Battle Skylands 1.1.31 Apk Strategy Game for Android

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  • Current Version: 1.1.31
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Battle Skylands 1.1.31 Apk Strategy Game for Android


Battle Skylands

Fight against other leaders in the magical scenery of Battle Skylands, raising strong fortress that defend your citizens and forging mighty army of little heroes! Plan attacks, steer your troops, conquer isles and expansions!

✩ GROW breathtaking village from variety of resources like iron, stone, wood or antigrav-crystals
✩ Steal great islands, important resources and villagers from enemy during crucial RAIDS
✩ DISCOVER secret knowledge and choose right tactics to BATTLE with players worldwide
✩ Train deadly forces: wild Amazon, tough Cholita, crazy Bomber, just Fighter and other kinds of troops
✩ Let settlers pray for miracles and call for them at battlefield
✩ Give orders with your finger and group army into divisions to beat the most strong defenses
✩ Establish ALLIANCE with your mates to get support (coming soon!)
✩ It’s good strategy to be furiously BAAD while invading and looting your enemies!
Network connection is required!
If you have any feedback, problem or idea please check out official site or write to us:

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Hello Warriors!
Here is next version of Battle Skylands!
We are performing final balancing of battle and stability tweaks. It means you should not suffer any more from game reloading after even epic battles!
Changelog in 1.1.30/31:
– damage caused by Bomberman reduced by 35%
– range of Bomberman reduced by 30%
– Amazon’s damage reduced by 20%
– range of Airman reduced by 30%
– new way of calculating max rank points you can gain or loose in battle
– more Coins from selling isles
– other fixes
Battle Skylands Apk

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