GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D 2.5.31 Apk – Mod + Data

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  • Current Version: 2.5.31
  • File size: 15 MB + 80 MB | 78 MB
  • Memorize:

GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D 2.5.31 Apk – Mod + Data

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The world’s most powerful combat helicopters are at your fingertips.

★★★ 30 million downloads!!! ★★★

Become a helicopter pilot and engage in combat missions across the world.
Select from a variety of rotary and fixed-wing VTOL aircraft to complete your missions.

GUNSHIP BATTLE』 is a helicopter action game that combines stunning 3D graphics with flight control simulation and engaging military scenarios to pull you into an immersive combat experience the moment you start the game.


  • Enjoy controls optimized for 3D flight.
  • Select from a wide range of helicopters, each with unique characteristics.
  • Arm your chopper with a variety of weapons and equipment.
  • Complete missions in Episode mode inspired by real-life conflicts.
  • Challenge yourself with the next mission or replay a custom mission.
  • Also optimized for tablet devices.

If you enjoy FPS, shooting, or racing games, this is the perfect game for you.
You’ll find yourself whirling through the skies across intense crossfire.

“Fun and engrossing” – Pocketmeta
“Perfectly suited for any action players out there” – Appzoom
“Fans of the genre should try this game” – Appgamer

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some in-game items. Please note that some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.

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1. New Gunship SH-60 Seahawk has been added.
2. New Episode 21 has been added.
3. Some UI has been revamped.
4. Hidden Market is now closed. (Remaining tickets will be automatically exchanged to Gold. 5 Gold per ticket.)
5. Hidden Market Exclusive Gunship, Hell Tomcat has been added to the Shop.
6. Package Shop has been deleted.
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Leave a review or contact our customer support( for any inquiries.


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. com.theonegames.gunshipbattle” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.

Note: The mod version
Must collect coins in mission first chapter number 3 number
Up to 3500 coins to increase your infinite.

GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D Apk

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37 Responses

  1. ketan says:

    I can’t login to jopple account, unregistered UID problem

  2. WarT. says:

    Wait, after I play the mission 3 in first chapter in higher difficulty, I earned and collect money more than 3500 but when I go into the shop, the mod doesn’t work as said on the NOTE for the MODDED Apk. Please rexdl fix this. If someone knows how to have many gold, please reply to this comment. Thanks

  3. WarT. says:

    How can I collect 3500 coins If I can only receive up to 2366 only? WTF! This game is trying to mess with me

  4. INDFY says:

    okay this game is very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood thank REXDL:):):)

  5. honigaan says:

    black bird is good bomber man ,,you got it all mision is easy to clear
    i ever have this black bird:)

  6. joshua says:

    I don’t need to get that mod game, cuz I’ve already hacked that.. 😀
    my joyple account has a much money gold and tickets..

  7. alvin says:

    the mod is not working, I cant buy money or gold. I have try online and offline, please fix it. thx.

  8. drdino says:

    Hello everyone. After installation u just need to go to add money section and purchase money and gold and tickets .they all are free and this the MOD version. Thank you rexdl thank you so much..

  9. Stevie says:

    Great mod!!!

  10. SKYRIX13 says:

    why the clash of clans didnt work to.

  11. SKYRIX13 says:

    i copy the folder to obb then i install the the 2 apk i start playing i didnt work no gold in 3rd mission.Why?!.

  12. Tosh says:

    Someone help me out…. What should I do after downloading the Apk, apk mod and the file

  13. Tosh says:

    I’m confused how to i go about everything after downloading and how to get the free gold

  14. yasin says:

    sure this game is best

  15. jerick says:

    Is the network needed here to get the unlimited gold??cuz i already un installed a lot and install it again and again.then first time i got it the gold unlimited but i max the gold to 1million then my game lags a lot!then i un installed it again and install again then i cant do it now.i cant get the unlimited gold trying and trying.but i got doing it.i have one wish for you..hmm. if we installed the apk mod of this gunship will you please the unli gold and coins are easy to get?or maybe it already shown so that we dont need some efforts to get that.

  16. king khan says:

    Mission frist chapter 3 no have gold coins fix it please

  17. mayank says:

    Sir plz upload
    Six guns mod apk.. as soon

  18. sonjaylok says:

    Where is the old version

  19. MUKESH NINAMA says:

    Please update black bird is not added

  20. Panadol says:

    almost get trap by admin rexdl, the mod version is v2.4.0.1 dammit. thanks to you now i had know your trick.

  21. Frd says:

    Fyi to all, modded version you must repeat stage 1-3 to get coin.
    I already play on previous version.
    Mod file is strange, why size on modded apk is too big. And after instal it launc another app launch installer. Maybe its malware or something.

  22. Firman syah says:


  23. Ololo says:

    Data ????

  24. Ubaidullah says:

    Please update gunship battle helicopter 3d mod apk to latest version plz

  25. sikandar says:

    it’s working
    but one condition have
    if you want hack current vs.
    you should be hack old vs. and install mean update current vs. thats it you are hacked current verzion

  26. khan says:

    Please update it

  27. sameer says:

    Yeah its the original version ur mod is not wprking pls update the hacked version

  28. david says:

    in this mod there is no lots of money and hold……it’s seems an simple game….

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