

  37. Abhinav says:

    the mod 2 is not working…. it just leads to a white screen with the game title…. fix this issue

  38. Kpoda15 says:

    Mod 2 is crashing upon starting the game!

  39. Rilakk says:

    Mod 2 not working. App doesn´t start.

  40. Espunele says:

    Hi, I have 1.5.5 mod2 running, how do I upgrade to 1.5.6 mod2? It does not work it opens and closes

  41. Blayne says:

    So I got it all running and I cant get Mod 1 to load it just stops at the last little bit of loading into the game, is there a way I can fix this problem

  42. luki says:

    i got stuck on loading screen with mod 1

    can’t open the game with mod 2

    please help, i used bluestacks 3 rooted

  43. Mikel says:

    Hello can someone pls help me to save a hacked to my google acc ? Then i can restore it on my phone ? Please . Cause i try many method to download the apk . But my phone just cant .

  44. NITIN VAID says:

    Downloaded and installed the Mod 2 but i dont think its working the game wont run just half white screen when running the game please fix this

  45. JEFF says:

    I did everything I asked, but the game does not go on. The process bar stops at the end. Help me

  46. Mikel says:

    How to get the android patch u are saying in lucky patchet ?

  47. Ascension says:

    Stuck on loading. Reinstalled twice still stuck. Redownload from playstore work fine and can create new character, but when restoring my save, it stuck again on loading.

  48. sebastian says:

    doesnt work 1.5.6 mod2. white screen

  49. Jose says:

    Hola mod 2 no funciona tengo el móvil root. No abre la aplicación sólo abre el AKP sin mod

  50. bendol says:

    thank you mod

  51. kun says:

    pls tell me when mod 3 release ??

  52. Barucco says:

    Mod 2 stuck in a white screen.

  53. Mr.P says:

    I can’t run the game, if i click icon game, not happened, please give me the solution. My phone is rooted, I’ve done a step that is spelled out, give the solution, send to my email

  54. Njool says:

    1.5.6 force close. Fix please? When I try to open this game force close. Im ysing Redmi 4X rooted

  55. giela says:

    update 1.5.6 please

  56. HenryIS says:

    Thanks BRO mod 3 need root?

  57. Njool says:

    Update for 1.5.6 please

  58. sigit says:

    please update game to version 1.5.6

  59. Ali says:

    Game has been updated to 1.5.6

  60. Marionwatts says:


  61. DedeK says:

    I got stuck f restore from my prevs acc…any solution?

  62. HIMANSHU says:

    I update v1.5.5 b2 no root . First time the mod workfine . Then I reinstalled game and follow all steps and open the game every time stuck on loading . I repeated upto 10 times over but nothing happens please help ……

  63. Sumit says:

    Help pls no root mod is getting struck

  64. sebastian says:

    hi, dont load the game. and miss data from rooted mods.

    • Kpoda15 says:

      Hey, I understand your game is stuck loading? it is mostly because it can’t connect to google games, keep restarting the game and if it still don’t sync with google games, go to games setting and uncheck first two and reinstall the game.

  65. NITIN VAID says:

    There is another update of 1.5.5 v2 Version on Play store when there will be update for the mod?
    and whenever its release kindly change the title too so that we know its for the new one

  66. Lost says:

    There is a new update after version 1.5.5 update..

  67. Joe H. says:

    Doesn’t load

  68. Fiqri_PHB says:

    update again why i just download it

  69. joe says:

    Need mod 2 ver1.5.5 please

  70. wasif says:

    Mod 2 upadate plzzzzz

  71. justin says:

    Still coming soon

  72. Enterprise says:

    3rd mod not installing

  73. Gminorjj says:

    Waitung for 1.5.5 mod 2

  74. Kpoda15 says:

    Hey, I’m waiting for 1.5.5 mods, thanks a lot

  75. Ali says:

    Game has been updated!

  76. needHELP says:

    Ive try all that way but nobone works allways stock in loading .can someone teach me how will work it plsss

  77. Emayen says:

    Can anybody tell me how to use ‘lib’ folder??? Please. I have root explorer, mod3.

    • Kpoda15 says:

      Hello, using Root Explorer go to Root tab on top left then in folders find Data then find App and find zombie.survival.craft inside it you’ll find a folder called lib replace it with the one you downloaded and that’s it but please not that in some devices the game’s folder is located inside data/data instead of data/app

  78. John says:

    Yeah mod 1 doesn’t work.. Hopefully you guys figure it out.

  79. ivan says:

    Mod 1 and Mod 2 not work mod 3 work

  80. Apit says:

    Mod1 stuck on loading page..

  81. ElBrayan says:

    Error installing mod 2

  82. ChupaConcha says:

    Do not install me mod 2 help please

  83. Renea says:

    Pls do same functions in 3d modas in the 2nd

  84. says:

    thx but mod3 doesnt work (no split) just same has mod2.
    good mod though

  85. chrisaki says:

    No duplicate by splitting
    How it will gonna work?
    I did copy lib . change permission on arm by rwx rxrx

  86. Steven says:

    Duplicate mod pliz

  87. Zidu says:

    Thanks it worked. Btw what’s the diference between mod v2 and mod v3?

  88. Rafinha says:

    No duplicate items help

  89. Justin says:

    Follow instructions for mod1 word for word but all I get is loading page forever.

  90. Zed says:

    The mod 2 isn’t work, other features, but the free craft work perfectly. and the coins.

  91. Dino says:

    Duplicate items and durability isn’t working in mod2

  92. KabalElitte says:

    Will it be corrected to duplicate items?

  93. Enterprise says:

    Can you give options of mod 2 mod to the 3d mod like a full durability. Get coins and duplicate items. Pls!

  94. rizqiia says:

    Stuck loading 🙁

  95. Ryu says:

    mod 1 stuck on 97%..

    help please

  96. Ali says:

    Please make unlimited health mod!

  97. Andrea Della Nave says:

    Waiting for 1.5.4 mod, thanks for the older modded apks.

  98. dave says:

    Can you update to latest version

  99. Marwan.w says:

    thx rexdl best mod apks i download mod2 is good i have root

  100. Chad says:

    Its work, i have a mix mod 2 and 3 for a few days. And thanks for REXDL

  101. GamerCupu says:

    stuck loading mod2 [need root]. Thx

  102. David says:

    I can’t get the new update to work it freezes on loading screen

  103. Dedek says:

    Stuck at loading…still prefer da mod before this update..

  104. wencee says:

    I don’t like the mod now i wan’t free craft, i want my money to negative, and negative skill points.

  105. Stagg says:

    Im using bluestacks and can’t find the the android/data

    • Kpoda15 says:

      Hey, incause you are still looking for that or anyone else is, in bluestacks you need to install a file manager app like es file explorer or root explorer, you can search them on google play or download apk from this website and then you can use the file manager to access android/data

  106. hsyndkmc says:

    Mod is not working in 1.5.3. I tried every way but it is not working. There was no problem older mod versions. What am i doing wrong?

  107. djdknow says:

    dear friend i install only the mod,and not the data,because chopper and atv are completely empty.the mod doesnt should put 2 options for download,one for the mod,and one for the data,because most of us dont need the saved data.we are already 99 level

  108. Yannick says:

    Stuck at the end of the loading…

  109. Galih says:

    How to secure previous data in update 1.5.3 ? please reply

    • hsyndkmc says:

      1- Copy that “zombie.survival.craft.z” folder in Android/data, paste to another place. Then paste back to same place after new installation.
      2- Change the name of “zombie.survival.craft.z” folder. For example “zombie.survival.craft.z2”. Then rename to original after new installation.

  110. Awan says:

    Rex, i followed every step u told us in the description, there’s no problem on patcing it until i started the game n it always stuck on loading screen. Can u tell me whats wrong?

  111. Jp says:

    Was working 2 days ago. Then it would freeze on load at the end. Uninstalled and tried again. Same issue. Can load backup game no issue. Can start new game. Please advise.

    • Telalka says:

      You used a not allowed item from the set … After the program start, please switch off/on the wifi, then restart te game.

  112. Pedro Armindo says:

    Mod 1 funcionando.
    Depois de seguir as orientações do Lucky patcher, instale o apk original e faça login a sua conta. Instale o apk mod e Bom jogo.

  113. sam says:

    hi i had your mod working before done 3 patches worked then i had to uninstall the mod and luck patcher because it would load right to the end and freeze ,i have reinstalled them again and now when i try to run ur app it says package installer not working , it works with luck patcher supersu , just not yours until i put a signature on it but when i put the signature on it it don,t load the mod side of the package just the app any ideas ?

  114. djdknow says:

    hi everybody.i made a mistake and created the dragunov weapon.i read that the game crashes if you do this,anyway i forget and i did it.i tried to bring back the game,clear the data,install the mod again,but nothing.i cant get into the game.any suggestions?

  115. Dedek says:

    I dont get patch 1 2 3

  116. Donkreig says:

    cant install the mod apk.. 🙁

  117. djdknow says:

    guys relax.patch 1-2-3 are the 3 first patches.they dont have this filename.anyway apply them.and for the guy that said that he cannot press the second patch,is because he already patch it

  118. chrisaki says:

    No parcing package.
    Only the package seems to be corrupt.
    So we cant even see the patch1/patch2/patch3

    We did the .apk disabled applied.

  119. Bogambo says:

    I tried all the 3 patches together , downloaded your mod again but still it could not install , and no error like pars, try to fix the mod v1.5.2
    I installed even by deleting original still it could not install

  120. Andy says:

    It doesn’t even show the mod in Lucky Patcher – Toolbox

  121. Help says:

    why my comment always disappear…..

    I cant login my google account
    Google Play Games didnt work

  122. Mokar Co says:

    I can’t patch 2. Can u help meeeeee??? I can’t click on patch 2

  123. NotThisGuyAgain5 says:

    Thank you rexdl staffs it’s working now. 😛

  124. kul says:

    There is no mod. I applied all of the parches as stated. Installed the game and ran it. Spawned with nothing. Mod does not work.

  125. Mokar Co says:

    What is patch 1 – patch 2 – patch 3?

  126. djdknow says:

    Thank you works now

  127. Yannick says:

    rexdl you are Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Pops says:

    u can tell me what have in this mod?

  129. djdknow says:

    parse error
    there was a problem parsing the package
    im rooted,and all your previoys mods worked fine

  130. Bogambo says:

    It is still not installing after patching with luckypatcher v1.5.2 not working

    • Rexdl says:

      If error: there was a problem parsing the package. Lucky Patcher >> toolbox >> patch to android >> instal patch 1 + patch 2 + patch 3

  131. Jonathan says:

    When installing mod version it says parse error

    • Rexdl says:

      If error: there was a problem parsing the package. Lucky Patcher >> toolbox >> patch to android >> instal patch 1 + patch 2 + patch 3

  132. Sidj says:

    Doesn’t download. Says application not installed

  133. falcon69 says:

    Downloaded and installed mod 1.5.2 starts loading and starts playing but there’s no mod on anything. Its just like the original game. Disappointed in you. Already experienced this many times in ur site.

    • Rexdl says:

      If error: there was a problem parsing the package. Lucky Patcher >> toolbox >> patch to android >> instal patch 1 + patch 2 + patch 3

      • falcon69 says:

        To me there was no error with installing. I can play the game but there’s no mod on the moded apk. Its just like the original game. :/

  134. Andy says:

    I keep getting “app not installed, this file appears to be corrupt”.

  135. Kevin says:

    Como rayos le descargo no me deja

  136. Jack says:

    Mod version freezes at loading , help !

  137. nabeel says:

    Plz add mosd 1.5.2

  138. Ayxan says:

    Where the download link

  139. Neo says:

    I installed the mod the last time but can’t i just download the modded updated rather than the whole 88mb package?
    Plz how can i delete my progress. I wanna link it to google but i already have a progress there that i don’t want if i connect, my present progress will b deleted

  140. Justin Espejo says:

    Can’t download. Please fix the download link

  141. Jm says:

    Where is the mod?

  142. Johnathan says:

    Freezes at seconds before loading

  143. ilkapiyano says:

    I cant install mod apka 1.5.2 pls help

  144. Pops says:

    im waiting for the mod 1.5.2 🙂

  145. sam says:

    hi not sure if it working for any one else , it installed for me and when i load it , it gets right to the end and freezes

  146. Joe says:

    Please create a mod apk v.1.5.2 with no roots required just like you had on v.1.4.6

  147. Skdmandiamdnskdncjskxn says:

    Update to 1.5.2

  148. Is there a non rooted version?

  149. Anonimous says:

    Please update

  150. Xatrom says:

    1.5.2 is here

  151. Yannick says:

    Plz Mod for 1.5.2

  152. NaiX says:

    1.5.2 out… Please update mod.. thank you… Hihi..

  153. Assassins says:

    Rexdl you are awesome

  154. sgm4kv says:

    the kevlar outfit didn’t work when i decided to equip it. after that the game started acting funny so i exited and launched it again, now it’s stuck on loading screen l

    please don’t use the kevlar outfit yet, it causes problems

  155. UserNameME says:

    Cant wait for the max durability !! Great work !!

  156. Buddy says:

    Cant craft some items

  157. Adrian says:

    Mod not working.
    The application can not be installed.
    Official store app its okej..
    My phone is root.

  158. Brayann says:

    No me instala la versión mod

  159. wissle says:

    When I install the mod appears “0 app was not installed ” what to do?

  160. Anonimous says:

    Good thanks very much

  161. Marcus Foster says:

    New update not working

  162. Franky says:

    Mod isn’t working. . . ? Help

  163. VuTran says:

    Love U
    This mod No Max durability

    • Rexdl says:

      new mod:
      Free Shopping
      Free Blueprints (No Research Points Needed)
      Free Craft (No Resources Needed)
      Free Energy Refill
      Free XP Booster

  164. modman2000 says:

    Is this officially the New mod for 1.5.1

  165. Tugrul says:

    Arkadaşlar biri bana yardım etsin nasıl indirip kurucan ben bunu ?

  166. Hectorsanz says:

    When you update Mod Apk for 1.5.1?

  167. Hearth says:

    I wanted to say thank you for making such a great mod (for those that disagree, I bet there are other modders out there too stop complaining and go ask them for help) keep up the good work!!

  168. alex says:

    Actually never mind the last 2 duplicates now its showing my first comment that i thought was deleted

  169. alex says:

    Apparently my last comment wasn’t approved for some reason so here it is again

    phone is rooted
    game is installed and works
    none of the options of the first version work at all

    followed all the steps and all that seems fine just none of the options are working

  170. alex says:

    Apparently my last comment wasn’t approved for some reason so here it is again

    phone is rooted
    game is installed and works
    none of the options of the first version work at all

  171. sgm4kv says:

    still waiting, been several hours since release 🙁
    and why do you never approve my comments :/

  172. MR says:

    When can we download the MoD Ver 1.5.1?

  173. Smurf says:

    Hey Bro, how do you get the MOD to work.. i installed it and it just continued from my unmodded version..?

  174. josh says:

    when will you release the latest mod sir? thanks and more power

  175. alex says:

    So why is it when i download it and install it and run it that none of the mod options work? they didn’t for 1.5(both downloads) and now again they don’t work

    travel on the world map is not instant energy is not infinite durability isnt infinite none of the options work at all

  176. Clein says:

    Updste 1.5.1?

  177. SwazZ says:

    when can be come new update ?

  178. Hex says:

    When will the mod be up?

  179. please add 1.5.1 signed apk no root

  180. Agam says:

    Need mod ?

  181. Ethan says:

    hey mate is there a way to get free shopping without root? thank you

  182. BubbleBUT says:

    release the game admin cant wait..

  183. Paulo says:

    Where is the updated mod?

  184. Hyu says:

    Mod plssssssss

  185. Nike says:


  186. Yesplease says:

    Is the mod updated to 1.5.1?

  187. Delfino says:

    At the tool box o don’t have patch to android what do I do???

  188. tom says:

    i cant root my device i use king root .. what root device can i use??? please help i played v.1.5 mod no root it’s working but later on last day on earth update so i found this mod i think it’s good than no root but i can’t work this mod help and thanks in advance

  189. aaqew says:

    @rexdl waiting mod from androidRepulic though

  190. Luke chandler says:

    Plz give 1.5.1

  191. iDolATree says:

    Hey Admin. Let me post just this once. I just want to request something.
    Can you make a mod of free crafting for 1.5.1 and later updates? Please

  192. Andre says:

    Não consigo baixar o mod, só o aplicativo normal

  193. Hyu says:

    Update mod 1.5.1 pls bro

  194. LalMirch says:

    Sir, can I request a MOD 2 with free craft? I’ve been waiting for free craft since 1.4.6. Pleeease? Thank you for the mods by the way. <3

  195. Balazs says:

    Hi just i could not donwload the mod becus any time when i press donwload mod put back me this page.

  196. InternalxHD says:

    So quick lol on the update for 1.5.1 good job rexdl <3

  197. bhama says:

    Update plz

  198. p says:

    Não está funcionando!

  199. sgm4kv says:

    waiting for mod 🙂

  200. UserNameME says:

    Awesome ! Can you add the infinite durability on this mod please ?

  201. Mano says:

    Update the mod bro

  202. Seth says:

    When you update the modded downloads, can you add a Google drive alternate download link thanks

  203. idunoo says:

    When mod gonna up? 1.5.1

  204. semiimes says:

    Please update to 1.5.1

  205. Joahua says:

    Update to 1.5.1 it just update about an hour ago

  206. Era says:

    Need to be updated to 1.5.1

  207. Hackban says:

    Can toi update on 1.5.1 please
    Nice job rexdl 😉

  208. Buddy says:

    Thanks this mod is cool craft without items and unlimited coins just

  209. Gio says:

    1.5.1 version up and please specify wt ur mod does ty

  210. Dave says:

    Can you update to newest version 1.5.1

  211. Anonimous says:

    Very good… Please update

  212. mumblin says:

    so, nox player cant use this mod ?

  213. InternalxHD says:

    Only has 1 link of the mod apk but yet it shows 2 different version mods in your description.. so which is which ?

  214. elquepao says:

    subanlo a mega plz

  215. Jhon says:

    How do I download mod 2?

  216. Mokar Co says:

    Update quickly please

  217. Lukinha says:

    For apk =mod money, mod craft?

  218. UserName says:

    Can u update to the 1.5 version please ? awesome work !!

  219. Gio says:

    hello ty can you update same number but needs update after i install ur apk and nothing works
    ty again, keep up the good work 🙂

  220. Soka says:

    Work to me good job

  221. Sean says:

    Rex. Could u make a mod for little big city

  222. maswegig says:

    Plane crash & airdrops are not come.. give our guide to pull the event

  223. Tester says:

    Hey Rex,tried both modded versions nether of them works,like game starts but things like unlimited energy and others doesnt seems to work at all. Have some advices?

  224. semiimes says:

    Please update to 1.4.6

  225. Fares says:

    Please 1.4.5 mod

  226. Ahm says:

    Answer pls, its works?

  227. Starz says:

    Plz unlimited money and craft 1.4.4 in mod version

  228. lika says:

    Money mod pls

  229. Tristan says:

    Moi quand je lance le mod le jeux me met udapte to new versio

  230. Burak says:

    Hey guys. I have just downloaded the mod 2. I tried to install it. But something went wrong. What can I do? My phone is rooted. Can u help me?

  231. Dark says:

    want 1.4.4 mod ..plz

  232. Sam says:

    Pls Mod 1.4.4 😀

  233. hackban says:

    update for 1.4.4 ? plz

  234. Ron says:

    When will the mod be updated? I try to download but it sayd coming soon and every time i click I get a random span page and no download.

  235. SwAgFaG says:

    Gunna give this a try wish me luck

  236. Tom says:

    Mod for 1.4.3 please

  237. Dickface says:

    It works free money for me

    Thx you for the apk

  238. Dickface says:

    Good jod

  239. kontol says:

    where are u rex?

  240. ezza says:

    Please update 🙂

  241. CSY_FRMNSYH says:

    up-date please~ ( ‘-‘ )7

  242. Cr says:

    Update the link bro

  243. Reni says:

    Update the Mod Please

  244. mekmek says:

    Thank you but the link is broken for the modded version.

  245. MBTabata says:

    Hi, it is not working for me. When I click in “buy” nothing happens

  246. Ty says:

    Is not free shopping..

  247. Anon says:

    Please update 1.4.2 mod version

  248. Sergio Roberto says:

    Link for mod?

  249. Snoke says:

    Please can you update de MOD version to 1.4.2, and is there anyway that the ammo is unlimited and the items stacks 99 or 999.

    Thanks for the great job.

  250. Kresna says:

    It’s not working in Ver 1.4.2

  251. dimas says:

    1.4.2 cannot work. where the mod?

  252. friendo says:

    rexdl I downloaded the app but when I open it – it just plays like the regular game. NO MODS. What’s the deal? Thanks

  253. Aji Setiawan says:

    Update trs marai bungung aja jossz tenan game nya…

  254. dhrubo says:

    Need updated mod..pls uptade #rex

  255. Andhika says:

    why mod is not active in version 1.4.2?

  256. What has changed in mod 3?

  257. Dna says:

    How do I get the mod to work? It seems the same as the original with none of the mods active

  258. Igor Slivc says:

    Help me pls, i download and install and noithing change, it is like the original

  259. Toms23 says:

    It doesn’t work!!! How can i do ?

  260. Martin says:

    where is the mod 2 download link

  261. wndk says:

    Update to v 1.4.2 please

  262. ParaMeXD says:

    Lol admin why u not approve my comment? IS THIS WORK?

  263. DeepSea says:

    Pls Update Mod 1.4.2 Rexdl

  264. Hexazoe says:

    How to download this mod??

  265. mekmek says:

    Mod doesn’t work.

  266. egg says:

    Not working 🙁 , no free stuff

  267. DRAGON says:

    where is download mod link?

  268. Thanks says:

    Dear Rexdl, is this modded version? I have downloaded it, but unlimited coin is not working.

  269. Magnab says:

    Tnx a lot!

  270. Thank you very very much

  271. pyst4r says:

    Can’t find the mod apk download

  272. Orviench says:

    Rexl i can’t get any mod
    Please reaponse

  273. ady says:

    imhaving trouble finding the link

  274. k says:

    This is just original version. No unlimited coin..

  275. Krmtrk says:

    Calışmıyor son sürüm

  276. Webb says:

    Thank you very much

  277. ParaMeXD says:


  278. Steven lin says:

    Where is the mod? I download the first link and it only gives me the normal game!

  279. Drdre says:

    Where is the mode download? Fake…

  280. iXero says:

    No mods working for me

  281. 1.4.2 says:

    Thanks but MOD is not working

  282. ParaMeXD says:

    Is this work?

  283. Jass says:

    Hlo I can’t build a radio tower and many items. I downloaded mod free please please admin and any birdy tell how to build a radio tower please reply me please

  284. JROROS says:

    I can’t see the download link, where is it

  285. StonedMoe says:

    It’s moded???

  286. Hddhdb says:

    It says download failed, any idea why! Do i have to delete game first?

  287. SlyraMaze says:

    Are this mod alreade update to v1.4.2..?_?
    Please ware me if this can be downloaded.

  288. Gandja says:

    thanks for update rex

  289. xecs says:

    I LOVE YOU Rexdl… <3 <3

  290. xecs says:

    1.4.2 mod pleasee!

  291. Bayu Prasetyo says:

    Hei Rexdl, are Mod 3 just Free Shopping ?

  292. Jay says:

    Worked fine now keeps freezing when i try n enter area

  293. Arief18 says:

    Mod 3 free shopping and….?

  294. Gandja says:

    thanks for update n great mod
    can u make it zero craft pls

  295. marlon roger peneluppi says:

    Hey download mod 2?

  296. Roger Escobar says:

    mod 2 download?

  297. Matamata says:

    Thanks a lot

  298. S8on says:

    Please update

  299. MABU says:

    Hi all, Pls tell me How to install this mod???

  300. em says:

    it’s Not 1.4.1 it’s 1.4
    it’s working but i’ts not 1.4.1

  301. dhrubo says:

    Please update mod for 1.4.1

  302. calvin says:

    admin reply pls****
    can’t choose the role i passed in old man’s journey
    always play from beginning

  303. S8on says:

    Doesn’t work, it’s for 1.4

  304. musank says:

    Update pls

  305. Tom says:

    Update the game pls

  306. Iwanewin says:

    Update the mod to 1.4.1 version pls. Lot of thx..

  307. Lil. B says:

    Mod 1 and 2 are both updated right?

  308. Miracle says:

    I am waiting for this

  309. BigStonny says:

    Last versio 1.4 pls l update

  310. FakeStudent says:

    Hei update apk to v 1.4 .. i want this mod .. so plis update to v 1.4

  311. David says:

    Yes thank you I’ve been waiting for this

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